Tuesday, July 3, 2012

If you could Hie to Jacuípe

Alright people so this week has been really interesting.  I am here in São Sebatião and just loving life.  It is an area that has been a branch for about 19 years.  This is kind of a big deal so if you could all just pray that it becomes a ward soon I would appreciate it.  We are working really hard and Sister Costa is amazing.  She is learning super fast and her missionary shoes fit her realy really well.  I love her as if she really were my filha.  

So last week or so we recieved a refrerral from a member who is pretty cool.  WE didn`t take it toooo seriously because it was a little strange like maybe this person had talked to missionaries before but maby not and she didn`t know the house number.  Tudo bem.  Well this week we were in the area and decided lets go do some contacts and try to find the house.  We did.  It was SUPER easy to find.  Know why?  Heavenly Father wanted us to find it.  They are this fantastic family of 6.  Yes, 6 people.  I love them already.  WE taught them about the book of mormon and they are trying to read it.  It isn`t very easy to read so they are having difficulties.  They are soooo great.  Ane, Cristiano, Nicole, Flavia, Joaquim, and Miguel.  I love them.  THey need to get married but I do believe that once they have a testimony that will not take too long.  PLease pray for them.

We had meetings in Jacuípe again...... no one went.  Ha ha Damiana who was progressing sooooo well needs to get married.  I am thinking about becomeing a professional wedding planner.  ha ha soooo fun!!!!

Life is soooo good I am super tired but super happy.  I am healthy and loving life.  Can`t wait to hear from you all.  have a great week!!!!

Love ya!!!!
Sister Ottley

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