Thursday, July 28, 2011

Well this is, I don´t know how to spell

Happy Pioneer DAY!!!! Ha ha we got to watch the broadcast of the mo-tab choir, that was kinda was translated into portugues but all the music was in english still. I got to talk in church on sunday my companion said I did a good job but I don´t believe her. ha ha but while I was preparring my talk I realised something. I was trying to teach the members that they needed to share the gospel and give us referrals because knocking on doors is like the most awful thing I´ve ever experienced. ha ha and I realized that what I sould be talking about is something to stregnthen their testimony. It´s funny that if we know the church is true there is nothing that can stop us from sharring it with everyone. Just like Lehi´s dream, as soon as he tasted the fruit he wanted to share it. so my quiestion for you is are you truely converted? because if you are you should have the deepest desire and strongest urge to share the gosple. It is funny that people can always see a difference in the people who are strong members right? they always say that we have something different about us.....I want ot tell you what that is...THE HOLY GHOST!!!! ha ha SHARE IT!!!!
If you don´t have the strong conviction that you feel you should just read the book of mormon for a few minutes and say a prayer asking if it is true. The Spirit of GOd will surely testify to your heart that it is!!!!
Okay so last week we had a "sister´s trainging" at presidents house. It was really jsut an excuse to make a mess in the mission presiden´ts house. ha ha he is really the coolest guy ever besides my dad. He let us do basically whatever we wanted. It really is a different feeling to be in a dedicated home in a quiet neighborhood. ha ha You can really tell that it is a home of a loving couple. Plus they have carpet....I never knew how much I loved carpet until I came to Brasil. It is pretty humid here and it is hard to clean carpet in this climate so pratically no one has carpet in home. I laid on it.....I don´t know how long it has been since I laid on carpet and just relaxed........I´m oretty sure President thinks I am nuts but all the other sisters followed my example and enjoyed themselves too.
SO!!!! I am pretty sure there will be one more eternal family this weekend!!!! ha ha well just about. The 2nd counsilor in the bishopric in my ward his wife is not a member and we found out why. We are resolving her problems with coffee little by little ha ha it is funny we snuck into her kitchen and mixed a little cevada into her coffee grounds. Cevada has an equal scent to coffee (aka awful) and I have been told the taste is similar as well. I tried it and I think it is disgusting......ha ha. ANyways we will be going there day by day adding a little more cevada until she is only drinking cevada. I know it is sneaky and we know that she needs to make the decision to change but she doesn´t think she will like cevada and refuses to try it.....there are just some people in the world who need a little more pucsh than others ;) anyways she has 3 children who are all members (well the youngest 2 will be baptised in a month on thier birthday(twins)) and we just want to help them work towards the temple!!!! It´s sooo awe3some!!!!!
So the girl we have been teaching trying to baptise isn´t ready she randomely started studying carissma or whatever it´s called at the catholic church again. I don´t understand how people can have an answer to prayers and then throw it away. It really is interesting to watch people throw eternal life away like that, it kind of breaks my heart. ANYWAYS funny story. We were at the huse of our ward mission leader talking to him about some goals and whatnot and as we left he was telling us to be careful because the street near our house is kind of deserted at night and we might run into some scary characters. ha ha As we were getting to the corner of HIS street some random called to me, in english, "wait wait, can I talk to you!?!?!" ha ha we met Guto, he is a crazy drunkard who was baptised like 12 years ago, he has read the book of mormon and the pearl of great price and stayed active in the church for 3 years. BUT now he doesn´t go.......interesting could it be because he gets wasted saturday night? He speaks english really really well espescially for a drunk guy and he was also about to hurl and had to keep swallowing back what wanted to come out......ha ha he has a swaski...swasty.....wait is that thing called? Oh man useless words have completly given up on trying to stay in my brain andyways he has the nazi sign carved into his shoulder.....we invited him to church and told him we would wait outside for him....needless to say he didn´t show up.
Anyways I love you all!!! Stay awesome!!!! Never Regret!!!!
Sister Ottley
PS: you are all in BIG trouble for having a reunion without me so start planning one next year when I am there!!!! alright?!?!? I am for reals I am sad. MAinly because my toenails are attrocious and you´d better be sending some pictures because I honestly don´t have 1 picture of my parents or adam or matt or get on it people
Gretchen: yes I finally did get your package THANKS SOOOO MUCH those shirts are way cute and the pictures are adorable too!!! You can tell Lillie that my comp and I enjoyed the starbursts ALOT!!!!
Jill and Gwen: uh hi? ha ha I love you girls!!!! I thought of you alot this week hope all is well!!!!

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