Friday, January 20, 2012

AHHH why is an hour sooo short?

OI!!!  Percebi que faz muito tempot que não escrevo em Português mas vou ser curto porque so tenho 15 minutos.  Amo vocês!!!  Esta domingo eu discursei e fiz um desafio por todo mundo Quero fazer para vocês tambem.  Se conheca alguem afastado ou menos ativo ou inativo na igreja liga para eles or faça uma visita lá esta semana.  Ver se você nâo puder mudar una vida.  BOA SORTE!!!  Amo vocês D+!!!!

Sister Ottley

Hey family sorry I suck and this is going ot be way way short I had a bunch of stuff to look up and email for people and it ate up quite a bit of my time.  I love you all sooo much.  Etch-a-sketch I am WAY sorry you are like super sick.  I am praying for you tons and tons and I am also praying that this little pipsqueek decides to come like a week and a half late so if I come home on the 14 of August I can meet it.  ha ha sorry but my prayers are pretty faithful.....just sayin.

I mis syou all sooo much but I really don´t know how easy it is going to be to come home.  They say that home is where the heart is well a HUGE portion of my heart is here in Brasil.  Espescially here in Catú.  There is a little girl like 18 months old and we teach her dad.  Everytime we come to the dooor you can hear her in the background "sita...sita..."  she is adorable and now bows her head and says amen like 50 times durring the prayer when before she had no idea what a prayer was.

I love these people sooo much I can`t stand to think that someday I will have to leave I am counting my lucky stars and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday that I still have so much time here.  I really do feel lucky for all the things and experiences that I am learning from here on the mission.

I gave a talk on sunday and I wanted to make the same challenge for all of you that i made in the ward.  I recapped the parable of the prodigal son and explained the doctrine.  Then I asked for a show of hand of all the people who know someone who is a member but that person is not going to church.  Do YOU know anyone who is inactive?  THink about that person.  When was the last time YOU personnally went to that persons house?  Or called them up if they live far away?  when was the last time YOU invited them to church?  when was the last time YOU beared your testimony to them?  I want each of you to think about that person and in an attitude of prayer.  Give them a call.  I promise you that the holy Ghost will guide you and help you know what to say.  It is my experience that as a ward member/friend/family member it is 100 times easier for you to reactivate someone then it is for a missionary who has zero relationship ties with someone.  It is the same way with non-members and conversion.  BUT seriously call them.. and the key to reactivation is DON`T give up!!!!  Keep inviting and keep trying to serve them.

anyways, I love you alll soooo much Keep reading the book of mormon.  It is the best and truest book on the planet.  Keep going to church because you can`t take the sacrament at home and EVERYONE needs to take the sacrament.  Keep praying because even those with arthritic knees need they´re daddy everyonce in a while.  GO to the temple because there are people that NEED you to give them the opportunity of Eternal Life, who are you to deny them?

Stay awesome!!!!  Never regret!!! XOXOXOXOXO

SIster Ottley

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