Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catú 2 return of the Sister

Oi meus queridos!!!

Eu estou feliz de mais, voltou para Catú. Eu sempre me senti que eu não fiz tudo o possível aqui e parece que Deus concordou (ou talvez os assistentes só não tinha um outro lugar para mim ;) ) mais tudo bem, Eu estou aqui com a Tibúrcio e pronta para batizar BASTANTE!!!    A missão é muito boa.  Realmente eu não tem outras palavras, é a melhor coisa que existe.  E eu estou achando que Brasil é o melhor lugar que existe!!!  KKKK  Talvez eu vou morar aqui :)  tem tudo; fruta, pessoas felizes, Português, batismo...que mais eu iria querer?  Decidido então, vou ficar aqui mesmo.  Eu quero que todos vocês saibam que te amo e que tem um lugar muito especial em meu coração.  

Eu estava orando estes dias por um companiera que só queria batizar como eu quero batizar.  Eu acho que nosso Pai Celestial ouviu :) estou muito muito feliz, a Sister Tibúrcio e eu , nos vamos destruir essa área!!!!  Mas, realmente, Nosso Pai Celestial é muito bom, sabia?  Ele nos conhece perfeitamente ele realmente é nosso pai.  Digitar em português é dificil de mais....tem bastante acentos e outras coisas chatas.....kaa kaka mais eu amo vocês muito muito muito e quer o melhor por cada um.  eu oro todos os dias para vocês e sei que Deus sempre esta respondendo na maneira certa!!!!

So this week was a little crazy.  I think a few of you have already decifered from my subject line what happened this transfer.  Ha ha, I am back in Catú.  I was not super excited when I found out.  to be  completely honest I lost the little quiet dignity I had and shouted in angry portuguese "No!  I won´t return to Catu no! I Don`t want to baptise cows!"  ha ha but I honestly feel really good about it now.  Also I have a new companion, her name is Sister Tibúrcio...don`t hurt yourselves trying to say it.  I can`t figure out how to say it correctly and I have been living this language for 6 months now.

Speaking of time, I will make 9 months tomorrow. Can you believe it?  I am getting really really old.  It is soooo weird to think that I have been a real life missionary for 9 whole months.  I am freaking out a little bit, mainly because I still don`t FEEL like a real life missionary.  I don`t know what it is but I can`t seem to see myself in those missionary pictures teaching and baptising and all that stuff....I mean I have those pictures and I AM doing it but I just can`t seem to believe myself....ha ha but I guess you aren`t ever supposed to get used to it.

Anyways, it was a little hard for me to leave Feira 2.  Not that I wanted to stay because I really really did want to get transferred but it was quite difficult to leave my little brothers behind.  I love them all so much and I want to take them home with me.  I can`t bear to think that they might go inactive.  it breaks my heart to see names of people on the ward list and the oldest members have never even heard of them.  seriously breaks my heart.  

Sometimes we will be walking down the street or in the bus and I see all the houses and say to myself, wow there are tons and tons of people in this world how am I going to succeed in baptising all of them?  There are seriously soooo many people and I can`t help but think about all the promisses in the scriptures that everyone will hear the gospel because it seems impossible.  Anyways, that is my life right now.  I am just working on carrying the good word to at least a few of my brothers and sisters.

So I was just talking to my companion and asking her about the area and she started talking about Jonathas.....MY FIRST BAPTISM!!!!  He is super firm and his parents are gonna get married in December so they can get baptised too!!!  I AM GOING TO BE HERE!!!!!  MY FAMILY!!!!  Oh, I can`t believe it all the blessings of hard work are really starting to pay off.  Sister Tibúrcio also said that they found a man in the street who remembered me and wanted to be taught.  ha ha and then after they found out I was returning they were like "she has to baptise him!!"  Too bad I don`t remember him.  ha ha oh well.

Alright I love love love you all!!!  I hope you all have a beautiful week and hope it is full of laughter and candy fr Halloween!!!  I am going as a sister Missionary this year, think I can pull it off?  we will see how many people believe me ;)

Stay awesome!!!
Remember who you are!!!!
never regret!!!


Sister Ottley

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