Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Esta semana foi bom D+.  A gente não teve batismo de novo mas estamos
animadas pelas tres que famos ter esta semana.  Eu não sei o que
estava acontecendo todos nossos batismos caindo.....muito triste MAS
tenho fé que tudo vai dar certo essa semana.  Ora pra nos!!!

Como esta todo mundo?  espero que estejam bem, tenho saudades de todos
vocês.  As veses Só quero fugir da missão e ir pra praia.  Quem quer
ir comigo?!?!?!?!  Vai ser bom de mais!!  VAMOS!!!  Eu preciso tirar
as marcas da missão antes de embora mesmo e presidente vai me mandar
logo se não esteja trabalhando então.....VAMOS!!!

Logico que estou brincando mas quero planejar um viagem depois da
missão enquanto eu posso encontrar com todos vocês e ´so fubecar!!!

Fiquem firmes!!

Eu Amo Vocês!!!


SO, this week was a little dissapointing because yet another baptism
fell through BUT we have 3 baptisms this week!!!!  I am sooo excited!
tehy are all three young girls and SOOO excited!  I can´t wait to see
them all in white, it is going to be awesome.  I learned a great
lesson from my companion durring this fiasco of baptism fails.  I got
super stressed out and was really upset when we got the phone call
saying that our baptism wasn`t going to happen.  It was the mother of
Sibele saying that she was too busy and could it wait one more week?
I was mad and when my companion told me to calm down I about had a was ugly.  Sister Tibúrcio told me it wasn`t the end of
the world....I blew up and said "no, no it`s not the end of the world
for me...I am already baptised!!!"  Yea I was a little stressed out.
But she taught me a lesson that I had already learned but needed to
remember; I did my part.  Sibele is ready for baptism.  She has the
Book of MOrmon and she knows it is true.  Heavenly Father is not going
to let anything stop her from being baptised, the fact that it is her
mother getting in the way just means that her mom will not only have
to pay for her own sins but for those of Sibele as well.  I hate to
admit it but everyone has free agency and I have to respect that gift.
 Darn it all I can`t just shove people into the baptismal font....that
would be wrong.

Anyways, Sibele and her cousin Erika and another young girl, Laura
will all be baptised this week.  It is going to be beautiful.  Pray
for me and for them!  I am loving Catú sooo much and at the same time
hating it.  Ha ha it is fun to be back and everyone says that I am a
completely different person now.  I don`t know if that is a good or a
bad thing.  I think that I am the same person I just talk a little
more now and I get what is going on.....maybe for that they think I
changed.  ha ha it is great.

So we had a family night in the house of a recent convert and we were
all reading the Book of Mormon together and I couldn`t help but
remember reading the Book of Mormon as a family when I was younger.
Those are the best momories....thanks mom and dad!  I want to
challenge all of you who don`t read daily as a family to start.  Even
young children can participate.  ha ha Sister Tibúrcio and I would
wisper in the little one`s ears what they should say it is sooo
awesome.  they love to feel important and smart.  Even if they don`t
get what is going on they will have a small understanding and a good
habit when they are older.

I went to a wedding last week.  It was my second wedding on the
mission.  and I`ll tell you what, weddings are stupid.  The idea
behind them isn`t stupid but the whole procession is ridiculous.  All
the fluff and flowers and hair....oh my word the hair.  It is just too
much and it is for less than an hour?  I don`t get it.  Yea yea it
only happens once......its special and sacred....Its all
tradition.....blaa blaa..  KNow what I think?  I don`t think that
anybody knows the TRUE origin of all these traditions.  Anyways back
to the weddings.  BOTH of the brides were more than 2 hours
late.....TWO HOURS!!!!!   I think that I just have a deeper
understanding of time now that I am a missionary.  Ha ha my time is
sacred and so waiting for a bride to walk down the isle just doesn`t
have that much value for me when I could be doing something more

Anyways the moral of THAT story is that if I get married I am not
going to have a big ol festival....just give me some presents and lets
get it over with :) oh, and cake.....I like cake.  So, I hope you all
have an awesome week!!!  I love you all and can`t wait to share some
stories of baptism next week!  stay awesome!!!  XoXOXOxoxO
Never Regret!!!


Sister Ottley

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


P.S. everyone is very worried about christmas packages.  I know that it is way expensive to send stuff so don`t worry too much about it I will survive but I am in need of new garments ha ha yea walking all day in the hott sun is hard on cotton and then crappy washing machienes and drying them in the sun is pretty fun too....ha ha I am a 34 on the bottom and a 30 on top.  and guess what!!!???!?!?  I found peanut butter!!!  It is wicked expensive BUT it`s american!!!  I love it!!!  so don`t stress about the peanut butter.
I love you guys thanks for everything!!!


Sister Ottley


PPS totally forgot about this one:  I just want pictures (it`s been like 9 months.....)!!!!  all is super cool when you email them to me but I don`t have a way to print them off.  I have pictures of all my neices and nephews but I don`t have any of Meghan with Aaron.  Mom and Dad.  Adam.  Or Matt.  and so.......



Gente, como eu amo ser missionaria!!!  Realmente é bom de mais!!!  Se puder ficar aqui para sempre eu iria!!  Eu estou aprendendo de mais com a sister Tiburcio, ela é doida mas é por isso que eu amo ela.  Deus realmente esta tentando me ensinar algo em respeito de amor aqui em Catu.  as veses é dificil amar pessoas que nem quer amar si mesmos MAS estou aprendendo.

Eu estou também melhorando reconhecer o espirito.  temos muitas promessas que ele sempre estaria conosco mas eu me sinto sozinha as veses.  A missão é estranho por isso.  Mas Eu amo vocês de mais de mais de mais!!!  porfavor nunca deixar de lembrar quem somos.  TODOS nós temos a mesma oportunidade e potential de tornar deuses.  Nunca diminue seu valor como um filho de deus!!!


So this week I learned that I really do have the spirit.  I guess I always knew but sometimes you just don`t recognise him very well.  but he is there!!!  Heavenly Fater is trying to teach me this because I am always praying for the spirit to guide me and help me teach.  But I am figuring out that he has been guiding me my whole life.  ha ha anyways it is awesome.  We were sitting in a lesson and we descovered ALL the reasons out investigator wasn`t progressing.  It was the coolest thing ever.  We just started asking questions...on the mission they are knows as questions of the soul  we didn`t stop until he opened up.  It was beautiful and now we know how to help him.  It turns out it was all his wife`s fault.  she is inactive and he is afraid.  ANYWAYS we are working on them.

So you know how I am always saying that I don`t want to get married well shoot....I have just about changed my mind.  I am not trunky and I am not ready to just jump into a wedding dress the first guy I se.  But I am learning that I wouldn`t be happy alone for all eternity...even if I WERE an angel.  So maybe I will get married when I get home.  ha ha

SPEAKING of get home.  I discovered that ya`ll are fighting over who`s kids I am going to nanny when I get home.  yea, don`t think that you can fol me with this whole "oh I want YOU to live with ME!!"  I speak mom....that really means "I want you to live with MY KIDS"  ha ha but seriously I have no idea what I am going to do when I get home I need to go to school and get a degree in something.  I don`t know what and I don`t know if any school EVER will accept me with my crappy grades BUT I need to start applying I guess because I am coming home in August....yea...AUGUST can you believe it?  that is like practically right now!!!  So if someone could look into college applications for me that would be great!!  thanks.

Today we have a p-day at president`s house.  so basically we just went there and made a big mess.  ha ha it was fabulous!!!  we got to decorate the mission house for christmas.  Yea, don`t worry I totally got homesick and cried.  ha ha the mission has totally turned me into a big ol` baby.  ha ha THEN sister hart gave us a christmas gift of tissues and a little poem about how she is our mom and blaa blaa blaa I cried a little more longing for my mom.  Yep...22 years old and still wants her mom...that`s sister Ottley for you.  ha ha

Anyways I just want to leave you all with a few questions to make your mind blow because we have been having some deep doctrine discussions with some members and I love it!!!

Who is Grandfather God?

Why in Mat 5:48 only OGd is perfect and in 3 Nephi 12:48 God AND the son are perfect?

Is God vindictive?

Why does God allow so much hate and hurt in the world?

If God is love how can he hate?

I love the Gospel sooo much there is nothing in the world that can bring the peace and love that the truth can.  Jesus Christ is the most simple yet complex idea EVER!!!  and we will NEVER understand it fully in this life but we have to try.  I love my heavenly Father, I know that I have the potential to be a goddess but I also know that it is not for free.  I have to do MY part.

I love all of you soooo much I am so very thankful for all the love and prayers that I have from all of you everyday.  Thankyou all sooo much!!!  Please remember to read and pray everyday.  Even if you think you don´t have time it is sooooo important to try and grow closer to our heavenly father each and every day searching and adquiring more knowledge.

Stay awesome and never regret!!!



Sister Ottley

President Hart made it snow in BRASIL!!!! SNOCONE!!!! BEST EVER

this is what happens after about 6 months in Brasil

my mission mom is THE CUTEST EVER!!!

thought mom would like this one

My beloved Pres dueting it up with the sistas

I think that Brazilian Food is making me more fatt......but I am LOVING IT!!!


delicious cake I made

só batiza!!

Missionary activity......don`t ask

ahhh, Brasil

can you find the naked baby?

Mais uma semana!!!

Oi Gente!!!  como vai?  Essa carta vai ser muito curto, disculpa.   Espero que todo mundo esteja bem!!!!  Eu amo vocês muito!!!  Esta semana eu recibi uma visita de meus amores de Camaçari!!!  Eu amo vocês!!!!  Foi o melhor dia!!!!!
FELIZ ANIVERSARIO FERNANDA!!!!!  Eu amo você!!!!  Se sabia a musica eu iria cantar para você....DIsculpa.
Hey family and Firiends!!!
How is everything with you all!!!  thanks for repenting and writting me this week I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! This week was slightly crazy and we are working SUPER hard and not haveing any results.  It is slightly depressing but I will get over it someday.  We had a baptism all setr for saturday and so we made this HUGE cake and invited everyone......yea, he decided to wait a little while....thanks....ha ha we just played some games and everyone ate cake.  It was awesome.
nothing tooooo exciting happened this week, sorry.  I promise I will write more next week.  But rest easy knowing that I am happy and healthy!!!!
Stay Awesome!!!
Never REGRET!!!
Sister Ottley

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Oi!  Tudo bem?  Esta semana foi muito bom.  Eu estou conhecendo minha companeira and amando ela DE MAIS!!!  Se vocês conhecem ela vocês sabem q ela é um pouco louca.  mais Eu amo ela!!!  Essa semana ela encontrou um bebado na rua deitado esperando um carro passar por cima dele.....e além de deixar ele lá, A sister Tibúrcio decidiu a ajudar o louco!!!!  ha ha a gente tinha que subir o montanha mais alto em Catú para achar a casa dese homem....Minha companiera É amor gente ela é boa de MAIS!!!
Eu espero q vocês estão bem.  Eu estou feliz e muito bem.  Eu amo vocês!!!
Hey family!!!  How the heck are you guys!!??!!?!?  No one love me anymore?  KIDDING  I know you guys love me and if your life is anything like mine it is RUGH to find time to do anything!!!!  Here in Catú we have a teaching pool that is overflowing....litteraly.  We have ZERO time to visit our people and we will randomly find pesquisadores in the street and they always say "hey, you said you would go to my house.  You never showed up!"  yea, our life is a little overloaded right now.  But it is sooooo good to FINALLY have some people to teach and some interesting stuff going on in my mission!!!
So I got here on wednesday or tuesday I don´t even remeber...I´m pretty sure it was tuesday.  ANYWAYS, We were dragging my adorable zebra print luggage to our house and guess broke....both of them....ha ha the wheels are all torted and the handles are not exactly in the best condition......the life of a missionary.
I met Simone this week.  She is a Crazy old lady and I love her to death.  She is nuts.  She has a potty mouth.  She lives with a grandson.  I love her. We are going to try and baptise her this week so PLEASE pray for her.  THANKS!!!
Diego and Diogo....twins....Just kill me now becasue they are identical and their names are SUPER similar.  What kind of parents do that to their children?!?!?!  anyways they are super awesome.  We are going to try and baptise them next week.  But I just want you all to do me a favor and if you have twins just give them individual names!!!  It will hepl them in the future!!!  ha ha
My companion, Sister Tibúrcio is amazing.  She is EXACTLY what I needed in a companion.  I was having a real rough time these last 2 transfers I don`t know if any of you preceived BUT now I am extremely happy and I am learning all sorts of things form her.  She is a beautiful example of love and compassion for me.  This week we were on our way to Diego and diogo´s house when we ran into a man lying in the street.  Obviously drunk and there were plenty of neighbors watching and all that good stuff.  I didn`t want to leave him in the street but I didn`t know exactly how to help him either.  Without even thinking my companion went over to him and said "Oh my friend, let`s get out of the street alright?"  The member that was with us helped her get him up and carry him to a park bench.  Right at that moment the cell phone rang, it was our bishop.  My companion answered and left our member (thiago) and I to care for the drunkard.  I started talking to him because he was yelling and crying and mumbling a pile of things that I was not understanding......Then Thiago explained to me that he wanted to be Internado ( understood enterrado (burried....dead)  I couldn`t help myself I told him we couldn`t burry him because I had left my tools at home.  ha ha noone thought it was funny......except me.  So when Sister Tibúrcio got off the phone she noticed that this drunk guy was still there and practically sitting on Thiago`s lap.  ha ha it was quite comical the face she made.  she told him we could help him get to his house and we got him up.....yea to bad his house is on the top of the tallest mountain IN THE WORLD!!!!!  Anyways, we dragged this guy up a bunch of stairs and muddy hillsides and got him to his house.  As we were trying to force him into the house so we could leave he was dragging me into the house at the same time.  ha ha, I was not super excited to enter his home but did anyways.  ha ha when I tried to leave he told my companion that he liked me and Tibúrcio was like "yea, she is pretty huh?" he got offended....apperently he is quite infatuated with his own wife and did not think I was pretty at was my voice....ha ha he liked my terrible amercan accent.  anyways we finally escaped with a bunch of promisses to return and all those lovely lies.
Here in Catú I am told that there is real milk....I still have not tried any but my companion and I bought some I am kinda excited because it has been about 6 months since I have had milk.  I don`t like milk but is kind of one of those essential things of life.  ha ha I am not going to lie I am almost posssitive i`m going to hate it but I am willing to try anything.  Tibúrcio says I have to boil the milk before drinking`s in a bottle in the fridge.....I am afraid to touch it so I am waiting for her to do something with it.
There is one thing the I am going to miss alot about this city when I get, it won`t be the cows in the street eatting trash.....or the 2 flights of stairs I have to climb to go to bed.  BUT the coconut water.  oh my word it is sooo good.  We have a recent convert who ALWAYS gives us free coconuts and my comp knows how to open them and we drink the water.
ANyways I am doing really well I am happy heathy and full of energy.  I don`t remember what it feels like to sleep in or eat a real breakfast or even take a hot bath BUT I wouldn`t trade my mission for ANYTHING!!!!  I love you all!!!  Sorry I don`t have a spiritual message this week I promise something profound for nest week (probably from the new relief society book, which is AMAZING BTW)  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
Sister Ottley