Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have Killer Good Looks, a Killer Attitude and someday I will have a killer whale

I Finally got PACKAGES!!!!! thank you thankyou thankyou!!!!!! I love all of my new clothes and am OSOOOOO excited because it issoooo hot here and I am sick of sweating to death n my button up tops that i was SURE I was going to need. Yea by the way it is "winter" here......people complain about the cold.....As I sit there sweating....I get confused a little bit.
I felt like it was my birthday for real yesterday!!!! ha ha THank you soooo much!!!!! I got One form Mom AMber and Meghan!!!! thank you thank you thankyou!!!!! I LOVE getting mail!!! it makes me SUPER happy!!!!
SO heres the deal....Brasileans are NUTS!!!! for reals like straight up CRAZY. Yesterday was transfers, Sister turner and I were waiting for the bus to the conference and some random guy came up to us and asked if he could draw us.....why not? ha ha it turns out he is a member and wants to study art at BYU someday......yea I don´t know if that is going to happen.. ha ha I´ll try to send a picture of what he drew. ha ha ha ha ha haha ha I of course praised him and thanked him to the ends of the earth and as soon as I was far far away in the stake center I peed my pants laughing at he picture he drew. I about died. I have hung it in my new house next to a picture of that sacreligious? ha ha it makes me happy....
Speaking of new house....I got a new comp and a new area yesterday!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!! I am soooooo excited. SIster Macambira is "dying" this transfer. ha ha I am killing her and I am so excited because she really really wants to end her mission with lots of baptisms. This makes me happy because I really amready to finally do some real work.
Ha ha Sister Macambira has asthma and this makes me scared becuase she wakes up in the night trying to breath......great. Good thing I have a little experience with this right? ha ha we´ll see.
My new house=rats, more mosquitos, peeping toms and no mattress.
Don´t worry we are moving next week.
I am really really sad to leave people in Cama├žari but more than excited to have a companion who is ready to work and has goals!!!!! This is gonna be GREAT!!!!
So my new president is coming the 28th of June....HOly Moly, this is gonna be strange for a little minute. We will see who that goes, I think he is gonna do a really really good job. His wife doesn´t speak Portugues so I know I am gonna like her :)
So who know that as a missionary you automatically become a lisenced marriage councilor? ha ha We got a pohone call (still in CAma├žari) from a couple that we´ve been teaching about how they just had a giant fight and Ilza was looking for a new house. Great....what doyou want us to do? ha ha we did a little praying and headed over, we stayed for about an hour and a half talking about how they both needed to grow closer to our heavenly father in order that they could grow stronger as a family. we had to explain that since Ilza does not have a job and no way to support a family she cannot move out with her 2 sons just because Manoel is alittle annoying at times. We set some goals for them and I taught them to have family prayer every night. I am really really grateful that I have a family that will be together forever I don´t think I ever REALLY understood that concept. It is really really hard to watch these people ruin their lives because they don´t understand that marriage was meant to be an eternal concpt. I am SOOOO grateful for the truth. And I want to thank my mom and dad for teaching me from birth so that I don´t have to worry. THANKS GUYS!!! And seriously as annoyed as i acted as a young child family prayer really really is a giant blessing in my life and I hope everyone tries to establish family prayer/roommate prayer/couple prayer in their daily routine.
So this week I learned a little bit about our saviors sacrifice for us. The atonement really is an amazing complex idea that I don´t think I will EVER fully understand. Jesus Christ is amazing, there really is NO other way to have happiness other than through his sacrifice. Think about this, he was a perfect being, he had NEVER experienced sin. He didn´t know the feeling of guilt he´d never felt that pressure because He had never sinned. Then all at once her took upon himself ALL the sins, guilt, sadness, pain, fears, weaknesses, burdens, etc. of all mankind. He did this all at once, all alone. This caused him to bleed form every pore. WHoa. I really don´t think that as a human race we take full advantage of the sacrifice and suffering he made for us in Getsemani. There is NOTHING hat he hasn´t experinced. He can help us be happy but we HAVE to let him. we HAVE to turn to him and allow his atoneing sacrifice do it´s work. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alma 7:11-12. Anyways something President Toledo taught me was that in the Garden of Getcemani (i really don´t know how to speak english anymore) Satan tempted Jesus, and an interesting thing about this is what Jesus did for his Apostles. Jesus knew Satan was there and he went to his disciples because he wanted to protect them I had never thought of this before. Jesus was protecting his apostles....I just hope that someday, somehow I can understand this pure love and maybe develope the capacity to demonstrate even a fraction of it.
I love love love you all!!!!
SIster Ottley

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