Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Oi!  Tudo bem?  Esta semana foi muito bom.  Eu estou conhecendo minha companeira and amando ela DE MAIS!!!  Se vocês conhecem ela vocês sabem q ela é um pouco louca.  mais Eu amo ela!!!  Essa semana ela encontrou um bebado na rua deitado esperando um carro passar por cima dele.....e além de deixar ele lá, A sister Tibúrcio decidiu a ajudar o louco!!!!  ha ha a gente tinha que subir o montanha mais alto em Catú para achar a casa dese homem....Minha companiera É amor gente ela é boa de MAIS!!!
Eu espero q vocês estão bem.  Eu estou feliz e muito bem.  Eu amo vocês!!!
Hey family!!!  How the heck are you guys!!??!!?!?  No one love me anymore?  KIDDING  I know you guys love me and if your life is anything like mine it is RUGH to find time to do anything!!!!  Here in Catú we have a teaching pool that is overflowing....litteraly.  We have ZERO time to visit our people and we will randomly find pesquisadores in the street and they always say "hey, you said you would go to my house.  You never showed up!"  yea, our life is a little overloaded right now.  But it is sooooo good to FINALLY have some people to teach and some interesting stuff going on in my mission!!!
So I got here on wednesday or tuesday I don´t even remeber...I´m pretty sure it was tuesday.  ANYWAYS, We were dragging my luggage....my adorable zebra print luggage to our house and guess what....it broke....both of them....ha ha the wheels are all torted and the handles are not exactly in the best condition......the life of a missionary.
I met Simone this week.  She is a Crazy old lady and I love her to death.  She is nuts.  She has a potty mouth.  She lives with a grandson.  I love her. We are going to try and baptise her this week so PLEASE pray for her.  THANKS!!!
Diego and Diogo....twins....Just kill me now becasue they are identical and their names are SUPER similar.  What kind of parents do that to their children?!?!?!  anyways they are super awesome.  We are going to try and baptise them next week.  But I just want you all to do me a favor and if you have twins just give them individual names!!!  It will hepl them in the future!!!  ha ha
My companion, Sister Tibúrcio is amazing.  She is EXACTLY what I needed in a companion.  I was having a real rough time these last 2 transfers I don`t know if any of you preceived BUT now I am extremely happy and I am learning all sorts of things form her.  She is a beautiful example of love and compassion for me.  This week we were on our way to Diego and diogo´s house when we ran into a man lying in the street.  Obviously drunk and there were plenty of neighbors watching and all that good stuff.  I didn`t want to leave him in the street but I didn`t know exactly how to help him either.  Without even thinking my companion went over to him and said "Oh my friend, let`s get out of the street alright?"  The member that was with us helped her get him up and carry him to a park bench.  Right at that moment the cell phone rang, it was our bishop.  My companion answered and left our member (thiago) and I to care for the drunkard.  I started talking to him because he was yelling and crying and mumbling a pile of things that I was not understanding......Then Thiago explained to me that he wanted to be Internado (admitted...rehab)....I understood enterrado (burried....dead)  I couldn`t help myself I told him we couldn`t burry him because I had left my tools at home.  ha ha noone thought it was funny......except me.  So when Sister Tibúrcio got off the phone she noticed that this drunk guy was still there and practically sitting on Thiago`s lap.  ha ha it was quite comical the face she made.  she told him we could help him get to his house and we got him up.....yea to bad his house is on the top of the tallest mountain IN THE WORLD!!!!!  Anyways, we dragged this guy up a bunch of stairs and muddy hillsides and got him to his house.  As we were trying to force him into the house so we could leave he was dragging me into the house at the same time.  ha ha, I was not super excited to enter his home but did anyways.  ha ha when I tried to leave he told my companion that he liked me and Tibúrcio was like "yea, she is pretty huh?" he got offended....apperently he is quite infatuated with his own wife and did not think I was pretty at all.....it was my voice....ha ha he liked my terrible amercan accent.  anyways we finally escaped with a bunch of promisses to return and all those lovely lies.
Here in Catú I am told that there is real milk....I still have not tried any but my companion and I bought some I am kinda excited because it has been about 6 months since I have had milk.  I don`t like milk but still.....it is kind of one of those essential things of life.  ha ha I am not going to lie I am almost posssitive i`m going to hate it but I am willing to try anything.  Tibúrcio says I have to boil the milk before drinking it....it`s in a bottle in the fridge.....I am afraid to touch it so I am waiting for her to do something with it.
There is one thing the I am going to miss alot about this city when I get transferred.....no, it won`t be the cows in the street eatting trash.....or the 2 flights of stairs I have to climb to go to bed.  BUT the coconut water.  oh my word it is sooo good.  We have a recent convert who ALWAYS gives us free coconuts and my comp knows how to open them and we drink the water.
ANyways I am doing really well I am happy heathy and full of energy.  I don`t remember what it feels like to sleep in or eat a real breakfast or even take a hot bath BUT I wouldn`t trade my mission for ANYTHING!!!!  I love you all!!!  Sorry I don`t have a spiritual message this week I promise something profound for nest week (probably from the new relief society book, which is AMAZING BTW)  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
Sister Ottley

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