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Gente, como eu amo ser missionaria!!!  Realmente é bom de mais!!!  Se puder ficar aqui para sempre eu iria!!  Eu estou aprendendo de mais com a sister Tiburcio, ela é doida mas é por isso que eu amo ela.  Deus realmente esta tentando me ensinar algo em respeito de amor aqui em Catu.  as veses é dificil amar pessoas que nem quer amar si mesmos MAS estou aprendendo.

Eu estou também melhorando reconhecer o espirito.  temos muitas promessas que ele sempre estaria conosco mas eu me sinto sozinha as veses.  A missão é estranho por isso.  Mas Eu amo vocês de mais de mais de mais!!!  porfavor nunca deixar de lembrar quem somos.  TODOS nós temos a mesma oportunidade e potential de tornar deuses.  Nunca diminue seu valor como um filho de deus!!!


So this week I learned that I really do have the spirit.  I guess I always knew but sometimes you just don`t recognise him very well.  but he is there!!!  Heavenly Fater is trying to teach me this because I am always praying for the spirit to guide me and help me teach.  But I am figuring out that he has been guiding me my whole life.  ha ha anyways it is awesome.  We were sitting in a lesson and we descovered ALL the reasons out investigator wasn`t progressing.  It was the coolest thing ever.  We just started asking questions...on the mission they are knows as questions of the soul  we didn`t stop until he opened up.  It was beautiful and now we know how to help him.  It turns out it was all his wife`s fault.  she is inactive and he is afraid.  ANYWAYS we are working on them.

So you know how I am always saying that I don`t want to get married well shoot....I have just about changed my mind.  I am not trunky and I am not ready to just jump into a wedding dress the first guy I se.  But I am learning that I wouldn`t be happy alone for all eternity...even if I WERE an angel.  So maybe I will get married when I get home.  ha ha

SPEAKING of get home.  I discovered that ya`ll are fighting over who`s kids I am going to nanny when I get home.  yea, don`t think that you can fol me with this whole "oh I want YOU to live with ME!!"  I speak mom....that really means "I want you to live with MY KIDS"  ha ha but seriously I have no idea what I am going to do when I get home I need to go to school and get a degree in something.  I don`t know what and I don`t know if any school EVER will accept me with my crappy grades BUT I need to start applying I guess because I am coming home in August....yea...AUGUST can you believe it?  that is like practically right now!!!  So if someone could look into college applications for me that would be great!!  thanks.

Today we have a p-day at president`s house.  so basically we just went there and made a big mess.  ha ha it was fabulous!!!  we got to decorate the mission house for christmas.  Yea, don`t worry I totally got homesick and cried.  ha ha the mission has totally turned me into a big ol` baby.  ha ha THEN sister hart gave us a christmas gift of tissues and a little poem about how she is our mom and blaa blaa blaa I cried a little more longing for my mom.  Yep...22 years old and still wants her mom...that`s sister Ottley for you.  ha ha

Anyways I just want to leave you all with a few questions to make your mind blow because we have been having some deep doctrine discussions with some members and I love it!!!

Who is Grandfather God?

Why in Mat 5:48 only OGd is perfect and in 3 Nephi 12:48 God AND the son are perfect?

Is God vindictive?

Why does God allow so much hate and hurt in the world?

If God is love how can he hate?

I love the Gospel sooo much there is nothing in the world that can bring the peace and love that the truth can.  Jesus Christ is the most simple yet complex idea EVER!!!  and we will NEVER understand it fully in this life but we have to try.  I love my heavenly Father, I know that I have the potential to be a goddess but I also know that it is not for free.  I have to do MY part.

I love all of you soooo much I am so very thankful for all the love and prayers that I have from all of you everyday.  Thankyou all sooo much!!!  Please remember to read and pray everyday.  Even if you think you don´t have time it is sooooo important to try and grow closer to our heavenly father each and every day searching and adquiring more knowledge.

Stay awesome and never regret!!!



Sister Ottley

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