Saturday, January 29, 2011

MTC = AWESOME....Cause Mer is there!

Hey world!
Here is her first email! Read and write her!

I arrived at the MTC safely on Wednesday at noon-ish. They showed me around and took me to my room to drop my stuff off.....awesome I had ZERO idea how to get back to my room after they took me to my classroom. ha ha my companions and I have fun being lost around the MTC. Anyways I LOVE my companions, Sister Davis and Sister Turner. We've had an amazing half a week. Class has been SUPER awesome!!!!! Portuguese is pretty hard but I'm working as hard as I can. Yesterday my teacher Sister Dickson was trying to explain something to us and all I could hear from her was the Spanish word for fish (pesca) and so I just started firing off ideas like in catch phrase.....Fishing!!! Fishers of men!!!! ha ha etc etc and so she drew a picture of a fisher man catching a fish....she drew a box around the fish and continued to say the word and point at it.....TRAPPED FISH!!!! ha ha ha ha ha oh golly, no...the word "pesquisador' means investigator. Get it? oh it was hilarious!!!! I love it!!! Anyways I am really disapointed in all of you, of ALL people the ONLY person who emailed me their address was RHOAN!!! oh my GOODNESS!!!!! I NEED ADDRESSES!!!! my email is: you can also use my box # is 255 and my departure date is 03-29.
anyways I LOVE you all!!!
Sister Ottley

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