Friday, August 5, 2011

E ai?

Oi familia e amigos!!! I hope all is well for all of you from all
your emails it seems as though things are good. I am prayig for all
of you that told me about your sicknesses so don´t worry, you shall be
healed sooner than you can say translate
that!!! ha ha

So this past week I made 6 months on the mission!!!! Do you believe
it?!?!?! My life is just a big ball of fun!!! and a big joke I love
it!!! I have photos I promise one day I will be able to send them but
I have to figure out this whole brazillean internet thing which is
ridiculous.....ha ha Anyways this week we were in the house of a
member slash investigator and their son came up to me with a string in
his hand.....the other end of the string contained a fairly large
gafanhoto...I don´t remember the word in english sorry. ha ha those
ugly bugs that jump aaround...anyways it was quite large and I told
him I liked his toy...and then I realized it was
seconds I was up on the couch begging him to remove it from my front
and of course everyone was laughing really really hard. oh Brazil!!!

I MEMORIZED ALL 13 ARTICLES OF FAITH!!!! I am soo cool!!! ha ha and
now every night before I sleep I try to repeat them in my is
hard but i am working on it! I was also thinking that maybe this
would help with the whole Meredith talking in english in her sleep
thing but my companion said that I was still talking
english...great...oh well someday I will only think in Portuguese and
you will all hate me.

so this week my companion came running out of the bedroom with my tag
and pinned me and dragged me out of the house because according to her
"we only have 10 more minutes f personal time and I am really
hungry!!!" okay so we were running to the market but one problem...I
was in flip flops....flipflops that were a dollar at target....yea one
broke....oh my life.....ha ha so i was trying to walk with it half on
and half off and there was a lady in the street who said "just don´t
think about it and take them both off" ha ha so I did ha ha I am a
true brazilean now because I walked around barefooted!!! ah aha i am
so awesome!!!!

My companion sister Macambira left today...sadness. she is going weird. But my new companion is sister utida...she uses the
brightest red lipstick I have ever seen.....I´m gonna steal it. my address on my blog? I have had quite a few people
asking me for it. If it is some sort of address in brazil it is my address shouldn´t change for the rest of my mission.

So sister Mac was looking al my pictures from home and the MTC and
said "wow your skin used to look like porcelin" uh, thanks? I guess
I am developing quite the tan these days.....get ready for skin
cancer!!! yippie!!! ha ha i haven´t really burnt that bad oly a
little on my shoulders because I switched backpacks for a day and the
straps laid in a different place. But yea the days of smooth porcelin
are ver I guess....

I learned something this week!!! yea thats always nice to hear from
your missionary isnt it/ ha ha yea so I was reading a few different
articles in some antique ensigns and they were al about the expiação
of chirst and i realized something. If we all truely understood the
meaning of the sacrifice that Christ made we wouldn´t need rules but
without rules we don´t need the mind was blown I
don´t think I just blew very many minds but seriously think about
it.....ha ha

So our teaching pool is pretty big right now I don´t even know where
to start. I am really hoping to baptise this weekend so we will

k, love you all gotta run!!!
Stay aesome!!!

READ the scriptures and pray EVERYDAY!!!!! and just trust in our
Heavenly Father because he really does nknow best...hes great.


Sister Ottley!!!!!

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