Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If my life was a movie the primary hymn book would be the soundtrack

Well loved ones!!!
THis week was full of 13 mile days and ZERO NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!!  yea!  it´s awesome!!!  ha ha I figured out that my  companion and I at a normal non-pressed pace walk about a 12 minute mile and I figured out that on a normal day we walk about 13  miles......why am I not a stick person?  I would really really like to know.  ha ha but I felt really crappy all this week because we were working SUPER super hard and not having ANY results.  No baptisms and no new investigators.  I couldn´t figure out whart we were doing wrong.  BUT last night we ended up with Icaru, he is great!!!  he is SOOOO excited to be baptised and is trying to convince his parents to come to church on sunday too.  It is soooo cool to help people recognise the real truth. 
Anyways Icaru will be baptised on the 4th of setembro.  SOOO AweSOME!!!!  pray for him. 
So, I am really gald to hear that the demo d erby was able to go on with out me.....surprising but I am glad.  ha ha I am sad that I missed the white trash event of the year but I did my best to celebrate here too.  ha ha we were walking back home one night SUPER tired and super down because we had planned like  50 lessons and only had 4.....stupid.....anyways I was all depressed and all I could think was 'I could be on the ferris wheel right now"  ha ha ridiculous I know but seriously life is sooooo easy when you have no worriesha ha so anyways I was a little depressed and out of no where this old guy walked by selling cotton candy!!!!! I about peed my pants, I  asked my comp if he was selling it and she said DUH.... ha ha I chased him down and he immediately regognised me as a dumb american girl and charged me $4 ha ha I didn´t even  care,,,,,,until i got home and started eatting it....kidna  tasted like a foot.
Ha ha I am pretty sure God was telling me to suck it up, reminded me that the grass is not always greener on the other side.  THis is a REALLY good lesson to learn here because there are a LOT of comforts of home that I don´t have here.  I often find myslef complaining be ause I don´t have a car, dishwasher, clothes dryer, carpet, aircomditioning,  fast internet, all those kid of things.  But I have learned to  just smile, no on e here has those things and they are just as happy as can be.  why should I be  any better?     What a life lesson.
  The other day Sister Utida and I were trying tro find the house of a referral when we ran into some old guy.  we asked him for directions and then explained that we were missionaries and have a message blaa blaa contacts bore me....ha ha but this one was SOOOOO different he explained that he was a member but wasn´t able to go because his wife couldn´t leave the house.  well great can we leave a message wtih you guys and say a prayer?  ha ha turns out his wfe is NUTS!!  ha ha she asked about  50 times if my companion was my mom....bah ha ha we stared giving different answers each time.  no, we´re sisters, no we´re just friends, oh we are sisters in zion.  Then she and her husband started fighting about who does  the most work around the house.....apparently she sometimes does stuff but really just  causes more work for constantino.   It was really really funny. 
 I decided that i WILL be her when I get old.  I WILL lose my mind and I WILL be awesome.  ha ha made my day.  I thin k my favorite part about her was her hair, grey and ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! ha haI am SOOOO  excited to get old.
Anyways sorry I´m not super spiritual this week I promise I will share a SUPER DEEP spiritual moment next week....I just gotta have one first ;)  ha ha I love you all!!!
Sister Ottley

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