Saturday, August 4, 2012

Way too fast

Okay guys.  I can`t take this anymore.  Where is the hidden camera?  who stole the last 16 months of my life?  HUH?!?!?!?   where are they?  This is all a dream right?  well let`s just face it.  I found it all out guys so don`t be expecting me to come home next week.  I am probably just going to stay here and kick it with President Hart and Sister Hart.  They already said I could, but that mom couldn`t get mad.  :)  ha ha I just laughed.  Anyways, this is probably my last email.  I don`t know why but it really doesn`t feel real.  It is all flying by soooo fast.  I feel sick to my stomach but excited all at the same time.   Sometimes I get really really happy because I won`t be hearing the same excuses all the time.  BUt then I think of how much I am going to miss the same old excusses all the time.   I don`t know how I am going to handle it all but we will see.
So this week was interesting to say the least.  There was a party in the street on saturday that went all the way until sunday morning people dancing and drinking, very cool when your church is in the center of the city.  Okay that was a lie it is really not that cool it kinda sucks actually.  But it is nice to know that all will be made right one day. These people will one day realize the truth and everything will be beautiful.  I am super excited for the millenium.

I learned a really cool lessont his week.  Sometimes we get really frusterated with other people.  Some of the are rude. Some of them think they are always right.  Some people don`t like us because we are mormons.  Some people say mean things to us at school/work/wherever.  Some people play music REAL REAL loud and don`t think about others.  Some people are just plain awful.  This week I decided to remember that ALL of these people are my brothers and sisters.  I feel the love of Heavenly Father soooo strong in my life.  I know I am His daughter.  I know He loves me.  This week I felt the love he has for ALL the other people.  Heavenly father loves each and every one of the people on the earth.  Even that guy who cut you off on the freeway.  Heavenly Father loves them no matter what.  If God can love them why can`t we?  I made this personal goal to always remember the they are my equals.  It makes life soooo much easier.  It makes life go so much smoother to remember that I also am not perfect but God still loves me.

I learned loads and loads as a missionary.  I have made goals that I will take with me into my future life.  I have learned lessons that will help me in my future life.  We will just ahve to see if that life includes a boy and children, ha ha I mean look at Barbara Thompson......just sayin.  But I know that being a missionary has blessed my life more than anyother thing that I have done in my life. There are moments that I think, wow, I didn`t baptise the world.  I didn`t convert all the people I talked to.  But I know that Heavenly FAther is pleased with my work.  He is happy that I decided to serve a mission.  And I am soooo grateful for all the amazing examples that I had growing up to help mold me into the kind of girl that could be worthy andready to serve a mission when I did.  OKay, well scratch the whole "ready" part, there is no one in the world who can prepare themselves for this.  ha ha but seriously. 

I just really want to thank all of you: My parents who have supported me and encouraged me this whole time  My mom for writting every week.  My Dad for always knowing I would go on a mission but forcing me to make my own dicisions. my siblimgs for pictures and stories to keep me informed and laughing each week, my grandparents who also encouraged me to go on a mission Basically thank you to my whole family who loved me unconditionaly and showed me perfect examples of happiness and diligence.  My church leaders from primary to Relief Society who taught me to follow Christs esample.  Seminary teachers who taught me to read the scriptures.  Friends who loved and accepted me always even with my imperfections.  I love you all I am soooo grateful to each and everyone of you.  I don`t know if being a missionary would be possible without you guys.  I will never be able to pay back all the prayers, boxes, letters, emails and love I recieved from you all and just your thoughts being with me.  THANK YOU!!!!  

I am immensly grateful to all of you.

I don`t have that many cool stories this week. But I will be able to tell you all some great stories here in a couple weeks.

I love you!!!!  I miss you!!!


Sister Ottley

Missão Brasil Salvador Janeiro 2011-Agusto2012

Sei que O Livro de Mórmon é verdadeiro, sei que atreves a leitura dele nós podemos nos aproximar mais a Deus do que qual quer outro livro.  Lendo Este Livro eu aprendo somente sobre Jesus Cristo.  Eu amo meu Salvador Jesus Cristo, Sei que ele Vive.  Não tenho duvida disso.  Por meio da oração eu sei que Joseph Smith foi um profeta,  sei que ele viu Deus e Jesus Cristo.  Sei que ele traduziu um registro antigo e restaurou a Igreja de Jesus Cristo.  Eu amo meu Pai Celestial.  Eu amo vocês.  Basicamente Eu amo Bahia.  Sou Baiana já e não pretendo mudar NUNCA!!!!  Fiquem firmes.  Nunca desista!!!  Sempre lembram que são filhos amados de Deus.

Com amor e carinho,

Sister Ottley

The power trio!!

you know you are a true missionary when you can sleep in any situation under any circumstances.

Yet another awkward family photos picture

Waiting to pick up the newbies.

Sisters' P-Day

CHUPA uma MEIA!!!!


Okay this week was super super crazy, I recieved a letter from my 3rd companion who I sent home almost a year ago.  Then I got am email from my "mom" a.k.a. treinadora and another from a sister that has been home for a while.  I can`t believe that these people are already home, it is insane to think that in less than 3 weeks I will also be at home........can I stay?  ha ha no, I know that I need to get home to see you all, I miss ya lots and lots;  but for sure I will miss these crazy bahians too.  man, I just got a little sick to my stomach thinking about the whole going home thing, who will be my companion?  who will make me food everyday?  who will I talk to about hte gospel?  GUYS!!!!  I don`t even have a testimony in Inglesh, I`M NOT EVEN SURE IF THE CHURCH IS TRUE IN ENGLISH!!!!!  I know that it must be but seriously.....  Ha ha anyways that is enough, Sister Davis and I don`t talk about going home because we just end up in tears and it is about to happen again right here in this awkward internet cafe.....not cool, not even a little bit.

ANYWAYS!!!!!  fun stories: yesterday we were walking back from our lunch appointment to do weekly planning.  I looked down on the ground and saw 2 little dead things in the street, they looked like pink little gerbil babies.  I let out a little squeel and my companions stopped to check it out too.  I wanted to continue because stuff like that makes me queezy and I end up feeling really really bad and wanting to help them.  Well, apparently Sister Costa has the same problem and She noticed that they were STILL ALIVE!!! SHe was feeling real real bad wanting to take the little creatures out of the sun and give them water..... then a flood of crazy happened, they almost died being stomped on by some guy, we realized they were blind, they were wiggly, we were desperate, what can we do to help these little weird thinggys?, and some guy stopped to look at what we were so distraught over and said, "those are rat babies."  ha ha all three of us "ooohhhhh....just forget it then."  ha ha we learned this week that for EVERY person on the planet there are 10 rats.  10!!!!  TEN!!!!  can you beliveve that?  grody.  well guess what, there are 2 less.  

SO as you all know, this state is not known for its overwhelming amout of weddings and so we invited President Hart to come over and do a fireside about eternal marriage, guys, I know that I have to get married but I just don`t think I will EVER be mature enough.  ha ha He talked about how the best decision in his life was to marry Sister Hart and how they are going to be eternally happy.  It was all very very beautiful and I want that happiness, but Seriousy?  it  has to come with a boy?  ha ha I am sooooo not ready for that step in life, good thing I am on a mission.  

I bore my last testimony......well like this:  at the last zone meeting or training the missionaries that are going home always bare their testimonies and it is called "the last testimony"  I cried, Sister HArt cried, President Hart cried.  People took picctures, thanks guys.

HGa ha I have some cool stories about investigators and stuff but It will have to wait until next week I ran out of time.  I love you all soooooo much!!!  I miss you but not enough to come home early.  I can`t wait to see you all and to hug you.  I love the saviour but he loves you guys more!  k, I don`t  think that translates as well into english as it sounds in Português but oh well you gut the picture!!!


Sister Ottley

me and Elder Brown one of the AP´s he is basically Cris Browns Cousin, very cool

My district and our shot

All the Missioanries in our zone headed home with Pres and sister Hart

Sister Davis and I on P-Day

Monday, July 16, 2012

sweet boats in Arembepe

Lunch with pres and the harts

I made cookies.....woot woot

Giant bug that actually tried to eat me, no joke it like attached itself to my dress.....I wanted to cry


Tarsisio, my Boyfriend, he gave me a ring.

The Mute

Okay this week was super interesting.  I drove a car yesterday.......sortof.  Ha ha yesterday (Sunday) we were headed to church in Jacuipe (the district) and Marci (member) called me out an said I need you to drive and as I started to explain that no, on the mission I can't drive he said, the battery is dead ( I am going to push the car and you are going to steer it......BAH HA HA Hah ha I drove a dead car.....It was fun.  I like driving, a lot.
I am soooo grateful to be a misisonary I feel like I recieve blessings and miracles all day everyday I can't even keep up with the prayers of's getting out of controle.  ha ha yesterday we went to our branch normal in Sao Sebastiao do Passe and then we were waiting and calling all of our investigators and no one showed up just 2 eternal investigators that have no intent to get married.  oh well.  So we had all our hopes up to have all sorts of people at church in Jacuipe.  we went and tried to pick a few people up to go to church, no one went.  ha ha all the people we went to go pick up were like "oh yea we'll be there!!" LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is okay because we had a fantastic member there who stood outside and acted as usher, ha ha he basically begged people to come in to hear a message about Jesus Christ.......we ended up with 8 people at church.  I LOVE MY LIFE!!! 
Cool story:  we went to contact a referral from a youth and she was FINALLY in her house.  She let us in and when we started talking to her she was like oh yea I read the boook of mormon and we were like oh, you read the chapter the missionaries marked for you and she was like no, i read the one to 620?  yea I read the Book of Mormon and I have questions too but I lent the book to a friend and she hasn't given it back yet so I haven't had the chance to read it again......
I about peed.  I wanted to cry.  I was like we beg and implore people to read just a small part of the book of mormon and they tell us they don't have time and YOU without anyone telling you to you read the whole book.  Do you want to be baptised?  ha ha she was like I was baptised in the catholic church but I don't really agree with baptiseing small children and when I read that one part I really liked it in the book.
GUYS!!!  this is insane!!! This doesn't HAPPEN in Bahia!!!  ha ha I was sooooo happy but there is just one little problem, she works studies and has an extra course at night.  ha ha it stinks because she is like NEVER in home.  I do not like it.  If I am not there with my amazing companions satan and his friends can be there......GRRRRR  .v. super angry
ANYWAYS, we will be trying to baptise her this week.
So we are going to teach a deaf mute lady.  Get excited.  I am sooooo excited.  I have always hade a secret desire to learn sign language...did you know that it is not the same in Portuguese and english?  it isn't even the same in bahia and other states.  talk about confusing.  but her daughter speaks and hears so we are going to teach the two of them together.  I like it.
Well I just want to once again bear my testimony but s you all know I don't really have one in english so here you go....this is why google exists guys.
Sei que Jesus Cristo 'e nosso salvador e que ele morreu por cada um de n'os  minha fam'ilia 'e muito muito importante por mim.  Sabe porque?  porque ela 'e eterna!!!!  Eu amo o evangelho e sei que 'e verdadeiro!!!!  Joseph Smith foi um profeta chamado para restaurar sua igreja.
Sister Ottley
Nunca desista!!!!
be awesome!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello friends and Family!!!
WEll I have a comparison to make for you guys; some of you maybe all have already heard this but I want to make it again.
Did you know that the Gospel is like orange juice?  Imagine tis:  you invite a good friend of yours over to your house for breakfast.  You made pancakes and waffles and bacon and eggs, EVERY good thing there is to eat for breakfast.  And while they are eatting you started peeling oranges and making fresh homemade orange juice.  You fill up a nice huge pitcher and set it on the counter.  You don`t place it on the tabel where your friend is eatting it is out of reach but not out of sight.  You don`t offer them any because you are afriad they might not like orange juice and you don`t want to hurt thier feelings or offend them.  The gospel is like the orange juice.  You are afriad thatyour firend might not like the gospel so you don`t even offer it to them.  How are you going to know that they don`t want any if you don`t even offer it to them.  Just remember that the next time you think "oh he would never want to be mormon."
So this week we ran into a guy who stopped us and said "I used to be part of this church."  ha ha we asked him if he`d been baptised and all that stuff and he said no so we got even MORE excited.  haha we invited him to church and all that and he told us about all his old friend from the church.  We lied and told him they were always talking about him too.  Well, guess what......he WAS baptised, haha we asked some members and they said that he was baptised like 16 years ago and then became inactive.  ha ha awesome.  guess what else, after he promised us he would go to church, he didn`t show.....shocker.  I don`t think I trust anybody anymore.  ha ha the mission is sad that way.  ha ha maybe if I had more confidence and faith in people I would have more people in church.  ha ha
So this  week was the "spring cleaning" of  our "chaple" a.k.a.  the rented house above the local clinic.  ha ha  So we went to help.  After a few cat-calls in the street (we were in work clothes, which is a novelty beccause the people ONLY see us in skirts)  we went and threw some water around at the chaple.  This is cool and all but when we were done the place was still a mess.  The Irmã who cleans wvery week said that if you were to stay there all day you wouldn`t be abele to ge thte dirt out of the cracks.....yes, the floor is cement.  I am sooo grateful for the beautiful chaple I had and have and I will NEVER complain about being called to clean it EVER again!!!!  haha
So we have to send the numbers into the office eery week as part of our accountability towards the mission right?  well we made a competition with the elders from our district.......who could do the most contacts with addresses.......this week we got 143  the other two companionships didn`t get that together!!! ha ha we SMOKED them!!!!!  so now they have to buy us ice-cream.  I love a good competition but now it is getting out of hand.   ha ha this week there is a pizza at stakes and we just have to take 5 people to church.......we have 2 wards........These boys are NOT thinking things through every well.. ha ha we practically have 2 areas because of the district where we work and so wew got 12 people to church last week........This should be interesting.  ha ha
So needless to say I am wokring really really hard and am really tired.  I want to stay here on the mission forever but my body cannot handle it.  ha ha my spirit wants to continue but my body won`t allow it.  I will be back in the states the 10th of August.  I won`t lie I am excited to take a real life hot shower but I am more sad to think that I won`t be surrounded by this beautiful people anymore.....not that you guys are ugly or anything.....ya`ll are just real real white.  ;)
I love you alll sooooo much!!!  life is sooooo good.  I don`t know where I would be or who I would be without each and everyone of you.  I know this church is true.  Eu sei que temos um proposito aqui na terra e que esse proposito é voltar para presença de nosso pai celestial um dia.  Infelismente Eu não tenho nenhum testemunho em inglês, me desculpa.  mas Eu amo vocês de mais!!! 
Have a great week!!!!
Sister Ottley

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

If you could Hie to Jacuípe

Alright people so this week has been really interesting.  I am here in São Sebatião and just loving life.  It is an area that has been a branch for about 19 years.  This is kind of a big deal so if you could all just pray that it becomes a ward soon I would appreciate it.  We are working really hard and Sister Costa is amazing.  She is learning super fast and her missionary shoes fit her realy really well.  I love her as if she really were my filha.  

So last week or so we recieved a refrerral from a member who is pretty cool.  WE didn`t take it toooo seriously because it was a little strange like maybe this person had talked to missionaries before but maby not and she didn`t know the house number.  Tudo bem.  Well this week we were in the area and decided lets go do some contacts and try to find the house.  We did.  It was SUPER easy to find.  Know why?  Heavenly Father wanted us to find it.  They are this fantastic family of 6.  Yes, 6 people.  I love them already.  WE taught them about the book of mormon and they are trying to read it.  It isn`t very easy to read so they are having difficulties.  They are soooo great.  Ane, Cristiano, Nicole, Flavia, Joaquim, and Miguel.  I love them.  THey need to get married but I do believe that once they have a testimony that will not take too long.  PLease pray for them.

We had meetings in Jacuípe again...... no one went.  Ha ha Damiana who was progressing sooooo well needs to get married.  I am thinking about becomeing a professional wedding planner.  ha ha soooo fun!!!!

Life is soooo good I am super tired but super happy.  I am healthy and loving life.  Can`t wait to hear from you all.  have a great week!!!!

Love ya!!!!
Sister Ottley

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Se você consegue pedir........

Olâ minha gente!!!!

Nossa quanto tempo né?  Eu amo vocês de mais estou aqui em São Sebastião do Passé.  Amo o povo Brasileiro, Não quero sair deste País NUNCA!!!  Vocês são "10"  ka ka ka ka,  Quero prestar meu testemunho e é preciso que faço em Português porque acho que nem tenho Testemunho em inglês.  rsrsrs.  Entãu preciso que vocês e meu Pai Celestial Saibam que Eu sei que esta Igreja, A  Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos dias é verdadeira.  Sie que meu salvador é Jesus Cristo e que ele vive.  Amo ele de mais e quero que todo mundo amasse ele igual eu.  Tenho um grande desejo de espalhar a mensagem do amor dele pelo mundo enteiro.

Alright people.  This is getting out of control.  The time is going by WAY too fast.  I love it here way tooo much to leave in 6 weeks.  So this last week we had a conferencia with our president of Mission and he told Sister Davis and I what was going to happen at the transfer......get ready for it people.....WE STAYED TOGETHER!!!!!  ha ha we begged and begged.  BUT Presidnet pulled a fast one and put us in a trio.  Ha ha President wanted that I trained and so he put another sister with us.  A newbie, SIster Davis and I are like co-trainers.  Her name is Sister Costa and she is also from São Paulo.  Basically you can just assume that all of my companions are from São Paulo because they are.  haha ha ha just the americans that werent and Sister Piola who is from close to São Paulo.  I love the Pualistas.  

LIfe is sooooo funny.  I love it sooo much.  being a mission ary is seriously the best job I have ever had.  But life is wicked interesting. It takes some curve balls.  Anyways we are still working super hard we are teaching a  bunch of couples that need to get married the law of chastity is like a huge problem and a great blessing all at once. 

So When I found out that I would be trainging I got a little nervous because it is kind of tradition that when you train you have to go get your newbie that you have to be all pretty adn all this.  sooooo........I am not going to llie, my clothes are not really all that pretty and with my awesome laundering skills and sewing abilities, I am basically out of nice clothes.  ha ha sooooooo, I was like "great, what am I gonna do now."  ha ha and then some elder friends of mine starting calling me over to the corner where there were 2 boxes with MY name on them!!!!!!  woooo and hooo.  A NEW SHIRT from AMBER!!!!  I love it, thanks babe!!!  

OKay I am exhausted and I cannot think of anything else that happened this week.  Please forgive me for this lame email.  I lov eyou all sooooo much, I promise that more exciting things will happen this week and I will remember to write them down to tell ya`ll.  Have an awesome week!!!!


Sister Ottley

Insert Creativity Here.

Alright so I want to appologise for the lack of creativity in advance
of this email.  I am super tired BUT I have some fun stories for you
guys.....So tighten your seatbelts and let`s go for a ride!!!!

So this week we worked quite a bit in Jacuípe.  If you ever wanted to
google this place you will find nothing.  Basically the George,
Washington of Bahia.  Except there isn`t a giant cherry pie once a
year there.  But you can find it on google earth maybe it`s real name
is Nazaré de Jacuípe.  Very cool.  ANYWAYS.  So we have been working
there for a little bit and we have found some amazing people.  For
example Damiana.  I love her and she has a son Kauan who is super
adorable and best part?......He is 8 and so we can TOTALLY baptise him
with his mom!!!  We are really excited and hoping that all goes well
so we can baptise them in Rio Jacuípe on sunday.  So we taught them
the first the middle of construction and all this noise,
was super annoying but we always can tell when Satan doesn`t want us
to do soemthing.  ha ha So we persevered.  It was a great lesson.  And
when we went back we found out that they had read the book of mormon
AND prayed to ask God if it was true.  sooooo great.  we took them to
our first JAcuípe meeting and guess what.  SATAN SUCKS.  He was
alllllll up in the bar next door and the music was turned up real real
loud and we couldn`t hear ANYTHING!!!  To say the least there was very
little spirit and very little listening.

We also had a drunkard come make a visit at the new church slash
school we borrowed.  He said that he really liked the word we
left.....really?  because we heared about nothing.  ha ha but he says
he is going to come again.  We will go to his house and make sure that
next week he is sober.

We also had an investigator, Vânia who has a son.....I am not sure if
he is from this planet or somewhere much much further south.....he is
kind of a terror.  I don`t ever want to have children.  ha ha just
kidding....but seriously.  He was throwing pencils at us while we were
taking the sacrament.....I won`t tell who`s GREAT idea it was to give
the hellion pencils....(k, it was SOOOO me) but he decided after a
little bit that he didn`t want them any more and so he throw them with
all his might at us.  Ha ha soooo cute.  Then he decided he wanted to
know what was under the white linens on the table in the
front.......Very nice.  He was eatting the sacrament bread.......ha ha
The preist was FREEAKinG out ha ha so I grabbed his hand and we went
outside to "play"  a.k.a. ount the plants in the garden.....he doesn`t
know how to count very well but it kept him busy so his mom could
maybe hear a message about something!!!  ha ha

The mission is soooo funny if I were to try to tell you guys all the
funny stuff that we do and see I would be here forever.  But I wanted
to share a special story with you guys.  Rewinding a little bit to the
borrowed school of Jacuípe where we were trying to hold our super cool
first meeting with HUGE music boxes outside of the school walls.  It
was sooo loud we couldn`t hear hardly ANYTHING, which is a problem.  I
was praying sooo hard that Heavenly Father would allow these beautiful
people to hear the message and feel it`s truth.  As we sung the first
hymn, Alegres Cantemos;  the music got a littl equieter and we got a
little louder and I felt the love of God sooooo strong.  I know that
when we are doing the right things and trying to always listen to him,
the spirit will touch our souls and we can feel the love of our
savior.  I have co doubts  whatsoever that this church is true that
Joseph Smith was a Profet and that he translated yet another testament
of Jesus Christ.  I know that The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints is the only true church on the face of the planet and if we
live the gospel and keep our covenants we will not only have eternal
life and savation but we will be exaulted.  It all depends on us.  God
will ALWAYS do his part.  we just have to remember all the promisses
we make and them keep them.

I love you all sooo much.  I hope you all well!!!!  Don`t do anything
I wouldn`t do.  I miss you but not enough to come home anytime soon.
Stay awesome!!!


SIster Ottley


I am in one of these pictures.

Sai da frente, Sai da frente, Deus está na minha frente!!

Phew,  what an amazing week.  So many experiences soooo many buses and
soooo many people.  I don`t really know where to start.  This week was
super great because we learned alot.  We didn`t do much good but I
feel like personally I grew and learned sooo much.  I used to picture
the last few months as the time that I was supposed to shine because I
wouldn`t have anything else to learn......FALSE!!!!

Laurindo didn`t get baptised.  Sunday was an adventure if I have ever
had one.  Saturday we went to Camaçari to a special musical fireside
put on by President Harts Son and wife and 4 adorable children who
were here visiting.  Then we stayed at the other sister`s apartment
because there aren`t any buses to São Sebatião do Passé after 6
o´clock.  In the morning (sunday) we headed to the chapel again to
watch the Menaus Temple dedication........we waited, and waited and
then waited some more.  The transmition thingy was broken and we
weren`t able to watch it at the 9 am session.  Okay, perfect.  We went
with the Zone Leaders from the other zone to lunch and decided to call
Laurindo to make sure everything was okay and set.  He was in Salvador
still, okay that´s fine.  When are you coming back?  he made some
excuses and then it all fell apart.  Sister Davis and I had a nice
depressing conversation about how we were going to have to drop him as
an investigator and the LZ´s almost got to see us cry.  Ha ha then we
headed back to São Sebastião to figure some stuff out.  WE learned
that buses suck and I can`t wait to have a car again.  Got car sick
and had to basically sit on top of some chubby lady who´s daughter was
drunk.  FUN!

Then we were still way depressed when we decided we needed to do
something fun on P-day.  so We called Sister Hart and made plans to go
to Arembepe, Bahia.  If you can you should google this place.  I
dson`t know if there is anything on the internet about it but it is
BEAUTIFUL!!!  There is a Turtle Project where you can see enourmous
turtles and President Hart`s grandkids got to touch some baby ones.
We ate a real good lunch and then headed back to São Sebastião.  More
buses.  More car sickness.  fun.

WE are working a little in Jacuípe which is a small district of São
Sebastião and we are going to have the first church meetings there on
sunday.  We founda faimly who is soooo ready for the gospel.  I cannot
wait to teach them more about the gospel.  Life is soooo good when you
have people to teach.  Everyone still needs to get amrried but I know
that once they have a testimony these things will not demorar.

I wish I had more cool stories to tell you people.  I am just a little
lame I guess.  But I love you all sooooo much.  I hope all is well, I
pray for you allt he time.  I love love love love love you all.  Son`t
ever give us, don`t ever regret and just stay awesome.

I am healthy and happy and miss you.


Sister Ottley

Surfar e Viver

Nossa gente.  Eu amo vocês de mais.  Não vejo a hora em que estou reunida com toda minha familia e amigos no reino celestial.  Bem, posso esperar né, mas, tenho saudades de minha familia em casa mas não quero deixar minha familia aqui na Bahia.  A missão é muito dez mas muito ruim tudo no mesmo tempo.  Eu amo vocês de mias de mais de mias!!!!  Um dia nós vamos nos encontrar de novo e vai ser o melhor dia da minha vida eterna.  kaaaaKkKk.  Quero que todos vocês saibam que eu sie que a Igreja de Jesus Cristo é a unica Igreja verdadeira na face da terra que jesus Cristo vive e que ele é o meu salvador.  Sie que O livro de mormon é a palavra de deus e que podemos ser salvos ao fazer tudo que ele ensina

Hey family ad friends sorry this  might be short.  I am a little slw ths week .  I love you all sooo much.  i know that the tiem is short for me to come home for this we are working SUPER SUPER hard.  I know that we will be blessed for all our efforts.  It has not bee easy in this area but I know that as we continue working and searching for the spirit we will have success.  sorry if everything i write and worte today is crap.  THis keyboard is a joke and all the keys like to stick, but no joke it is like a work out just to type on e word, my forearm hurts.

Laurindo did not get baptised.  We are working on it.  We closed his baptism yesterday and he wants it to be on thursday.  He didn`t understand that our church is hte only tue church.  He feels  good in th Catholic church as well.  We had to esplain that yes, the catholic church, the baptist church, ALL the churches teach woderful great things but they don`t have authority they don`t have EVERYTHING wonderful and great.  It took a little while and a little sweat but we got it done.  He gets it now.  I love hm.  enext week I will ry to send a picture of him and some of our other investigators.

You guys don`t need to be worried about my safty because sister Davis and I ound out that we have a guardian angel.  HTis 5 foot 4 guy was telling me last nihgt that he liked to talk to us becuase he feels epeace and that we are safe because if anyone every tried to mess with us he wold beat them up;.  I feel super sfe because I think I could probably pick this guy up and put him in my backpack and preach the gosple with him in my bag for the no worries guys!!!

I lov eyou all soooooo much.  I canot wait to see you but at the same time I don`t want to see ya`ll that soon either.  I hope you all have an amazing week and lots of missionary experiences.  When was the last time you gave someone a BoM?  or a pass-along card.  DO IT!!!!!

Be awseome.  Stay Possitive.


SIster Ottley

I don`t know why everyone has forgotten me.

Sometimes I feel like I don`t even know who I am anymore.  I know that
is sad but I honestly do not get it.  We walk around and we feel so at
home talking to all the people here and inviting everyone to come unto
Christ.  I know what I am doing, I don`t know how to be normal.  I
tried thinking on saturday what I would be doing if I was at home.  I
didn`t like it.  Ha ha I figured I would be hanging out with friends,
maybe going to a movie, maybe going swimming or something fun like
that.  But I would be speaking english which is rediculous by the way.
 I would be in the United States.  No one would be Brazilean.  I want
to stay here forever.  We are teaching the Uncle of one of the really
great member s here and he totally speaks English.  He taught himself.
 It is really really amazing, I started talking and he was like "in
english please; I want to practice my english."  I started to
appologize in Portuguese and tried my best to explain some things to
him in English.  I realized I don`t even have a testimony in English
anymore.  Ha ha it is really quite sad, I don`t know what I will do
when I get home.  Sister Davis and I already have plans to call each
other everyday just to speak in POrtuguese.

Sister Davis and I are convinced that there is an anamoly happening
between us.  We are the exception to every rule ever, fact.  We are
going to marry King Benjamin and Capitain Moroni.  It is all set, ha
ha we are both sooooo nervous to go home and not know what to do when
we have to talk to boys about real world stuff.

Anyways, all of these things will fall into place eventually.  I knowt
hat I am here for a reason I know that I will be home for a reason and
in the right timing.

THis week was really interesting.  We have been getting quite a few
cat-calls lately and so we joke around that we are going to have to
stop being so pretty......THis is rediculous becuase if you had seen
my clothes and hair and make-up (non-existant) you would not think we
are too attractive.  Anyways, just goes to show that when you have the
spirit you really ARE more attractive.

Laurindo didn`t get baptised but we went and talked to him and he
explained that he is shy and timid and for that reason he didn`t want
to be baptised.  He was worried someone would ask him to do something
he didn`t know how or in front of everyone.  ha ha ha ha poor kid was
terrified.  We explained that he wouldn`t have to do anyting he didn`t
want to and no w he is way excitedc about being baptised on sunday.

Please pray for my investigators.  I have 8 couples that need to get
marriedso they can get baptised.  This is extraordinarily high.  But I
know that with faith and some diligence and work that we can help them
keep the law of chastity and be happy for all eternity.

I love you all sooooo sooooo sooo omuch!!! I cannot wait to hear from
you all this week......ALL of you.  Yes, I am talking about you, and
you know who you are.  Slackers.  I hope you all have a great week.  I
promise that next week will be more organised.


SIster Ottley

Sometimes God is merciful

So this week was super interesting.  I am realizing that I still have
not developed a sense of direction.......yep, some things will never
change.  Ha ha after 7 months in the city I knew Catú like the back
ofmy hand and could get you anywhere in the city from anywhere.  Now,
I am a little lost.  ha ha I have to stop in the middle of the street
and pray just to be guided to our appointments.  ha ha and it doesn`t
help that NONE of the streets are made in block form.  ANYWAYS, being
lost if fun.  I had a pretty great birthday.  I woke up and Sister
Davis made me breakfast in bed....well, she made me breakfast while I
was sitting on the floor watching her and she made me get back into
bed and pretend I was surprised.  ha ha and then sunday night Marcio
and Suely (members) made me a brithday cake and sang to me in english.
 It was great.  I hope Amber and Ethan´s birthdays were just as cool
and that Caden`s will be as well!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL!!!!!

Sunday we went to pick Laurindo up for church.  We got to his house

and his aunt said he wasn`t there.  As we walked away head down we
just prayed that he had gone to church by himself.  As we turned the
corner to the church, THERE he was!!!!!!  Oh how Heavenly Father leads
us to the people who are preparred!!!!I LOVE IT!!!  WE took him
upstairs and handed him over to a man in the quorum and just prayed
that they wouldn`t teach any apostacy that week.  We then took him to
Principios do evangelho where Marcio taught about Arrependimento and
it was sooo great.  Everyone is super relaxed in the class and so he
felt comfortable.  THEN I spoke in sacrament meeting.  ha ha it was
cool but I was calling the people to a little repentance ha ha so it
was interesting.  ha ha I just said that they needed to be good
examples and told them a few things that could probably be changed so
that people would have a better desire to join the church.  it was

ANYWAYS, afterwards Laurindo was like "I really liked it there was no

screaming."  I guess the last time he visited a church he sat down and
the pastor just started screaming and shouting.  ha ha he said he had
gotted scared.  Then yesterday we went back and taught him about the
law of chastty and the word of wisdom.  He already lives both of them.
 I.  Love.  Him.  He shall be baptised on sunday.  I LOVE IT, Being a
missionary is the BEST!!!!

I hope all is well for all of you!!!  I am happy and healthy!!!  Stay

awesoem!!!  Never Regret!!!



Sister Ottley


WEll lets start this off with, I AM SOOO HAPPY!!!!!!  We had
transfers.  I was thinking that Sister Siqueira and I would stay
together one more transfer.  But we went to the fax meeting anyways to
find out what everyone else would be doing.  Well, my last companion,
Sister Marciano, sat down and said "I know who your new companion is"
I freaked out!!!  I was like how?  HOW DO YOU KNOW!!??!?!?  ha ha She
told me that President had told my new companion that she would be my
companion, and she told Sister Marciano.  Well, lets just say that
when Sister Marciano told me that SISTER DAVIS would be coming to São
Sebatião do Passé I did a little dance in my chair and a few fist

So, my official new comapion is SISTER DAVIS!!!  Woo I love love love
love her.  I am soooo excited.  We have already taught together and it
is a beautiful thing.  I cannot wait to see all the good we can do
together. She is EXACTLY what this branch needs.

Sister SIqueira´s last week here we were doing contacts one morning
and decided to enter into an area that we don`t necessarily like
because it is super close to the church and EVERYONE has already been
contacted and knocked.  LIES!!! ha ha we found Laurindo.  He was
sitting in the street just kicking it when we BAM asked him if we
could talk to him about the love his heavenly Father has for him.  He
said yes and we marked that the next day we would return to talk to
him and his grandmother, Angelica.  Perfect.  We got there the next
morning and he was at the gym.  We decided to wait because Angelica
said he would be coming back any minute.  We talked to her tried some
fruit that I couldn`t pronounce if my life depended on it and she gave
us crackers.  Obviously we loved her from the first lesson.  Ha ha
when Laurindo showed up and showered we started the first lesson of
the Restauration.  It.  Was.  Beautiful.  The spirit has never been so
strong in a first lesson for me.  It was so amazing.  He felt it and
he accepted a baptismal date and EVERYTHING.  he really understood the
need for a restauration which is the KEY for the first lesson.  We
left him a chapter in the Book of MOrmon.  Whedn we went back he had
already read and preayed to know if it was true or not.  He said there
were some words that he didn`t understand super well so he had to
re-read a few times.  OMG. Who does that?!?!?1  he was preparred.
Heavenly FAther Loves him and wants him to find the truth.  And I am
lucky enough to be an instrument in his hands and take the thruth to
Laurindo.  I love it!!!!  ANYWAYS he said that when he prayed he felt
a great peace and tranquilidade.  I love it!!!  He wasn`t able to go
to church last week BUT I am pretty sure we will be able to get him
there this week!!!  and BAPTISM next week!!!!!

I love being a missionary.  I am sad that I wasn`t ablet o see and
talk to everyone on the inter net for mothers day.  I love you all
sooo much!!!  Happy Mothers day to all you mothers. And I hope that
you can all teach your children to ttrust in God with all their
hearts.  Just like the Mothers of the Stripling warriors taught their
children.  No matt, they did not teach their chilred to fight
necessarily but to trust that when we are obedient and faithful God
will protect us.

I love you all soooo much!!!

Happy Birthday Amber!!!

Stay Awesome!!!

Never Regret!!!!


Sister Ottley

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What`s in YOUR wallet?

Hello family and friends!!!

How was your week?  I hope all is well!!!  I miss and love you all!!!  This week was not that exciteing, sorry.  We are working really really hard.  We are having to RUN, litterally to our appointments because we are sooo booked.  Too bad when we get there many times the person doesn´t have real interest.  It isn`t esy but it is sooooo worth it.

I love preaching the Gospel; being a missionary is the coolest job in the world.  I thing I will do it porfessionally.  Kidding. But I am really really happy here in Bahia.  I am really really sore in places that I didn`t even know you could get sore.  we are seriously working super super hard. I know that God is going to bless us for being diligent. 

So, the subjest line this week, "what`s in your wallet?"  Each and everyone of you should have a Cartâo da amizade in your wallet, purse, car, pocket, etc. ALWAYS!!!!  Because if you are preparred for a missionary moment you will have missionary moments.  But if you aren`t they won`t happen and you will not feel the joy that is charing the gospel.  THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!!!

We are trying to find all the people in the world (aka Sâo sebastiâo do Passé) that has already been to Church and wants to be baptised.  I love the idea of having a baptism on Mother`s Day.  It is going to be a white week!!!  I  can`t wait, I haven`t baptised since Hamilton in Catú in January so it has been a while but I have been planting seeds EVERYWHERE!!!  Ha ha just need some good soil, some will get there, I know it!!!

I love you all soooo much!!!  I hope ALL is well.  I hope you all a GREAT FANTASTIC GLORIOUS mother´s day!!!  I love you!!!  Be awesome!!!  Be Obedient!!!  Just Baptise!!!

Invite someone to church this week.  That is my challenge to ALL of you!!!  It can be an inactive member or a non-member.  Just invite them.  The worst that can happen is that they can say no.  Big whoop, you`ll get over it.



Sister Ottley

Super Legal

Alright.  It was super super great to hear from everyone!!!  Thanks
for the emails!!!  I love you all.  I got Adams announcement and a
Package from Mom.  I am actually sitting in the INternet cafe using
the skirt you sent me.  Thanks mom you are the best!!!  send a hug,
kiss and my condolences to Rachel.  Poor girl had no idea does she?
oh well, she`ll figure it all out sooner or later.

I had a super awesome week.  I feel like as missionaries we grow soooo
much spiritually and emotionally.  I actually CARE about other epople
now.  ha ha what a sad sad statement.  But it is true.  I love my
fellow man and I want to help and serve all of them FOREVER!!!

THis week we FINALLY were able to marka dn meet a referral that a
member had been trying to drag us to for a few weeks.  The name is
Jacson.  He is married to Elisangela and have 2 daughters.  Bianca and
*nameless*  we havent met the older daughter yet.  BUT the family is
fantastic!!!  they made us pizza and juice and were SOOO receptive.
Sister Siqueira and I felt the spirit SOOOOOO strong it isn`t even
funny they are what we like to call Eleitos.  Realmente você não pode
negar quando Deus està colocando as pessoas em sua frente.  I love you
all I hope all is well.

I pray for you each daily.  I know that seems impossible because I am
just sooo full of friends and family but I really really love all of
you.  I want the best for you!!!

Please stay awesome!!  Remember who you are.  Never forget that YOU
have the potential to be like GOd.  Stay happy!!!


Sister ottley

Random pictures of the zoo.

It is sooo good to be me.

Sorry Amber, I didn`t realize that it didn`t get sent to you.  This is
from last week 17 april, 2012

 Boa Tarde Família e amigos:

Sabe que Eu amo vocês?  Bem, eu amo vocês.  Só quero que todo mundo saiba
que Eu tenho um testimunho desta igreja.  Eu sei que Joseph Smith restaurou
a igreja verdadeira.  Sei que tenho um Pai Celestial que me ama e que quer
o melhor para mim.  Ele tambem quer isso por cada um de vocês.  Amo
vocês,.  Leia o Livro de Mormon!!!!  ORE!!!!

Alright.  I don`t have a SUPER large amout of time but I will quickly tell
you guys a few super awesome stories.

THis week I learned form the mother of one of our investigators that Christ
is going to the form of a woman.  And the Prophets are also
going to come back in this form.......Some people are INSANE... ha ha but I
love it SIster Siqueira and I about peed on this ladies couch when she was
telling us this.  but we kept it together until we were a little ways down
the street.

I met some of the members of the branch on sunday.   One lady really left
her mark.  SHe told me about how a friend of hers had died and that the
spirit of this woman is still with her to this day.  THis spirit follows
this member around and tells her things......I will be keeping my distance
from this lady.

We met some scorpions.  Scorpion in the mission means a man who hits on
sisters.  One is 19 and the other like 30.  THey wanted to take us out to
eat.  We told them we would mark a day......not.  and then my companion
told them about what types of music she likes and then the 19 year old
decided this would be a good moment to lean against the wall and say in the
most "deep sexy" voice that his PASSION was music.  OKAY........The he
diceided that it was a good time to take a shower.....he left and came back
in a towel.  Sister Siqueira and I just kept on reading our scriptures.  oh


We are trying to open another area here in São Sebastião  it is called
jacuípe.  We went there on sunday and did splits to contact and teach.  I
was with a young woman, CArol, we were walking when all of a sudden a woman
in a car pulled over and called us over to her.  When I got to her car she
said, "I feel as though you have something to say to me.  Go ahead and
talk"  The Holy Ghost is soooo amazing!!!!!  I love being a missionary!!!
I am NEVER going home!!!

I love you allll!!!!  Read the Book Of mormon!!!  Go to church and the
temple!!!!  Say prayers EVERYDAY!!!


Sister Ottley

I saw an E.T.

These are the more than 50 cockroaches that we killed in our apartment in one day. I love Raid.

These are all the things I need in my life.....well at elast the life in this house.

-These are the Sisteres in my Zone, aren`t we great!?!?!?!

I peeled this Orange ALL by myself!!!! Be proud, I was. :)

If you could Hie to Bahia and hide there forever would you get deported?

So Interviews were this week.  Very awesome.  I love President Hart.
I told him I thought my companoin was perfect and then she said the
same thing about me......I guess we are pretty happy together.  Ha ha
it is pretty sweet.  I hope we get to stay together one more transfer.
 But who knows......

This week was full of nut jobs and cray crays.  This one guy made me
want to punch him in the face.  He is lucky I am wearing a name tag
with the Saviors name on it or else he might have lost a tooth or two.
He started talking about how we don`t have the holy ghost because we
don`t have the gift of tongues. ..........UH, hi, I am Sister Ottley,
from the USA.......I am speaking fluent Portuguese with only 1 year in
your beloved country........Anyways he went on to say the The Book of
Mormon was false and all this other stuff.  THEN I found out he was
completely insane and I forgave him.  He started telling us how he had
been studying the book of first generis....yes, Generis....And that
God revealed to him who his father is....Christ is the Son of God but
who is God`s father.  I told him it must be another God right?  oh no,
I couold not be more wrong!!!!  Ha ha ha ha acording to the book of
first Generis chapter 1 God`s father is the water.  Uh?  Okay.....he
went on to explain why and I was just trying really really hard not to
laugh in the guys face.

Then He said that he couldn`t go out and preach this to the whole
world because just like the people thought that the Prophet
Noel...yep, Noel...was crazy they would think that HE was crazy, how
absurd, how could someone think that THIS guy was crazy?  oh my

So later that day we went to Noite de INtegraçao at the chapel and the
first thing one of the members says to us is: "SIsters, be careful
with Canibalism"  I´m sorry, what?  ha ha apparently in Northers
Brasil  some lady was killin people and selling them to people as BBQ.
 THat´s pretty cool I guess, so I will no longer be eatting

Ha ha and then on SUnday we ate at a members house and she made goat
meat for us.  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I thought that cow was weird
looking.  It was actually kinda good.

THEN, we met Guto.  I said "Boa noite"  to some little man in the
street and continued walking because the clock was about to strike the
hour of "Missionaries turn into pumpkins" But he was MUCH MUCH more
interested in talking to the american tourist than in my excuses to
leave him on the corner.  He started to explain that he had seen a
flying saucer and met an Extra Terrestrial.  Wow, that is really
great.  This ET was like 2 and a half meters tall and blond with blue
eyes.  He talked with his mind......telepathetic.....and his lips
NEVER moved.  Wow, we really need to go.  He told me the United States
were goingto be destroyed in 2018.  Oh, well I live here now soI don`t
need to worry about that too much.  Sister Siqueira and I could barely
breath for want to laugh.  It is soooo hard to be me.

So we are trying to work with the members alot and one family took us
to a girls house where the "wife" is a member and the "husband" is not
(they aren`tr really married) and the husband is a drunkard.  Ha ha ha
ha ha ha he and his uncle were there totally drunk apparently his
uncle is God....he made sure to tell us a few times.  I was quite
impressed.  Ha ha anyways we left a message and got the heck out of
there.  We invited him to stake conference.  k, bye.

WE actually invited the whole world to stake conference.  Lots of our
investigators promised tehy would go, we went to pick some up on the
way and no one was awake.  That`s cool I guess.  Then when we get to
the church to load the bus guess who is waiting there all cute in his
clean clothes; THE DRUNK GUY!!!  Out of ALL the people who could have
gone and promissed they would THE DRUNK GUY came through.  I love the
tender mercies of the Lord.  ha ha it was pretty sweet.  We will
probably help them get amrried and baptise the heck, and the alcohol,
out of him.

Conference was aMAzing!!!!!  Hamilton, from Catú got the melchesidek
(sp) preisthood.  I cried.  ha ha it was sooo beautiful.  I saw
Cristiane (my second baptism) as well.  SHe is sooo good and
PREGNANT!!!!!!  what!?!?!?!?!?!  It was soooo amazing.  The Church
really really is True.  And it can change peoples lives.  I love it.

So I was just chillin at the chapel after my interview with president
waiting for our District Leader so we could leave when all of a sudden
my Zone leader looks at me and says, SIster Ottley the Executive
secretary is going to call you..........Why?.......he wants to know
what Airport is closest to your house.
I died a little inside.  WHAT!?!?!?!?  Why does he want to know
that?!?!?!?  *ring* *ring* I answered and when I asked him why he
wanted to know he said he was going to go visit you guys!!!  ha ha I
told him to send hugs and kisses.  BAHHHH!!!!!!!  ha ha ha
apparently I don`t have very much more time on the mission......what
is THAT about?  oh goodness.  I said Wenatchee.  So if ya`ll want a
different Airport speak now or forever hold your peace.

I learned some really really great lessons this week but one thing
that I learned and loved was the following phrase.  "Sometimes we
don`t doubt but at the same time, we don`t trust."  We know that God
can and will do ANYTHING but do we realy trust that he WILL?  We have
to put all of our everything into our faith and do all of the actions
we can to make miracles happen.  I love learning and feeling edified.

I love you all I hope everyone is well.  I miss you!!!  stay
awesome!!!  Don`t forget the pormisses you made!!!  Never Regret!!!

Sister Ottley


Ha ha sooooo I got transferred.  I am in alittle town called São Sebastião do Passe.  My companion is Sister Siqueira, she is also from São Paulo.  I love her to death already.  She only has 3 transfers in the mision and so I am actually senior companoin.......ha ha took long enough.  but I really loved being co-seniors with all my companoins I feel asthough the companoinship is more united.  ANYWAYS the church is actually just a rental here.  it is a branch rather than a ward.  I found out that when we baptise 8 more men it will become a ward!!!!  WOOT  please pray for me to be able to find teach and convert these 8 men.
I love being a missionary sooo much there really is nothing better in the world.  And working with Sister Siqueira is going to really do me some good. SHe is still kinda new and so she still has that fire ya know?  she thinks that every contact we make is going to get baptised in the same week.  I like her spunk. 
I am sooo greatfult o be a member of the true church of Jesus |Christ.  I know who I am I know why I am here  and I know who my Heavenly Father is.  I know the difference between crazy and the holy ghost.  In Catu recently a small church moved into the open building in front of our house right next to the bar.  Yea I didn`t really get it either.  But they think that speaking in tongues is just shouting a bunch of nonsence and if you shout glory or haleluia at the end it is the holy ghost.......I wish everyone else was a member of my church too....
So I fasted this week and it was the hardest fast I have ever done in my life.  Ha ha ha ha I about broke my fast 50 times because of all the temptations.  But luckily I had Gustavo.  Gustavo is a small boy who is the neighbor of Uellington.  He came over while Uellington and his mom weren`t looking and i made him drink all my juice and eat all my cake before Nice saw.  It was sweet.  ha ha i was swhispering "drink drink!!!!"  and he was drinking and filling his poor little belly as fast as he could.  ha ha ha but he saved me.  another member gave us crackers.......I stuck them in my companion was really confused as to why and how I had eatten them so quickly.....There are still crumbs floating around my bag...they smell like bacon; i think she gave me bacon flavored crackers.  I fed them to the pidgeons.
So if the mission has taught me anything it is that I am not going to be a prefessional drycleaner or laundry mat manager.....ha ha Before the mission my mom baught me a pretty blue my 2nd transfer i SPILLED BLEACH ON IT.   it was dark it has random red splotches.   I had the brilliant idea to dye it blue again......EVERYTHING went wrong.  The pot I was boiling the dye in had a hole in it......our stove turned blue.  My fingers also turned blue.   and a few towels.   my dress still has red splotches.
I love you all I am working really hard and loving my life.  I wish you all THE BEST!!!!  please never regret never forget who you are and always readthe scriptures and pray to your heavenly father.  He wants to hear from you.  Have an AMAZING week!!!  Dream of baptisms and angels.
Sister Ottley

Okay I expect MANY photos this week!!!

So, it is adam`s Wedding this weekend.....I expect MANY photos this week in emails from ALL!!!!  So charge up those cameras and someone PLEASE teach my mom to send pictures via email....PLEASE!!!!  I don`t know if everyone plans on going to Texas but seriously at least pretend so that I can feel like I went too.

This week was slightly depressing and lame.  we didn`t baptise and I am getting anxious, not a good combination.  Ha ha I have been in Catú for SOOOO long.  I like it here but I am going slightly insane.  I don`t even have to think while I am walking in the streets I have already memorized the streets and my body just walks without me even thinking.  Sometimes I get to my destination and think oh my goodness when and how did I get here.  Bishop Silva is trying to request my membership so that he can just keep me in the ward.  He says that I am not a member of the ward still so I need to request my membership so that I can start paying tithing.

So as a missionary we are asked to always look for the miracles in our lives.  My miracle this week was that I cound Cool Ranch Doritos in the grocery store.  I about peed.  My companoin now officially thinks that I am a nut case (took her long enough to figure it out).  I bought them and payed about an arm and a leg too.  But they we delicious.  I ate them.  Ha ha I am kidding, this was not my miracle of the week.  It was a miracle but other better things happened.
For example: CONFERENCE, which is the best.  We ahd 6 non-members in our tiny ward and we got a projector so we were able to watch it here in Catú!!!!

I didn`t get to hear very much of it because i was trying to pacify Cristopher so our pesquisador could pay attention and also about every 30 seconds the internet would hick-up......BUT STILL!!!!  It was super FAbby!!!  It is soooo clear the the leaders fo the church really do pay-attention and care about us.  They do their best to guide us.  I would never compare myself to one of the profets BUT it is what Sister Marciano and I are trying to do here in Catú.  We had a really good conversation yesterday, we are working sooo hard and doing so many great things and talking to sooo many people and teaching lessons all the time.  BUT we are not having the success that we are wanting.  it is super difficult but we realised that we are doing our part.  Heavenly Father doesn`t ask more of us that what we can accomplish, all that is lacking is the decisios of the investigator.  He has to do his part as well.....Read....Pray.....and BAPTISE HIMSELF!!!  ha ha we can only force sooooo much then the person has to act with the knowledge we share.

Sister De Jesus returned from her mission.  Ha ha she is a member here in Catú when I was here the first time over Mother´s day I talked to her on the phone....she only had 7 months out on the mission.......seems like that was yesterday.  Now she is home and I plan on kidnapping her about everyother day to do divisions in this wlast week of our transfer here in Catú.  I am almost possitive tat I will be transfered.  I don`t think I will go far but I won`t be staying here in Catú. 

OH!!!  Dad asked for my address like 2 months ago so he could google maps stalk me.  I TOTALLY FOR GOT!!!!  sorry. So addresses are intersesting here in Bahia and I don`t even know the name of our street.  But this is the adress of our chaple.  We live in the next street down.

Rua Rodolfo Góes S/N, Bairro: Centro, CATU, BAHIA, 48110000, BRAZIL

It is something like that sorry, I am only going to be here for like another week anyways.

So I am doing really really great!!!!  I love you all I am sorry to hear the Dad sold all his bulls.....or is that good?  Sei lá :)  I am healthy and happy and all sorts of tired.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!


Sister Ottley

Another one hits the dust.

Alright so I had to do some Preach My Gospel survey and officially have zero minutes to write today SORRY!!!!  So I will nut shell my week for ya`ll.

All started well.  As Moça`s were going to be baptised on saturday as well as Uellington....I don`t even know if ya`ll know who these peeps are but oh well......Elder Nchtigal came over from Simões Filho to fechar the baptisms with us and I got to speand the day with him and our bishop........SOOOO exciting.  Anyways he interviewed them all and everyone is prepared and knows everything.  The only thing that is lacking?  DESIRE!!!!!  what the junk?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ha ha all 5 of them are ready but don`t want to jump in the water.....Look if it was me I would have dived int he water like 50 times already, it is stinking HOTT here.  BUT it isn´t me.  SOOOO  Sister Marciano and I re vamped.  We are approaching EVERYTHING differently and are SOOO ready to attack this week with some new plans.

We met some really sweet new people this week and made all sorts of goals to help them ALL be baptised.  Our Stake President made a lovely goal of 30 for us.  This 30 is the number of investigators we are required to take to church on sunday to General Conference..........Oh my goodness........He just wants to kill us I am pretty sure.

I haven`t recieved any packages or letters since the 13th of march but I will be seeing president tomorrow and so I think I should be getting whatever is waiting for me.  Conference will be in Portuguese.  Here in Catú there is no way for me to watch it in English because I can`t be aloneand no one else speaks english.  But NO biggie I watched it in Portuguese in October as well.

I love you all soooooo much!!!!  I miss you and wish the best for you ALL!!!!!  Never regret and never give up!!!  Don`t forget to read the Book of Mormon and say your prayers.  Please continue to pray for my investigators and the missionary work.

All the best for all of you!!!!


Sister ottley

This is what you do on P-Day....

This is what you do on try to save your sunburnned hair with moiturizers and conditioners.....guess what, it doesn`t help.

This is Elastico

This is Elastico, I tried to do it and failed miserably....But it was fun to watch the little girls playing, they invited us over to play again Saturday.

Betchya can`t guess what was livin in my shoe......

Phew!!! what a week...You can all be every level of proud of your little american missionary here in Brasil.  ha ha Yesterday I found out the the minimum of lessons we should be teaching each week is like 25....we teach an average of about 43 each week.  We are working really hard here in Catú....até ó pó....(to the dust) it isn`t easy because we aren`t having the success that we would like BUT it is still sooo satisfactory to lie down at night thinking, "Wow, i really did a good thing today, I feel as though I helped someone."  Missionary work is probably the hardest but most wonderful thing ANYONE could ever do with their life.

Sunday we had lunch at my recent convert family`s house, Lourdes and Hamilton, they made galinha de quintal translation "yard chicken"  This is just some chicken that they tear into peices and toss into a pot with some seasoning and water.  The taste isn`t bad, it is actually really really good. But it is the WHOLE chicken....guts, parts, bones, EVERYTHING.  I didn`t know what I was putting onto my plate, but as usual I just said a little prayer and started eatting.  I ate what I figured was a chicken leg and breast while my companion went for the neck and Lourdes sucked on the foot.....lets just say this sight was not exactly appetizing.  Ha ha then my companion looked down at my plate and said "oh you took the heart...."  oh no, what I´m sorry it sounded as though you said heart.....yea well if you wanted you could totally eat it, I don`t mind.  ha ha ha ha thank goodness she likes it and she ate it for me.  DUDE culture is weird.  however, the sotry doesn`t end there....All of a suadden they were all like "sister Ottley you didn`t take any mocotó"  oh really I forgot something?  how is that even possible my plate is over flowing with unidentifiable content......MOCOTÓ.....right.
...yea, what`s that?  "cow foot"  OH, great....You know what, you are right....I DID forget the cow foot......Don`t worry Sister Ottley there is still LOT´S left for ya.....Perfect, you`d better get some onto my plate then becasue I am just DIEING to eat some good ol fashioned Cow Foot.  False.....Cow foot is is like pure fat.....and chewy and gross and I about vomited on the table......Fantastic.....OH SISTER OTTLEY!!!  you also forgot the (some word that starts with B that I forgot already)  Cow stomach....oh, you know what youa re right, i DID forget that too.....better get me a peoce but you know what this cow foot is filling me up pretty fast so a small piece is sufficient.  Cow stomach is also a stange chew texture and it is almost furry......I think I had my fill of strange foods for the transfer but Sister Marciano said taht another sister in the ward wants to make Cow Foot on sunday....I think I will take a ziplock bag to hide in my backpack; I have not developed the pure love of Christ still and I think it will be hard to develope it in the next 5 days.....Please Help me, I accept any prayers from anyone.

I don`t think that people here understand me and my odd tendancies and fears.  Ha ha yesterday I was cleaning a little but and moved a box that sits on the floor next to my desk.....out hopped an enormous cricket. I was not okay with this.  on the contrary, I was very  very very alarmed by the size, appearance, and jump height of this creature.  I gave a little squeel and my companion came to my rescue.  I love her.  She smashed it with a flip oozed...Then I swept the floor and tried to sweep it was still alive, I squeeled again and Sister Marciano said I had to take care of it this time.  ha ha, she is the meanest, I wacked it with a big ugly sandal because he didn`t deserve to die a pretty death.  he oozed a lot more and I swept him up no problem.

THEN I was putting some shoes away that I don`t use because they broke last week.  I went to grab them and as I moved one an ENORMOUS spider crawled out and tried to eat me.  That bugger fast let me tell you what I was too terrified to scream because the arachnid was so large, I left the shoe where it was on the balcony and the spider ran down the side of the house towards the street......I think it ate a  cat because we heard one meowing later that night.

We are working with reactivating quite a few families.  some of them have family members who are not members of the church.  we are working on reactivating the members so we can baptise their children and siblings.  It is sooo much fun to hear conversion sotries and to share testimonies.  You can stop going to church, you can start breaking compandments and you can acurse heavenly Father all you want but you will never forget that you are a member of the church andyou will never forget what you learned and felt in your conversion.  It is soo beautiful.

Anyways I lov eyou all soooo much!!!  stay awesome!!!  Don`t forget me!!!!  Don`t forget to smile everyday even if youare sad!!!  I lov e you!!!  never Regret!!!


Sister Ottley

Aí Galega!!!

Ha ha so I got proposed to again this week.  He told me he was headed to the United States to Paint some oil drill thingy and he was planning on getting married while he was there to an American.  He said  " I don`t know if it will be you maybe a different one"  I assured him that it wouldn`t be me and excused myself. 

As fun and interesting as it is to meet these colorful people I feel as though my Mission is kind of a big joke.  ha ha my companion is still trying to get used to being my companion.   She is a LOAD of soon as our contacts turn stalker she walks away laughing her head off and leaves me to clean up the mess.  Lovely.  Ha ha she has started counting all the cat calls we get everyday.  Apparently it happens a lot more here in Catú than in anyother area.  How lucky for meto be here so long.  ha ha

So, Catú is amazing as usual.  we are teaching sooo many amazing people and I can`t wait to start seeing the fruits of our labors.  I love being Sister Marciano`s companion, she is soooo sweet!!!!!  We are getting along great and have all sorts of goals and plans.

I had a huge list of things I wanted to write to you all this week but I totally forgot......I am sooo silly sometimes.  I wanted to let ambet know that I did get her valentines package today!!!  Thank you sooooo much!!!  The conversational hearts were a great hit at your training today.  I personally think they taste a little like chalk and so I was giving them to all the other missionaries and them I ended up having to translate all sorts of random english phrases.  it was super funny.  THANK YOU AMBER!!!  lOVE YA!!! 

I also found out that there may be a reason my packages are a lot slower than others.  I was talking to a few americans and they all said that the address I have is ALL wrong.  I knew that there were 2 addresses for the mission and the only one I ever got in my call packet was the Caixa Postal (P.O. box) address.  APPARENTLY the other is faster....I don`t really understand how since the 2 are in the SAME part of the SAME city.....oh well somethings we just aren`t meant to understand in this life.  So this is the OTHER more right address:

Sister Meredith Rae Ottley
Missão Brasil Salvador
Avenida Antônio Carlos Magalhães, 3247
    Sala 402, 4º andar Edificio Empresarial Delta
Cep: 40275-000

The other address (caixa postal) will still work I just hink that this one may be faster.  Please make the necessary adjustments.

ANYWAYS: let`s talk about the work.  The man from the Book of Mormon smoking story was unfortunately never baptised.  He said he wanted to be better prepared and then moved to another state.  BUT who knows maybe he will continue to read the book of mormon and be preparred someother day.  He hasn`t smoked, as far as I know, since the day we taught him.  The Book fo mormon can really don miracles if we let it.  We are teaching a guy names Wellington.  He is sooo funny.  He says the oddest things but we will probably baptise him this week if everything goes according to plan.  It has been about 3 years that he has been going to church.  and he is just starting to trust us as missionaries, it might have something to do with the fact that my companion is super cute.......but we`ll just leave it at that.  ha ha

We are still going strong with Simone trying to get her to forget her fears and just GET IN THE WATER!!!!  ha ha but everyone had thier time.  OH FUN STORY!!!!  I got a letter From Sister Manuo who was my trainer in the North Carolina 4 people who I taught while I was there got baptised after I left!!!!  sooo awesome!!!  I love it sooo much.  The church really is true.  It makes me sooo happy to know that people ALL over the world are joining the ranks to fight against Satan.  I really don`t know why he is even still trying....EVERYONE has already seen the end of this movie.....ZION totally conquers!!!!  Sorry if that was a spoiler for any of you out there.

So we are working hard.  I am Happy Healthy and Fat.  I love you alll soooo much.  Please don`t ever regret.  Learn from all experiences, good or bad, and move on.  Not only on but forward.  Life is good.

Stay awesome!!!


Sister Ottley!!!!

PS I just read over this post and it even bored myself.....sorry people.  I will do better next week.  LOVE YA!!!!  XOXOXOXO

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

E ai, gente está quente

Então, a vida aqui em Catu é interessante Eu amo as pessoas aqui.  A
ala ajuda de mais, em muitas maneiras.  Já engordei de mais aqui
porque TODO mundo nos da comida......sempre.  Minha companheira nova e
eu estamos dizendo para todo mundo que estamos de dieta.  Quase
ninguém acredita na gente MAS faz o que?  Fala que meu Português está
melhor agora que estou com uma Brasileira, por isto estou feliz.  De
verdade senti o português piorando com Sister Turner só porque a gente
ficou falando Ingles o tempo todo.  Mas agora nâo tem Jeito, falo
Português só.  Estou FELIZ!!!!  Amo esta idioma e minha companheira.
Ainda que ela é de Marte.

Alright so I love you all soooo much!!!  I keep making myself homesick
because I think about everyone getting older and doing cool stuff with
your lives.  Ha ha it is really weird to think that life actually goes
on without me there.  Apperently everyone is getting married, already
married, with child or with infant.....ha ha oh well I guess that is
the way life goes.

So this week was really great with Sister MArciano here in Catú.  She
is getting to know the area and all the people.  I am really excited
to have her her and I know that she will be able to close quite a few
baptisms here in Cat[u with me.  We are going to have all sorts of
success.  She is a really really great missionary.  She is from
Riberão Preto, I think that this was Aaron`s mission but I don`t
remember for sure.  Anyways, she is super fun.  We get along great and
I am getting Way better at Portuguese.  With Sister Turner I ended up
digressing a little bit because we always ended up speaking in
English.  But now I am back to the routine of always speaking
Portuguese and I love it.

We have a ton of people that we are teaching and I am sooo excited.  I
don`t know when we are going to have a baptism but it should be

My mom wanted to hear my testimony about the book of mormon.  I also
talked about it on the 7th and 14 of February but here goes.  With
stories included!

So President Hart has made a goal with each of us to read the Book of
Mormon everyday.  Starting on the mission and continuing for the rest
of our lives.  I didn`t really see what the big deal was until I
really started studying this wonderful book.  I love it.  It is a
beautiful story.  Like the prophet Joseph Smith said, this book can
bring us closer to god than ANY other book.  I love reading it.  My
Livro de Mórmon is painted all different colors because I can`t just
read it with out marking every other verse.  I have a notebook full of
notes and quotes and all sorts of things that I love about the Book of
Mormon.  The book os great.  And now I shall share why.  I have known
my whole life that the Book of Mormon is true.  I didn´t even know
that you were supposed to read pray and ask to know if it was true
until I got on my mission.  I´m serious, I didn`t have any idea that
you should or could do that.  I just thought you were supposed to go
to primary and learn aboaut it in songs and coloring pictures...just
kidding but seriously, I am kind of a dummy and had never read the
introduction; I had always started in 1 Nephi.  SO, in the MTC I asked
to know if the book was true.  And you know what.... no angels came
down,  I didn´t dream anything.  I just knew.  ha ha I have always
known.    Every day that I read the book of mormon I feel closer to my
heavenly father.  Now when I read the book it is a different feeling.
I know that the words are true.  The Book of Mormon was writen for us
in our day.  I can feel the love that Heavenly Father has for me.
When I read the book of mormon I have more desire to pray and I have
more desire to do the right thing.  I have more desire to be worthy of
the blessings promised to the righteous.  I understand the Plan of
redemptino SOOOO much better because I have read the Book of Mormon.
So we were teaching a man who had been a smoker most of his
life....we`re talking from age 13 to now in his mid 30´s and it was
like a pack or two a day.  We gave him a book of Mormon and told him
that if he felt the need to smoke a cigaret he could read a little of
the Book of Mormon and then he wouldn`t want to smoke anymore.  He
laughed in our faces.  "sister I have been trying for 10 years to quit
smoking and you think reading a book will help me?"  we promissed him
blessings and explained the Love that God has for him and the
expectations he has as well.  He said he would try and we left a
little doubtful but with hope in our hearts.  Well he took it
seriously.  He really did Try.  the first couple days it was rough but
when we went back a few days later he said, "sister I haven`t smoked
in 2 days."  he was reading the book of Mormon.  He didn`t have
cravings when he was reading.  He only wanted to do the right things.
This book is more than just words on paper.  It is the word of God
which was written FOR us!!!

This little blue book can change lives.  Joseph Smith gave his life
for this book and it was not in vain.  Because of this registry we
have the whole truth.  I know my Father in Heaven loves me I know
that Jesus Christ lives and he is my savior.  I know that Joseph Smith
was a prophet because a false prophet can`t have a true book of
scripture.  and I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints is the Church of God here on earth and it is the ONLY true
church on the face of the planet.

So I challenge each and everyone of you to make a goal.  If you have
time to brush your teeth, if you have time to watch the news, if you
have time to call a friend, if you have time to go to the store...You
have time to read the Book fo Mormon.  All you need is at least 5
minutes everyday.  It isn`t enough but it is a start.  I promise you
that you will want more and more as you read with an open heart.  I
love you all sooo much and I thank you for your prayers.  I hope all
is well and will see you all in about 6 months!

I love you all I hope you have an awesome week!!!!  Be awesome always
and don`t forget that you are a Child of God.  Never regret!!!


Sister Ottley!!