Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Não muito...ainda

okay so this whole missionary thing is starting to make sense.  It is a slow process but it is totally worth it.  I love Brasil, there are so many people here ready for the gospel and sooo many people that need to turn towards Christ.
I don´t know if I tolod a story about Guto stopping me in the street drunk and talking to me in English.....?  anyways he is a member of the church but hasn´t gone in years.  We found him a few more times and he is ALWAYS drunk but wer got his address and he said he wanted to go to church.  SO we went and picked him up sunday morning...he was in a white shirt and tie!!!  and he had his book of mormon in hand....I about peed, he got a hair cut and was sober.  What an answer to prayers.  Yea so we dropped him off at the church so we could go pick up some other investigators.  We left him in the hands of Bishop and one of his counsilors....he escaped.  By the time we returned he had left.  ha ha I guess he really hasn´t repented but oh well.  i hope that he fi8gures it all out soon. 
So my house is not just any old regular house.  Nope, it is a reptile slash amphebian (spell check please) exhibit at a zoo.  Ha ha we have frogs, toads, godzillahs and lizards GALORE!!!!  ha ha just about everyday we find a new one.  I take pictures of them.  I can´t ever get my pictures to load on the computers here so i need to figure out how I can mail them to ya´ll but don´t worry I am on it.  
The sun here is a total blessing in my life.  It is the middle of winter and never gets below 75 degrees.  my life is beautiful, but my tan-lines are cuter!!!  ha ha its slightly ridiculous BUT i don´t even care.  
Okay, so we are teaching Antônio and he is awesome.  He lives alone and all I want to do is throw ihim in the water.  Pray for him.  He is so awesome and I know that as soon as he joins the church the lord is going to bless his life more than he can even imagine  He sells ...junk....out of a cart in the street and he really really just needs help and he never wants us to leave because he doesn´t like to be alone.  I think it is sad.
we are still working with Jace and Samara and Stefani.......I don´t know if I´ve already mentioned them.  They are an awesome family Jace only needs to stop drinking cafe and go to church.  I am just gonna start carrying a bucket of water around.  THese people don´t have a chance.  The water is gonna get em one way or another!!!  ha ha I love it!!!
Nothing too exciting has happened since last week.  But the work is good.  I love you all!!!  Stay Awesome!!!!  XOXOXOXOXOXOOX
Sister Ottley

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