Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunburned, Smiling and sweating

Então Diz k verão ainda não chegou né....MENTIROSAS!!!!  Eu estou queimada D+.  Mas tudo Bem, vou sobre viver.  A missão ensina uma coisa muito bem...te esquece..  É verdade, você realmente não pode pensar em se mesmo quando você esta servindo O Senhor.  Rapaz, eu amo a missão tanto!!!  Eu amo aprender falar Português e eu amo conhecer as pessoas aqui no Brasil.  Tanto como os Baianos como meus companheiras de outros lugares.  O povo do Brasil é muito caloroso, eu amo vocês DE MAIS!!!!  Se puder eu ia ficar aqui com vocês para sempre.  Eu nunca fiz promessas para voltar porque é muito muito caro viajar pra cá mais eu vou fazer o possivel depois a missao para voltar e visitar todos vocês!!!!!  BEIJOS!!!!  TUDO de bom para vocês!!!!
AHHHHH, so my mom worte me and said that she drove home from Utah in a blizzard.  What´s that like?  I miss the snow.  Send me some?  ha ha it is rediculously hott here but I don`t mind.  I am getting an amazing tan ha ha.  Today I got super sunburned at our zone BBQ.  I will send pictures next week I forgot the cable to my camera at home.  but We got in a big water fight and then while trying to dry out I got SUPER lobster´s great.

So, This week was AMAZING!!! I am learning sooooo much here in Catú again.  Sister Tibúrcio is soooo amazing she is teaching me soooo many things that I need to do to become the missionary I want to be.  Ha ha this week we were talking and we made a goal to focus in all the lessons ALL the time.......why yes, yes she WAS calling me to repentance.  Nope, I have not changed.  I am still a space cadet.  Ha ha but I get easily distracted by the children of our investigators and then I loose focus and just want to play with them to keep them quiet.  Which is great and all for who is teaching but that means that I am not teaching.  ANYWAYS, my companion got in the habit of forcing me to teach all by myself like ALL the time and I was getting super frusterated because I felt a little alone and abandoned but I got over it when she explained herslef.  She said that she liked me to teachi because the people pay better attention.  Ha ha they have to because of my terrible ACCENT!!!!  it is great but I am making goals and progressing EVERY day as a missionary.  which is super right?  concidering that I have been a missionary for 10 months.....what is THAT?!?!?!?!!?

After like 2 months without baptism we FINALLY conquered!!!  3 young girls.....2 for the primary and 1 for the YW.  I was sooooo happy I about peed.  I took a bunch of photos so again, I will send those next week.  It was super cute, I went into the girls bathroom to help the girls know what to do and everything and when Erica (the oldest and 1st baptism) left the font she looked at me and said "sister, I am clean!!!  I felt like I was flying in the water!!!"  I wanted to cry!!!  I am soooo happy for her.  It is such a beautiful thing to see her with her family and listen to her talk about the changes she has made in her life.  Her mom was sooo grateful to us and told us that she saw a complete change in her daughter.  The gospel is true people.  This is the ONLY way we can have salvation.  I see it everyday.  I watch people turn it down, I watch people´s lives change before my eyes.  It is sooo beautiful there aren`t words.  Anyways I wanted to tell you all thankyou for your prayers I know that they were answered.

THis week I will finish Jesus the Christ in my studies!!!  That book is a super task but I love it!!!  It was super good and I can`t believe I am almost finished.  I am kinda proud of myself.
Here in catú there are 2 guys in the ward that are super helpful in the work and always go on teaching appointments with us.  Tiago and Remiston.  Tiago went on a mission last week and he is going to do awesome!!!  It is sooo great!!!!  Remiston is the new president of the YM and I am sooo happy for him.  These 2 guys are hilarious because I don`t understand a word that they say.  They both have a habit to speak really really fast and all the words get tangled in their mouths it is soooo funny.  I just laugh and laugh because I sit there "what?  what?  I didn`t understand you...."  ha ha poor guys they have to repeat EVERYTHING!!!!  But my companion told me that when I can understand them I have mastered Portuguese.....I am working on it.  I will try to keep you guys posted on my progress...ha ha

Anyways Nothing too exciting happened this week but I learned a whole lot and I am sooo happy.  There is nothing better than a mission.  I love you all sooo much thankyou for ALL that you do for me. All the prayers and thoughts.  

Have an awesome week!!!

never Regret!!!



Sister Ottley

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