Monday, July 16, 2012

The Mute

Okay this week was super interesting.  I drove a car yesterday.......sortof.  Ha ha yesterday (Sunday) we were headed to church in Jacuipe (the district) and Marci (member) called me out an said I need you to drive and as I started to explain that no, on the mission I can't drive he said, the battery is dead ( I am going to push the car and you are going to steer it......BAH HA HA Hah ha I drove a dead car.....It was fun.  I like driving, a lot.
I am soooo grateful to be a misisonary I feel like I recieve blessings and miracles all day everyday I can't even keep up with the prayers of's getting out of controle.  ha ha yesterday we went to our branch normal in Sao Sebastiao do Passe and then we were waiting and calling all of our investigators and no one showed up just 2 eternal investigators that have no intent to get married.  oh well.  So we had all our hopes up to have all sorts of people at church in Jacuipe.  we went and tried to pick a few people up to go to church, no one went.  ha ha all the people we went to go pick up were like "oh yea we'll be there!!" LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is okay because we had a fantastic member there who stood outside and acted as usher, ha ha he basically begged people to come in to hear a message about Jesus Christ.......we ended up with 8 people at church.  I LOVE MY LIFE!!! 
Cool story:  we went to contact a referral from a youth and she was FINALLY in her house.  She let us in and when we started talking to her she was like oh yea I read the boook of mormon and we were like oh, you read the chapter the missionaries marked for you and she was like no, i read the one to 620?  yea I read the Book of Mormon and I have questions too but I lent the book to a friend and she hasn't given it back yet so I haven't had the chance to read it again......
I about peed.  I wanted to cry.  I was like we beg and implore people to read just a small part of the book of mormon and they tell us they don't have time and YOU without anyone telling you to you read the whole book.  Do you want to be baptised?  ha ha she was like I was baptised in the catholic church but I don't really agree with baptiseing small children and when I read that one part I really liked it in the book.
GUYS!!!  this is insane!!! This doesn't HAPPEN in Bahia!!!  ha ha I was sooooo happy but there is just one little problem, she works studies and has an extra course at night.  ha ha it stinks because she is like NEVER in home.  I do not like it.  If I am not there with my amazing companions satan and his friends can be there......GRRRRR  .v. super angry
ANYWAYS, we will be trying to baptise her this week.
So we are going to teach a deaf mute lady.  Get excited.  I am sooooo excited.  I have always hade a secret desire to learn sign language...did you know that it is not the same in Portuguese and english?  it isn't even the same in bahia and other states.  talk about confusing.  but her daughter speaks and hears so we are going to teach the two of them together.  I like it.
Well I just want to once again bear my testimony but s you all know I don't really have one in english so here you go....this is why google exists guys.
Sei que Jesus Cristo 'e nosso salvador e que ele morreu por cada um de n'os  minha fam'ilia 'e muito muito importante por mim.  Sabe porque?  porque ela 'e eterna!!!!  Eu amo o evangelho e sei que 'e verdadeiro!!!!  Joseph Smith foi um profeta chamado para restaurar sua igreja.
Sister Ottley
Nunca desista!!!!
be awesome!!!

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