Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Family

Oh friends and family!!!!
This week was full of fun and adventure. We have a huge teaching pool and we are really trying to get some help from members. It really is soooo much easier when they help. We should have a baptism this weekend of Tânia she has an issue with W.O.W. but only because she didn´t want to quit drinking for the holidays. ha ha what a joke. BUT she is firm firm now and her whole family is members so it is allllll good.
WE disembled our closet thing today. They don´t have regular closets it is like an armoire and it has 6 doors.....a.k.a. it is huge and we are missionaries so we don´t have real life tools.....we used a spoon. ha ha ha ha h aha I didn´t even break a nail.....THEN we had to take apart this wicked old book shelf metal that was held together with bolts......it was awful, but it is now in peices ready to be moved to our new house. I am really really excited about the move, it has taken WAY too long to move but we are FINALLY doing it. we had to wait for contracts from São Paulo and they were full of errors and blaa blaa. what a disaster, I just want to move. We pulled our oven thing out and discovered some mouse poop and what we think will be an actual mouse (dead) when we move the whole thing....ha ha we can only see the tail and we stopped moving and we are waiting for the elders to do it for us. GROSS right....I about peed my pants.
We had a visitor the other night. I was in the room we study in packing up some of my books when I say movement out of the corner of my eye. THERE WAS A GIANT BARATA in our house. I was pretty accustomed to this in Camaçari but I hadn´t seen one here in Feira. I started screaming and trying to throw my flip flops at him but he was FAST!!!!! my Companion came to my rescue with a can of raid and right at the moment we were trying to get him out form behind the bookshelf some other sisters showed up at our door. ha ha don´t worry we got him.
The other sisters were staying at our house becasue our NEW PRESIDENT came to meet us. We had a conference and I love him. President Hart and Sister Hart they are the bestest!!!! I am sooooo happy, they are like the sweetest EVER!!!! President said that he is excited to have 135 more children because it was hard to leave thier kids and grandkids behind. They´re grandkids are pretty cute (we saw photos) but I am pretty sure my neices and nephews are cuter.
This week we found a family.....I call them the jotas (j in portugues) because all of their names start with J. And I can only say 2 of htem. ha ha Its great. I am sooooo excited for them. They are a reference from a member and sooo awesome. I can´t wait to see them get baptised and start working towards an eternal family!!!! I have learned something on the mission. Satan really does have quite a few years of experience. He knows EXACTLY how to get in the way. and EVERYTIME, EVERTIME!!!!! we are telling the first vision he tries to distract our investigators because he knows that that moment is the mo0st important of our message. Anyways in the lesson with the jotas Their dumb dog tried to bite the son of our member and one of the daughters steped in front of him and took a bite to the leg RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIRST VISION!!!! great, we got 2 crying kids, one bloody leg, and a barking dog that I now want to toss in front of a brasil bus. Not exactly what I would describe as the best evironment for the holy ghost. BUT they all excepted the invitation to be baptised. It is gonna be GREAT!!!!!!
Alright now it is question answering time.
My legs and face are doing MUCH better, I use tons and tons of repellent everyday to prevent another outbreak.
If you really feel the need to send me a package I really would love some repellent that lasts longer than 4 hours, that is the best I can find here but I KNOW i had better in the states. And peanutbutter.
No, they don´t celebrate the 4th of July here, I´m not possitive but I´m PRETTY sure that is a USA thing.
I get packages at transfers and interviews with president. So 1 or 2 times per 6 weeks. The mail actually isn´t that bad the only reason it takes a long time to get them is because I have to wait til pres comes to my area or I go to Salvador.
I think that is all I have for you guys this week. I love you all soooo much!!!!! I really do appreciate all the words of encouragement. It is sooo awesome to hear all your missionary experiences back home. I am sooo proud of all of you and I know that if we just listen to the spirit he will tell us EXACTLY what to do in situations with non-members.
Never regret, stay awesome!!!
Sister Ottley

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