Friday, January 20, 2012

This house is like an oven

Hey Everybody!!!

I only have 25 minutes to write this email because I was trying to send pictures at the same time.  I gotta figure out a better way to do that.  It takes like a lifetime; I think it is because I choose the camera with the worlds most highest definition.  OH well.

Anyways this week was pretty awesome.  We laughed a ton, we worked loads, and then just were awesome.  ha ha we had the sedding of lourdes and hamilton...don`t know if I have already told you about them.  They are the parents of my first baptism when I was here in Catú the first time.  and we helped them get married this weekend.  They are the bestest.  I love it!!!  we are going to baptise them hopefully next week.  They are going out of town this week so we have to wait unfortunately.

Had interviews with president Hart this week.  He is the coolest guy ever!!!  I went in and he was like well before you even ask, yes, yes you and Sister Turner can stay together another transfer.  I about peed.  Apparently he can read minds.....he is a swift one that President Hart.  Ha ha Sister Turner and I have been sending emails just about every week talking about how much we love eachother and our area and how we want to stay together another transfer.  Ha ha it was real real funny.  he is the greatest. anyways transfers are in a week but now we don`t even have to worry about it.

So it sounds like it hasn`t been a real cold winter there huh?  well it hasn`t been all that cold here either.  I remember before the mission I was all excited because Google told me that it was an average of around 75 degrees here all year round.....LIES!!!!  Never  trustin that lying cheating peice o´ junk Google again!!!  ha ha it is like your walking around on a frying pan all day and you can hear your skin sizzling.  Awesome.  You are looking around with a desperate look on your face just wanting to go into ANYONE´S house you are sooooo hott.  and your knocking doors or trying to find investigators at home.  and then someone gratiously lets you in and you sit down and you realise it is a trick...... It is even hotter INSIDE!!!  It is like you just walked into an OVEN!!!  they are slow baking you to feed you to the dogs in the street a little later.  It was  actually cooler in the street with the slight breese.  But now you are sitting in this slow cooker where the air doesn`t move.  and you are trying to breath the air but it won`t flow into your lungs because your body is trying to reject the million degree thick stuff that is flowing around you....I can`t really call it air because it is like trying to breath hott water.  Oh My Word!!!  is all you can think and you are trying soooo hard to think in Portuguese but all you can do is drink the boiling hott water that you have in your backpack.  and you just stare at these poor people with sweat literally dripping off your face and they look at you like.....weirdo, why the heck are you walking around out there?  ha ha but then you share the gospel with them and you feel the spirit and all I can say is "like a fire is burning" has now become a literal term for me :) but it makes all of the heat and the bug bites and the exhaustion worth it.

Anyways so that is what the weather is like here in Bahia.  Basically just hot.  ha ha but I think after a couple months it will get better.  and I am counting my lucky stars because I will go home from the bahian winter into the us summer and so I won`t really have to get used to the cold right at first because I have basically morphed into this weird being who feel a little chilly in the mornings before the sun comes up....rediculous I know.  But hey, we are dealing with some pretty hott weather here.

I am sorry I feel like all I ever do is complain about the heat.  I am actually doing really really well.  I love my mission.  I love bahia.  I don`t even care if they are known as the most lazy people.  I love them.  I love the heat just as much as I hate it.  it makes me sooo happy to be on a mission.  I don`t know why I waited as long as I did after turning 21 to come out here.  This has to be the best thing EVER!!!

I am sooo glad to hear all about you guys and that you are all doing sooo well.  I am sorry about the colds that are going around I hope you all are feeling better soon.  I love to hear about you guys and all your adventures just as much as you guys like to hear about my silly stories I am sure.  Ha ha I EVEN like to get the updates of the cats at home mom.....can you believe it?

I have not gotten any more packages since Amber`s sorry, maybe something happened at the post office.  Don`t know.  I will try and see if I can`t get ahold of someone at the office to send them at transfers with my ZL´s.  we shall see.

So sorry, but nothing super exciting happened this week.  we ended up running around like chickens with no heads for the wedding and trying to get everything done in time for them and didn`t have the chance to teach a whole lot but it was still a really good week.

I love you all soooo much I can`t wait to hear from you all next week!!!  HOpe you have an awesome week!!!  Stay awesome!!!  XOXOXOXOXOX

Sister Ottley

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