Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my life as a missionary.....ish

Hello friends and family!!!!

I just want to tell you that my legs and face are doing MUCH much better. I don´t have time or patience to upload more pictures but trust me when I say that after talking to the doctor everything got much better. Yes, they were infected but it is better now.

So there is some sort of holiday going on here something to do with some saint. I am really not sure what it is all about all I know is that everyone is feeding us all sorts of delishious things. and people have giant bonfires in the street and all sorts of fireworks. And they have wheelbarrows of peanuts.....literally. It is realy odd but fun at the same time.

my New area is Feira De Santana 2. It is a larger city but a smaller ward. To be honest if people were active the ward would be huge. I am with Sister Macambira she is from Sau Paulo and awesome!!!! This is her last transfer and she is ON FIRE!!!! We had a baptism on sunday and we plan on baptizing every week. I am really really starting to love this whole mission thing. His name is Vitor. He is 16 and just flat out hilarious. We saw him on the street my comp had already taught him before I came here. She said "vitor, when do you want to be baptised? Sister Ottley came all the way from the United States to baptise you." ha ha it was sooooo funny and now he is baptised!!!!

So I made a goal to stop speaking english altogether. I don´t even say my personal prayers in English. Then Vitor asked if I would pray in English with him. Sure, why not.....uhhhhh I totally forgot how to pray in English. Thank goodness he only speaks Portuguese because my prayer was a disaster I sounded like a hillbilly. ha ha

I don´t know if ya´ll have seen the video....I think it is on mormon.org....but it is a group of boys who kept inviting all their friends to church and pretty soon the YM´s group grew form 1 to like 10. It is really an awesome story THIS is what is happening here in Feira. I am soooo excited because Vitor and his friend Caio are now recent converts. They were references of Michael a member in the ward. And 2 more of their friends were at Vitor´s baptism and they have a friend David waiting for Vitor to recieve the Priesthood so he can baptise him too. And Yesterday they gave us yet another friend they want us to teach.

I am soooo excited for the work that is happening here and I don´t ever want to be transferrred!!!!!

So my comp and i were walking to an apointment pretty far away and We came accross a junk yard. This is pretty common here in Bahia. People just find an empty field and make it trash central. ha ha it is pretty great. ha ha but in this junk yard there was a GIANT PIG!!!!! I took a picture with it but it is on my comps camera I will send it when I can.

My companion is amazing. She is basically a baptizing machiene!!!! I am soooo happy!!! SHe is kinda nuts too though. She has asthma and started taking prednisone..This makes me happy because she has ADHD just like me now.

I am sorry that I don´t have a lot to say this week but I hope you all are happy and enjoying life just as much as I am. I love you all!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!


SIster Ottley

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