Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are you twins?

Oi!!!  Esta semana foi legal.  A sister turner e eu estamos trabalhando de mais como sempre.  É bom por que nos estamos ajudando alguns familias encontrar a verdade.  Eu amo ver as pessoas encontrar mais fé e mais felicidade por meio do evangelho.  Como eu sou grata por essas coisas.  Você pode apreder MUITO na missão, eu estou aprendendo agora como ser uma mulher com valor e poder.  É muito importante lembrar que sou eu.  As vezes parece que esquecemos que somos filhos de um Deus.
Domingo foi conferência e foi bom DE MAIS!!!!  Como eu amo de aprender com os lideres da igreja, eles são tão bons e tão inteligentes.  eu amo vocês e não vejo a hora de ver vocês de novo!!!  Beijos!!!

Hola amigos e família!!!!  how was your week?!?!  It sounds like everyone is running around tryingto get everything ready for Christmas.  That is way exciting!!  We also got ready for Christmas this week.  Sister Turner and I found some horrid mauve relief society pink butcher paper and made a Christmas tree......we didn`t know what we sould decorate it with until I remembered that I still have a million pictures of the last third of our trio from the MTC....SISTER DAVIS!!!  we cut out all the pictures of Sister Davis that we had and now the tree is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I love it sooo much.  ha ha we even put empty boxes under it to make it feel like we had presents and everything.  I love it

I DID recieve one package finally.  It was from Meghan, for Thanksgiving I think.  But the others I have not recieved yet I will keep you all as best posted as I can.  Thank you all soooo much for all your love and support I really do appreciate it sooo much.  I don`t need any more peanut butter because there is a store in the neighboring city that sells Wal*Mart brand Peanut Butter.  It is a little expensive but at the same time it is worth it.  

So we have a really really great baptism this week.  I am hoping we will actually have 3 but for sure we will have at least one.  Her name is Zene I don`t know if I have ever talked about her before but she is sooo amazing.  I found her with Sister Bezerra when I first came to Brasil.  Thanks goodness I got sent back to Catú after a little preperation in some other places.  Now she is married and can`t wait to be baptised.  She is sooo amazing her story is sooo strong and beautiful.  She had absolutely no desire to marry the father of her children with whom she was living.  She had a boyfriend on the side and was not exactly in any possition to live the law of chastity. But we taught her the first vision and talked about how the gospel blesses families and she completely changed her ideas.  THen I got transferred.  6 months later I come back and she has been going to church every week and she is sooo amazing!!!!  She married her husband, broke up with her boyfirend and now were gonna dunk her in the waters!!!!  Isn`t the gospel great.  Her house her coutenance her life is sooo different now.  I can feel the spirit when she talks I can feel the spirit when I walk into her house.  PEOPLE!!!  The church is true!!!  I have NO doubts about it!!!

Anyways we are still working with Simone.  Last week she said she needed someone to give her a little push to be baptised.  So, yesterday I went to her house and said, Simone, I marked your baptism for saturday....she got a little worried and defensive but then I told her she needed to pray about it.  She was like alright I will because who knows maybe this is what God wants from me.....DUH!!!!  of COURSE it is what God wants from you!  ha ha so I hope she will be baptised on saturday too.

This kid went to church with his friend one week and told me he liked it so much he was going to go everyweek.  We gave him a book of mormon and asked if he wanted to be baptised.  He said yes.  Too bad he is NEVER at home so it is rediculously hard to teach him a lesson.  BUT one day I will succeed....hopefully this week.....ha ha I am hoping his baptism can be saturday too.  We shall see if he is preparred.  I don`t know.

Anyways I am suffering in the heat a little bit but I will get over it.  I just have a great tan and Vitamin D sufficient for the rest of my life.  It is great!!!  I love Brasil, I don`t know if I would ever life here; I kind of like being able to drive in the streets with a little comfort.  But I will deffinetly do my best to come back and visit some day.  I am super healthy and I am loving life.  I love you all sooooo much!!!  I miss you and I need your prayers for my recent converts and my investigators.  I hope you all have a great week and remember to read the scriptures EVERYDAY!!!!  


Stay Awesome
Never Regret!!!

Sister Ottley

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