Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ignorance is bliss and I am ECSTATIC!!!!

Oi familia Brasileira!!!  Eu amo vocês D+  O internet esta devagar hoje entâo meu e-mail vai ser curto.  Eu queria compartilhar algo que eu aprendi essa semana.  È muito importante sempre amar as pessoas que não amam você porque você nunca sabe o que esta acontecendo na vida deles.  todo mundo tem problemas.  Nos nãp podemos julgar ninguem.  As veces voce acredita que uma pessoa é alguem mas voce vai aprendendo que sao uma outra.  Ainda é muito importante amar esta pessoa como um filho de deus. 
Eu amuuuu voces e quer que vocês sempre lembram quem são...filhos e filhas amados do Pai Celestial!!!  Ele coloqou você aqui na situacão que voc^~e esta porque ele sabe que você consegue fazer tudo!!! 
HOLA friends and family!!!  I love you guys sooo much I am loving hearing about all your thanksgivings and everything.  I did not get to eat turkey and potatoes and all that stuff but I was sure to eat a turkey burger because it was about the closest thing I could find!  ha ha but It is way cool that everyone is getting ready for christmas.  It is sooo weird here to see docorations and I am like sweating from a heat stroke.  ha ha way awesome.  I feel like everyone forgot to take thier christmas decorations down last year.  ha ha But i am going to have an AWESOME christmas....wanna know why?!?!??!  Because we had TRANSFERS!!!!  and my new companion is......SISTER TURNER!!!! ha ha yes the very same sister turner who was my companion in the MTC!!!  I love her to death And she will be staying here in catu with me for christmas and EVERYTHING!!!  It is going to be great.  I was really sad to see sister Tibúrcio leave but I know that her new area will be amazing for her.
so this week I had a cliche of a brazilean experience.  ha ha we were teaching at the house of a family and the little boy came up to me out of nowhere with a parrot on his sholder and was like here hold him.....uh, okay....I asked if he was going t poop on me and the boy said no.....LIAR!!!  ha ha he TOTALLY pooped on my dress but not before biting me....repeatedly.....I don`t think this bird likes me very much......whatever  it is SUPER funny I did not laugh at first but it is soooo classic brazil ha ha now I can laugh at it.
At the house of a member we were talking to his mom about how she needed to return to church and it was kind of a spiritual moment....then her grandson started putting onion peels in his grandpas belly buttton.....ha ha I lost it i was laughing sooooo hard I was crying he was like "does that sting?"  I died.  ha ha all I could think was THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT PUTTING A SHIRT ON WHEN THE SISTER MISSIONARIES COME OVER!!!  ha ha sooo funny Lourdes said that he does that with EVERYTHING  whatever he can find he shoves it in his grandpas belly button.....sooo awesome.  I hope my kids are that lobing with MY DAD!!!  ;)
we are also teaching irmã simone.  she is amazing!!!  she is this little old lady she doesn`t have any teeth and soooo hilarious!  I love her to death!!!  The other day she was telling me about how the neighbors chicken is always coming into her yard and so she goes into the neighbors lawn and steals the eggs....ha ha but she is careful to leave a few because if she steals tem all the neighbor will kill the chicken for not laying and then she wouldn`t have any eggs......oh my word it was hilarious.  ha ha Then we were giving a lesson all about repentance and baptism and it was really really good and I was like "Yea the spirit is gonna tough her heart and she is gonna want to be baptised"  Simone was chewing gum....without teeth of course...and all of a sudden she turns around and sticks the gum to the wall....I about lost it.  ha ha i tried super hard not to laugh but I did not conquer....ha ha I burst.  It was super funny.  And she explained that the gum no longer had flavor and that she was making sure the wall wasn`t going to fall down later on.
She is the greatest!!!  Anyways I am doing really great, I´m healthy and getting fat with all the heavy food these people shove down my throat but I am fat and happy.  I am sorry that this email is a little short but the internet is SUPER SLOW and so it took a long time to read everything.  I love you all I miss you But know that heavenly father is blessing each of you.  I lvoe you stay awesome!!!  Never regret!!!
Sister Ottley

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