Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So basically My life is the coolest ever

I love love love you all sooo much.  My week was not that exciting me and my companion are running behind a bunch of old investigators which really hasn´t been too fruitful for us BUT it means a LOT of walking and a LOT of contacts.  ha ha my portugues is good...so they tell me.  Sometimes I have to repeat myself because I have a thick accent but I am working on it.
The family that I was really hoping to be able to baptise this week wasn´t able to go to churh on sunday so they have to wait yet ANOTHER week BUT I know that everything happens for a reason and the lord would NEVER allow anything to stand in the way of a baptism if it was meant to be so we´re gonna work with them a little more and make sure that everything is in order for nxt week. I have faith that all will go right!!!  |Pray for them!!!
I have been really trying to work on this whole prayer thing.  It is ridiculously hard to pray at 6:30 in the mrning without falling asleep and at 10:30 when you are sooo tired you can´t remember what you even ate for lunch.  ha ha BUT I am getting better at praying with faith and I have learned something.  It´s funny that we really don´t pay attention to what we are saying in our prayers sometimes.  BUT honestly it is a conversation with God.  He is our father and he wants to hear all about our lives.  He totally talks back and sometimes we just don´t listen. 
I haven´t run into Guto (our drunkard friend) anymore but i assume I will, he doesn´t live too far from our house.  I hope someday he will stop drinking and realise where he needs to be.
Yesterday we had a training with President Hart, he is the coolest guy EVER!!!!  We made plans for him to return in a few weeks to give a fireside here in our ward I am SUPER excited.  It´s gonna be awesome.  sister Hart is such a sweetheart, she is trying SOOO hard to learn Portuguese and she is just plain the greatest.
so I don´t know what happened to the time but I gotta go!  Have a great wek all of you I love you!!! xoxoxoxo
Stay awesome!!!
Sister Ottley

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