Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh so THIS is what allergies feel like

Ola todo Mundo!!!
So I´d like to start out with a little story. I have never had an allergic reaction to anything so I didn´t recognize what was happening to my body. But everyone kept looking at the overgrown bug bites on my legs and the swelling sore on my face and said "voce tem uma allergia?" aka you are allergic. I just shrugged it off like no its not a big deal, I just have some zits and bug bites. But apparently when they swell up and fill with liquid you should do something about it ha ha. So my companion finally called the mission doctor for me. He said to go buy hidro cortizone and betametasona (whatever that is) ha ha apperently these things are really expensive here in Brazil (mom I have had to use my card) anyways my legs are going to have so wicked scars but they are doing much better.
So, I saw a prehistoric bird this week, it didn´t try to eat me like all the bugs do but i´m fairly certain it was jurassic (spell check) It was seriously like the size of a large dog.
We are teaching this awesome family, like for reals they are soooo golden!!! I love them so much and I want them to be baptised SOOOO bad. The parents need to be married first so that may take some time but Ilza (the mom) said that she was going to get started on the paper work like right now. ha ha they are soooo awesome. We offered a preisthood blessing of comfort and they accepted. Afterwards Ilza asked why it felt like she was on fire. I started crying of course and struggled in portuguese to explain the fruits of the holy ghost. They are SOOOO ready for the water its not even a joke.
I seriously love being unique. I don´t want to say that I´m like really pretty or anything but I really think I must be because everyone stares at me like I´m from outter space....ha ha Maybe it´s the big giant red sore on my face. Ha ha nah.....couldn´t be. But a little girl stopped me on the street and said "voce é bonita" ha ha it was dark but I thanked her anyways.
uhhh.....I am a fubeca...this means lazy missionary skash rule breaker. ha ha some families that we have been teaching live REALLY far away and We got stranded the other night. It was too dangerous to walk home and the busses stop after a certain hour. we have to be in our house by 9 every night or 9:30 if we are teaching a lesson. it was 9:45. ha ha we called an investigator who has a car and my comp was like "I just need a woman to come with you" it was really funny. They struggle with money so we also offered to pay for gas blaa blaa...as we were sitting on the curb waiting for them a member couple pulled up on a scooter and motorcycle. oh no....nope, I don´t do 2-wheels....no. no. no. ha ha they handed me a helmet and i got on. THis is only breaking like 50 rules at this point. you can say bye bye holy ghost at this point. ha ha anyways I didn´t realize that riding a motorcycle was even in the handbook but it is!!! Anyways It turns out the motorcycle isn´t even thiers and they weren´t going to have it that night but thy decided to take it home for a friend of theirs for some odd reason...goodness Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways.
Anyways I love you all sooo much. stay awesome!!!
Sister Ottley

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