Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wait, you´re telling me I am a Lamanite!?

So I have been in this area (Feira II) for 2 transfers and Yesterday I found out that I will be here for at least one more!!!!!  I am just about 100% okay with this.  You may remeber that about 2 months ago we went through quit a struggle trying to move into the house that we are in right now.  Yes well I never want to leave this house it is beautiful....never had elders live here and we have 2 bathrooms.  I don´t think there is a better place ont he mission.
I am staying with the same companion (sister Utida) and we are going to figure out how to destroy this area.  It was really really difficult this past transfer BUT I have faith that things are going to turn around. 
We have a baptism this week.  His name is Icaro and as long as his mom is in town it shouldn´t fall through.  He is way awesome.  We taught him about Patriarchal Blessings and he can´t wait to get baptised so that he can get his.....I didn´t have the heart to tell him that he´ll probably have to wait another year after baptism.  ha ha Oh well.  He is reading the Book of Mòrmon and LOVING it...but I mean who doesn´t like it.  He asked me why the Nephites were killed unless they would deny Christ and I had to rack my brain to figure out what he was talking about.....MORONI!!!!!!  you are reading in MORONI!!!!?!?!  ha ha ha haha he skipped ahead he really is just reading in 1 nefi still.  BUT he read a chapter heading and was really curious anyways, I had to explain to him that the Lamanites were wicked and threatened to Kill the Nephites if they wouldn´t deny Christ.  And he said...I am a Lamanite.....uhhh....yea most likely you are from Lamanite descendants.....ha ha it was funny.
Anywasy I really really love teaching this people even if they ARE Lamanites.  Ha ha they are all just so cool!  Last week we found a man and I can´t say his name....I just avoid it at all costs.  ha ha it is eneius.  there are just WAY to many vowels in that word.  He is super cool.. Has about zero Interest in the gospel BUT that is just because he hasnt prayed yet.  He is trying to learn English and so we marked a time in which we go and he and I just speak in English.  It is really funny because I try to talk about gospel stull and he tries to talk about other stuff.  But we´ll get em...don´t worry.
ANyways, I am glad to hear that everyone is well.  I am also doing very well.  I am healthy and I am swimming in the blessings.  Brasil is a beautiful country full of anazing people.  My Portuguese is slowly getting better....sometimes I feel like it is standing still but Everyone tells me that for 5 months in the coutry I am speaking well.  I think Portuguese is a very pretty language, we´ll see if I can perfect it in the next year and then not forget it after the mission....I think that is going to be the hardest part.  ha ha ha
My Zone leader, Elder Feilds, is goin home today his dad came to get him here in Brazil.  It was really really hard to talk to him in English, i think this is a good sign.  ha ha Anyways, it was really neatto talk to an american who hasn´t been in Brasil for the past few months.  We compared mosquito bites and talked about basketball.....I honestly don´t care...at all about Jimmer but it was cool to hear something about the US.
alright I love you all I am gonna sign off now but As always, stay awesome, stay possitive, never regret!!!!
The Chucj Is True....ad so is the ChurcH!!!!
Sister Ottley

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