Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sorry if this is Way short

Só para começar......Eu fiquei sabendo que tem alguns amigas minhas
lendo meu blog por meio do Google.  então eu decidi a escrever um
pouco em Português.  Eu não vou prometer que meu Português é melhor do
que a gramatica de Google mas eu vou tentar ;)
Eu amo vocês e quero que vocês soubessem que eu penso em vocês muito.
Essa semana foi bom de mais.  Conferência foi perfeito, como sempre.
Eu amo ouvir os Profetas.  Tinhamos entrevistas com o Presidente Hart
ontem.  For muito legal até Eu começei a chorar.  Vocês sabem que eu
não sei chorar mas Presidente Hart é um homem muito inspirado e eu
quebrei :) Ele realmente sabe cuidar da gente.  Nossa, sabe que é
dificil escrever em Português?Só este pouco demorou MUITO!!!  Espero
que estejam bem.  Espero que vocês estejam felizes.  Um dia quando eu
voltart para Brasil Depois da missão vou visitar cada um de vocês.  só
preciso casar com alguem muito rico antes porque é carro demais viajar
por Brasil.  Mas eu vou fazer o maximo possivel para visitar vocês
logo depois.  Eu amo vocês fiquem firmes!!!  Sempre lembrar de orar,
ler e sorrir!!!


Sister Ottley

Alright, so this week was awesome.  Conference is like the coolest
thing EVER!!!!!  I hope you were all listening well and took notes I
took like 12 pages.....yea being a missionary does that to a person.
I realised the importance of families in this conference.  I think I
will have to have one of my own someday....;)  ha ha but seriously
these guys are like way inspired!!!
so I know I told you guys that the P.O. is on strike well now the
banks are too.  I decided that as long as I´m not receiving letters I
am on strike too....all I´m going to do is find teach and baptise.
but that´s all!!!!!  So President Monson announced a temple in
Wyoming....that kinda blew my mind.  But that is seriously WAY cool,
when is it going to be dedicated.  If i´m home we should totally go
because I don´t think I´ve ever been to wyoming for reals just drive
past ya know?

So I realized that Heavenly Father really does want us to be happy and
he want us to learn and grow as much as possible in this life.  for
this reason he gives us challenges.  there are 2 ways we can look at
these challenges.  Stumbling blocks or Stair steps.  Each and every
weakness can either trip us or help us progress it all just depends on
our atttitude and what we do with the challenges that we face every
day.  Portuguese has been a bit of a stumbling block for me but I have
decided to turn it into a stair.  Anyways take a look at your life.
Is it full of stairs or stumbles?

So we had interviews with president hart yesterday and he was telling
me that he´d really like to promote me to senior companion but htere
just aren´t enough sisters and we aren´t going to be receiving a whole
lot anytime soon.  So he said he was going to promote me and another
sister at the same time and make us Co-seniors.  BAH H AH AH A I told
him that was not necessary and that I was VERY comfortable staying
Junior companion for the rest of my mission.  He seemed very relieved.
 ha ha we´ll see what happens.

So last night my companions Sister Davis and Sister Turner from the
MTC called me to talk a little bit a reminisce (sp) but it´s long
distance so they first had to call the assisstants to make a
conference......bah ha ha I answered the phone while I was making my
bed and started screaming.....poor elder probably has no eardrum left.
 THere was a lizard in my bed!!!  ha ha ha ha I about peed my pants. I
am not really all that afraid of lizards I just don´t like to be
startled by them.

Silly story....Today we bought some bread.  When I went to eat some it
was all burned.  yuck.  so I just tore it apart and ate the not burnt
parts.  ridiculous.  But I didn´t want tothrow the rest away but I
didn´t know what to do with it I looked at my compaion and said, we
need a dog.  She laughed and said that we should go buy one.  then I
remembered passing by the pet sotre and seeing chickens and said I´d
rather have one of those.  she laughed and said I should give the
bread to the neighbors shickens.  I did.  ha ha don´t worry I didn´t
sneak into thier yard or anything......ha ha SOOOO DID.  Don´t worry I
was wearing my pirate attire they have no idea who I was ;)

I gotta go I love you all!!!

Have an aWESOME

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