Thursday, June 28, 2012

Se você consegue pedir........

Olâ minha gente!!!!

Nossa quanto tempo né?  Eu amo vocês de mais estou aqui em São Sebastião do Passé.  Amo o povo Brasileiro, Não quero sair deste País NUNCA!!!  Vocês são "10"  ka ka ka ka,  Quero prestar meu testemunho e é preciso que faço em Português porque acho que nem tenho Testemunho em inglês.  rsrsrs.  Entãu preciso que vocês e meu Pai Celestial Saibam que Eu sei que esta Igreja, A  Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos dias é verdadeira.  Sie que meu salvador é Jesus Cristo e que ele vive.  Amo ele de mais e quero que todo mundo amasse ele igual eu.  Tenho um grande desejo de espalhar a mensagem do amor dele pelo mundo enteiro.

Alright people.  This is getting out of control.  The time is going by WAY too fast.  I love it here way tooo much to leave in 6 weeks.  So this last week we had a conferencia with our president of Mission and he told Sister Davis and I what was going to happen at the transfer......get ready for it people.....WE STAYED TOGETHER!!!!!  ha ha we begged and begged.  BUT Presidnet pulled a fast one and put us in a trio.  Ha ha President wanted that I trained and so he put another sister with us.  A newbie, SIster Davis and I are like co-trainers.  Her name is Sister Costa and she is also from São Paulo.  Basically you can just assume that all of my companions are from São Paulo because they are.  haha ha ha just the americans that werent and Sister Piola who is from close to São Paulo.  I love the Pualistas.  

LIfe is sooooo funny.  I love it sooo much.  being a mission ary is seriously the best job I have ever had.  But life is wicked interesting. It takes some curve balls.  Anyways we are still working super hard we are teaching a  bunch of couples that need to get married the law of chastity is like a huge problem and a great blessing all at once. 

So When I found out that I would be trainging I got a little nervous because it is kind of tradition that when you train you have to go get your newbie that you have to be all pretty adn all this.  sooooo........I am not going to llie, my clothes are not really all that pretty and with my awesome laundering skills and sewing abilities, I am basically out of nice clothes.  ha ha sooooooo, I was like "great, what am I gonna do now."  ha ha and then some elder friends of mine starting calling me over to the corner where there were 2 boxes with MY name on them!!!!!!  woooo and hooo.  A NEW SHIRT from AMBER!!!!  I love it, thanks babe!!!  

OKay I am exhausted and I cannot think of anything else that happened this week.  Please forgive me for this lame email.  I lov eyou all sooooo much, I promise that more exciting things will happen this week and I will remember to write them down to tell ya`ll.  Have an awesome week!!!!


Sister Ottley

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