Tuesday, October 4, 2011

hApPy biRthDAy DAD!!!!

So this week was a little crazy.  It rained quite a bit but I am still getting more tan..I don´t really understand these things very well.  But hey, what can you do right?  Today was a great P-Day Our zone went to some anchient city here in Feira de Santana.....yea....real old...it all looked the same to me.  I met padre Francisco....ha ha some random father at some random catholic church...I took a photo with hium.  It was cool.  ha ha and we went to a "Farm"  Now I can´t claim to be a cowgirl all that much seeing as I set foot on my fathers farm all of 3 times.....Maybe ha ha and I have driven a tractor once....which I didn´t even have to shift.  Yea, I am not a farmer but i don´t understand how a few cows and some grass count as a farm  ha ha but oh well.  Everyone has their opinion right?  ha ha it was really fun it actually kind of reminded me of being at home a bit.  No, don´t worry I am not getting home sick for the farm :) no offence dad but I was not raised as a firm girl....Yes, I grew up on a farm....in a house but I didn´t grow up a farm girl.

Anyways, Mayara is our next baptism.  I am kinda upset because the only member in this ward who want to help are the youth and they aren´t all that reliable but I mean lets face it, who IS responsible at 14 years old?  Anyways the only people in our teaching pool are children and it is rough to baptise kids because we have to have permision from their parents.  We teach them because they are all interested ad they don´t have any pre-concieved notions about the church but it is rough when their parents say SURE do whatever you want but as soon as their neighbor says "IT`S THE MORMONS!!!!" they change their minds.  Oh well.....the sin of the child will be on the parents head at that point I think.  just let them be.

ANYWAYS back to Mayara she is the best she had a super awesome testimony and is soooo fabby I can´t stand it.  She sells avon and is always complimenting my companions BRIGHT red lipstick....uh....to each her own right?  ha ha but we still need to talk to her mom because MAyara only has 16 years old.  It is complicated but I have faith that it will all work out the way it is supposed to .  I learned something a long time ago in North Carolina that Heavenly Father is not EVER going to let something get in the way of someone getting baptised.  If the person really is preparred and has the desire the baptism will go down!!!

so life is way good here in Brasil I lov eyou all and am missiong youall soo much BUT only until August!!!!  It is sooo wierd...I am heathy and heaLthy too no need to worry about anything I love love youall!!!!  stay awesome!!!!!

Have an awesome week gente!!!!  xoxoxoxo

Com Amor

Sister Ottley

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