Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Oh meus caridos!!!
I just love you all soooo much!!! I am so happy to hear about everyone turning in their mission papers! This truely is a great work, I don´t think that before I got here I understood the real importance of it all. Be strong, it is hard but it is all worth it in the end. If we keep an eternal perspective nothing is as hard as it looks.
So this week I got to go on splits with my dearie Sister Davis!!!!! Ha ha it was a BLAST!!!! We found 10 new investigators in her area that day and it was just super awesome!!!! I think I had forgotten what it was like to be around an american....ha ha I´m basically a brazilian now. But when my Companion Sister Piola came to pick me up the next day I imediately asked about our investigator who had a baptismal interview the day I was gone. Sister Piola said that she had decided to postpone and that her old pastor had been talking to her about what an abomination the Mormons are blaa blaa. I was realy really dissapointed because we had walked an hour to and an hour from this investigators house EVERYDAY for 2 weeks AND not only that but I knew she was ready. She had a real testimony and a response from our heavenly father about the truthfullness of our message. well before the tears started, Sister Piola jumped uop and hugged me saying I´m kidding, It´s a joke!!!! SHE`S GETTING BAPTISED TOMORROW!!!!!! ha ha it was a shock. but really funny.
So we ahd a baptism of Cristiane!!!! She is great. Her husband is really anti but she is super firm!!!! I love it!!! like seriously nothing can stop her now because she has the Holy Ghost and she knows what´s up.
Anyways today I am spending P-Day in Abranches. It is BEAUTIFUL here....for real like gorgeous. Sister Turner is here and so we´re gonna go to the `dunes` (yea it´s okay to be jealous Adam) But its like right on the beach here and I love it. I really want to get transferred here some day. I hope I do. I probably will since tehre are only a few places that sister serve.]
So I wrote down all the things that I wanted to tell you all that had happened this week but I forgot my planner in the apartment. Anyone who has served a mission knows that this is the abominable sin......yea way bad. So I´ll do my best to tell you about this week without repeating stuff from last week. Ha ha to be honest it all kind of rolls togetehr.
I don´t know if I´ve told you all about Ivone. SHe is teh mom of some recent converts (twin girls) in the ward and she is great. She also already has a testimony. She reads the book of mormon everyday and she promissed she would pray to know if it was true....although for some odd reason she want to wait until monday to do it. WE are returning tonight to get the answer. ha ha I already know what it will be but its still kinda nerve racking ya know? Well anyways, one of the twins was tell ing me that she had been talking to Ivone and Ivone said she already knew. ha ha its so funny. I don´t unerstand how people can know something but not follow through. Its like smoking ya know? like Everyone knows that if you smoke you will have health issues. But people start smoking everyday. It´s ridiculous. ha ha it is really hard to watch people read the Book of Mormon and pray but not DO ANYTHING!!!!! I sit in lessons talking about the Holy Ghost and how he speaks to our heart and I look into these beautiful peoples eyes and its like I can see them feeling the spirit. But satan is MUCH more experienced than I am.
I honestly think that is the hardest part of a mission. I can walk all day. I can get the worst sunburn of my life. I can have a zillion mosquito bites that get infected. I can have some unexplicable allergy. But all of this is nothing compared to the pain that I feel when people say no, when people say they don´t want to be baptised, when they don´t want to hear "the mormons". I just want to have a stampo on my forhead you know? " what do you have to lose?" Its rough but it is just sooo important. People don´t know what they are missing out on.
Anyways I gotta go I still need to email my President!!! I love you all!!! Stay AWESOME!!!! Keep praying and don´t stop reading the scriptures. And don´t be afraid to share your testimony it is the one thing we have more valuable than anything else. And don´t be afraid to talk to a member!!!!! DO IT!!!
Sister Ottley

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