Friday, January 20, 2012

Então estou sem tempo de novo...

Oi família vai disculpando porque estou sem tempo de novo.  Eu não dei parece  que uma hora não da quando você tem que pedir reembolso e ler um milhare de e-mails. Mas Eu amo vocês felis ano novo e natal!!!!
ADAM!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!  send me an email all about rachel because I seriously have NO idea what she is like......what´s her favorite color...what color is her toothbrush....does she like to take long walks on the beach....etc.
Hey this is gonna be way short.  I just want everyone to know that I love you soooo much.  To answer a few questions:  I have not received anymore packages but I will see president thurday and so I think I will get them on thursday. THANK YOU to everyone who sent packages I really do love it!!!  ya´ll are the best.  As far as brasileans know there only exists the pure sugar kind of maple syrup and so they don`t need or even want the real vermont stuff.  I LOVED my chocolate orange and so did my companion.  I felt like I was for reals at home.  I even shared the christmas orange story with Sister Turner that mom told us one year.....I don`t know if I remembered everything right but it was fun.
So I am super well.  I am sunburned which I think is ironic concidering that all of you were SOOO white on skype.  ha ha I loved to see you all though it was super fun!!!  I was complaining a little about how I didn`t have snow for Christams but it sounds like none of you did either.  Maybe next year.  As far as hair school goes I will probably end up going in the least expensive place that will still give me time to have a part time job on the side.  So seriously you guys can fight all you want but I am not going to have time to watch your kids as much as you would like ha ha as much as I seriously would love to.  ha ha but thanks for all your help and love I really do appreciate that you all want to help me.
This week was really cool but we did not baptise.  Some random guy came to fix the flood in our house....yea I´ll tell you about that one next week.  BUT anyways he told us that you weren`t a good missionary if you dont baptise at least 50 people on your mission.....UMMM....until today I haven`t baptised any...I asked him to give me the Priesthood, he didn`t laugh.....apparently it`s not funny to joke about the gospel.  But anyways he kind of putr me into a depression mode thinking that I was worthless. I didn`t like him that much.  But then I remembered who sets the standards.....HEAVENLY FATHER!!!  and he said that Even ONE soul is worth GREAT joy.  So this kid can just be quiet.  ha ha.
I love you all I am super healthy and happy.  I miss you but I am doing sooo good.  Hugs and kisses for EVERYONE!!!!  I love you!!!  Stay awesome!!!  Never Regret!!!
Sister Ottley

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