Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Esta semana foi bom D+.  A gente não teve batismo de novo mas estamos
animadas pelas tres que famos ter esta semana.  Eu não sei o que
estava acontecendo todos nossos batismos caindo.....muito triste MAS
tenho fé que tudo vai dar certo essa semana.  Ora pra nos!!!

Como esta todo mundo?  espero que estejam bem, tenho saudades de todos
vocês.  As veses Só quero fugir da missão e ir pra praia.  Quem quer
ir comigo?!?!?!?!  Vai ser bom de mais!!  VAMOS!!!  Eu preciso tirar
as marcas da missão antes de embora mesmo e presidente vai me mandar
logo se não esteja trabalhando então.....VAMOS!!!

Logico que estou brincando mas quero planejar um viagem depois da
missão enquanto eu posso encontrar com todos vocês e ´so fubecar!!!

Fiquem firmes!!

Eu Amo Vocês!!!


SO, this week was a little dissapointing because yet another baptism
fell through BUT we have 3 baptisms this week!!!!  I am sooo excited!
tehy are all three young girls and SOOO excited!  I can´t wait to see
them all in white, it is going to be awesome.  I learned a great
lesson from my companion durring this fiasco of baptism fails.  I got
super stressed out and was really upset when we got the phone call
saying that our baptism wasn`t going to happen.  It was the mother of
Sibele saying that she was too busy and could it wait one more week?
I was mad and when my companion told me to calm down I about had a was ugly.  Sister Tibúrcio told me it wasn`t the end of
the world....I blew up and said "no, no it`s not the end of the world
for me...I am already baptised!!!"  Yea I was a little stressed out.
But she taught me a lesson that I had already learned but needed to
remember; I did my part.  Sibele is ready for baptism.  She has the
Book of MOrmon and she knows it is true.  Heavenly Father is not going
to let anything stop her from being baptised, the fact that it is her
mother getting in the way just means that her mom will not only have
to pay for her own sins but for those of Sibele as well.  I hate to
admit it but everyone has free agency and I have to respect that gift.
 Darn it all I can`t just shove people into the baptismal font....that
would be wrong.

Anyways, Sibele and her cousin Erika and another young girl, Laura
will all be baptised this week.  It is going to be beautiful.  Pray
for me and for them!  I am loving Catú sooo much and at the same time
hating it.  Ha ha it is fun to be back and everyone says that I am a
completely different person now.  I don`t know if that is a good or a
bad thing.  I think that I am the same person I just talk a little
more now and I get what is going on.....maybe for that they think I
changed.  ha ha it is great.

So we had a family night in the house of a recent convert and we were
all reading the Book of Mormon together and I couldn`t help but
remember reading the Book of Mormon as a family when I was younger.
Those are the best momories....thanks mom and dad!  I want to
challenge all of you who don`t read daily as a family to start.  Even
young children can participate.  ha ha Sister Tibúrcio and I would
wisper in the little one`s ears what they should say it is sooo
awesome.  they love to feel important and smart.  Even if they don`t
get what is going on they will have a small understanding and a good
habit when they are older.

I went to a wedding last week.  It was my second wedding on the
mission.  and I`ll tell you what, weddings are stupid.  The idea
behind them isn`t stupid but the whole procession is ridiculous.  All
the fluff and flowers and hair....oh my word the hair.  It is just too
much and it is for less than an hour?  I don`t get it.  Yea yea it
only happens once......its special and sacred....Its all
tradition.....blaa blaa..  KNow what I think?  I don`t think that
anybody knows the TRUE origin of all these traditions.  Anyways back
to the weddings.  BOTH of the brides were more than 2 hours
late.....TWO HOURS!!!!!   I think that I just have a deeper
understanding of time now that I am a missionary.  Ha ha my time is
sacred and so waiting for a bride to walk down the isle just doesn`t
have that much value for me when I could be doing something more

Anyways the moral of THAT story is that if I get married I am not
going to have a big ol festival....just give me some presents and lets
get it over with :) oh, and cake.....I like cake.  So, I hope you all
have an awesome week!!!  I love you all and can`t wait to share some
stories of baptism next week!  stay awesome!!!  XoXOXOxoxO
Never Regret!!!


Sister Ottley

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