Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yet another week....

It is soooo good to hear that you are all doing well. I am sorry it is hot there too, it´s been averaging in the mid-80´s here and I am dying. I guess this is nothing though...h aha it is winter here and it averages in the high 90´s low 100´s in the summer. Basically I am going to die. Great.
Ha ha ha as usual, this week was great. We FINALLY moved out of our apartment and into a new house. We LOVE it!!!!!! We don´t have an oven becasue we left it in the old house. It was full of rat poo soooo we never used it anyways. And if ya´ll know me at all you know that I don´t cook so there is no problem there.
umm....´we didn´t have any baptisms this week but we are working with a girl named Jucy and she is sooooo great!!! she understands everything we teach and has the sweetest heart. She lives in a house full of people who drink and yell and scream all day everyday. It breaks my heart but she is soooo awesome!!!!!! We are gonna baptise her on sunday....we we won´t but someone in the ward will ;)
Uhh.....I am super boring this week sorry, I honestly can´t think of any fun stories or adventures. ha ha let me think.
Well I am memorizing the articles of Faith in Portuguese which is pretty awesome. I have the first 9 down pretty well. I am also memorizing the scripture masteries too....I only have the first 2 Book of Mormon ones ha ha. Okay this is depressing.....there HAS to be something more exciting than this to tell you all......I AM IN BRASIL for goodness sake.
OH!!!! so the other day my companion and I were stopped outside of a house waiting for a lady to take a xerox of one of our lists. Some weirdo walked by and did a double take...I am used to this, I am super white and it is obvious that I am not brazilean, people stare at me all day everyday. Ha ha so he turned around and waslked up to me and shook my hand and started telling me how pretty I was......I invited him to church and really really wanted to walk away. But my companion is a horrible person and started talking to him some more. He told her he didn´t want to talk to her because she wasn´t american. SHe said yes I am!!!! I am from south america!!!! ha ha all this time he was still holing and stroking, my hand. I was thouroughly creeped out and when I finally got away and tried to walk off my companion decided to give him directions to the chapel. GAH!!!! I JUST WANNA GET AWAY FORM THIS GUY!!!!! ha ha thank goodness we finally got away and my comp just laughed and laughed. ha ha oh well.
I decided that this was a good time to bust out the fake ring. ha ha so I am now using the walmart ring. and it works!!!! ha ha this other guy was asking my companion if I was single and she just held up my hand and said he is on a mission too! ha ha life is funny.
anyways, we SHOULD have a baptism on sunday so if everyone could pray for that I would greatly appreciate it!!!! SHe really needs the help of the Holy Ghost in her life and she really has been preparred for us. It is sooo beautiful to find the people that the Lord honestly wants us to baptise....well he wants everyone right but it is awesome when he guides to those who he is specifically preparring. ha ha she is already trying to stop drinking coffee which is great because she is 11....yea, 11. These people have coffee flowing in their veins from birth, no joke.
ha ha I love you all!!!! I hope all is well at home, I pray fro you all daily!!!!
Stay awesome, never regret!!!!
Sister ottley

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