Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another week in Paradise

Hey friends and family!!!

This week was realy quite interesting I feel like I say that every week.  ha ha But seriously, we are teaching 2 young men (yea it would be nice if other people besides the young men in the ward would give us referals but what can you do?) and they are both really excited about gettt=ing baptised.  I am super excited for them too BUT I mmost likely won´t be here for te baptism of one of them because he can´t go to church until next week and you have to go to church twice before baptism.  And transfers are in 2 weeks.  I honestly can´t decide if I want to stay or if I want to be transferred.  ha ha to be honest I dont even care beause I know that wherever President sends me is where Heavenly Father wants me.

So I learned something really important this week.  If you dan´t want to find anyone you won´t.  ha ha the last few weeks I have been really bummed out and haven´t had the BEST attitude and so I haven´t been finding and teacing the way I should.  BUT i gave myself an attitude check and now I´m teaching a whole lot more.  Ha ha seriously missionary work is alllll about attitude.  If you are happy you can have the spirit and if you have the spirit you can teach to the necessities of people and when you teach what people need you can baptise!!!!! and when you baptise you re happy!!!!  yea!!!!!  I love the Gospel it is soooooo simple but sooooooo complex!!!!

SO I reacieved an AWESOME package yesterday!!!!  I just want to say THANK YOU!!!  to my family!!  you guys rock and thanks to all the ward members that contributed letters....not gonna lie, I recongised 2 of the names and the others were 100% foreign to me but hey I am totally used to foreigners so no worries!!!!!  But seriously thanks sooo much I am wearing some super nasty smelling repellent but no one is bitting me!!!! ha ha THANKS!!!!!!

We had on eof the 70 come and we had a conference yesterday it was super awesome!!!!  I love it when people talk who know what they are talking about you can realy tell when someone is speaking with the spirit.  I never really noticed this before but here on the mission it is sooo cool when you know that someone is speaking exactly what God wants them to say.  I LOVE it.

Anyways I realy really love all of you I will try to be better at writting stories and getting back to everyone but it is tough when you only have a little time and sooo many poeple who love you!!!  Thank you for all your prayers and all your love.  You are all the best!!!!  Stay awesome and never regret!!!


Sister Ottley...yea I´m a missionary...sabia?

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