Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I don´t think the heat will ever stop

Hello world!!!

So this week has been really really nuts.  I can´t even focus on one story to tell you all.  I am still working super hard here in Feira de Santana.  It is spring here and the heat is arriving.  For reals, it is HOTT!!!  luckily the banks and the Post Office are no longer on strike.  This is a good thing because it means at transfers we will receive LETTERS!!!!! 

This week I had an epiphony.....This area is a really difficult one for growth within the church, but as long as you are doing your part you can and WILL succeed.  You just need to trust in the lord and follow the council that he sends through his servants.  These servants could be anyone!!!!!  Members, non-members, companions, enemies, friends, leaders, and most important the Holy Ghost.  Heavenly Father always blesses the obedient He wants to bless us but we have to give Him a reason to.   So, if he sends counsil it is best to follow it.  ha ha I love being a missionary.

So this week Brasil experienced the equivelant to daylights saving time.  Who said I would understand.  at home it is spring ahead and fall back....am I right?  well it is fall there and spring here.....What does the time do in this instance?  My companion was certain the the time got set an hour back and I figure....heck, the world practically revolves around the united states so probably does the same thing right?  okay fall there means fall back......at midnight it will officially be 11 pm......not true.  I seriously don´t get it. ha ha we missed sacrament meeting our investigators didn´t got to church because no one went to pick them up.....ha ha life in Brasil is the BEST!!!!  bah ha ha ha  I´m an idiot.

Anyways all is well I got over that rough patch and we will HOPEFULLY have a baptism this weekend.  Pray for my investigator Mayara.  please!!!  Her mom has been a bit of a hassle but she has a testimony soooo strong and it is so hard to watch her go about her life all sad. 

So we are teaching a family super awesome.  THe mom is sooo sweet and super great.  Their son is 14 and I straightened his hair last week, I am not really sure why.  But he thought it was cool.  He calls me "Tia" which means aunt because he can´t say Sister Ottley.  ha ha it is pretty comical.  He will most likely be baptised a week from sunday.  And the way things are looking I will not be here still.  This week is the last of my 3rd transfer here and the 2nd with this same companion and so MOST likely I will be moving to a different area.  Pray that I go somewhere awesome with an awesome companion.  ha ha lets face it everywhere is awesome and all the comps are awesome too.

I am really glad to hear that you are all doing well.  Thanks for all your prayers, support and love.  I love you all and pray for you daily!!!! Stay awesome and never regret!!!


Sister Ottley

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