Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Natal no Brasil é muito estranho.  Não tem neve e não tem pessoas cantando nas ruas.  Mas eu estou amando.  Vou ter a oportunidade de falar com a minha família no natal e vai ser bom de mais.  Eu acho que as vezes a gente esquece o proposito de natal porque nos comemoramos todo ano.....Eu sou tão grata por meu salvador Jesus Cristo e o sacrifício que ele fez para mim.  eu preciso esquecer de mim mesmo e pensar mais  nele.  Lembrar que meu Pai Celestial mandou ele á terra para morrer.  Só atravez ele eu posso voltar um dia e viver com meu pai celestial.  Como eu sou grata por essas coisas.

Espero que cada um de vocês lembram do real significado de Natal e faz alguma coise para lembrar de Cristo entre toda a família e todas as festas.  Eu amo vocês estou com saudades!!!


Merry Christmas my friends and family!!!  I love you alll sooo much.  I am not as home sick as I thought I would be around Christmas time.  I think it is because it honestly doesn`t feel like Christmas.....at all.  There is NO snow.  The decorations are completely different.  there are only a few houses that have lights on them and I will be honest I find a few of them very tacky, but I will be honest I think that is why I love it!!!  ha ha it is so amazing.  But there isn`t Christmas music in every street, every house, every radio station.  It is SUPER weird....like for reals.  So I just feel like there are some people who just forgot to take their Christmas Decrations down from last year and are celebrating Christmas in July.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter.  It is fun but I am told it will only get worse.  Ha ha Summer officially starts tomorrow and I am really worried because I am basically a brown brazilean already.  so this should be fun :)

We had a really awesome baptism on saturday.  Her name is Zene....well I call her Zene.  It turns out that when sister Bezerra and I found her we were told her name was vionade and I guess Sister Bezerra couldn`t say her name or something and gave her the nickname of Zene.  I had NO IDEA!!! ha ha so I have been calling the poor lady by the wrong name for MONTHS!!!  ha ha oh well.. SOOOO she was baptised and it was perfect.  I don`t think she will EVER forget her baptism.  She wanted a guy from the ward to baptise her but he had to work and so Bishop decided that a youth in the ward would baptise her.....k, great bishop, you do that.  ha ha it took FIVE tries!!!!  ha ha FIVE!!!!  Rediculous.  I wanted to get in the water and baptise her myself!!!  But there is only ONE little itsy bitsy flaw with that......I don`t have the preisthood power.  

ANYWAYS she was finally baptised and I told her she was EXTRA clean and she just laughed.  SHe is super excited to go to the temple. We went to her house yesterdaya nd showed her pictures of all the temples.  She LOVED it!!!!  she make the church website her homepage.  ha ha it was a great experience!!!

Anyways things with an American companion are super interesting.  I love it sooo much because I am learning loads of stuff about myself with Sister Turner.  It is soo weird.  I can speak Portuguese.  I can express what I want to say and I can teach all the principles of the Gospel.  I understand everything that people say to me and I don`t feel like I have to ask people to repeat themselves very much. BUT when I am talking to Sister Turner at our house in English I feel like I can just express myself SOOOO much better.  My stories are funnier, my feelings have more meaning.  I don`t know what that means.  But someday I am sure I will have the same feelings about Portuguese...well that is my goal at least.  

As two americans we get quite a bit of attention in the street.  I kind of hate it.  Sometimes I just want to walk around with a sign that says "yes, I am american stop starring"  but I have to be a representative of Christ.....always and so I just say Good Day and keep walking.  But one day I had had just about enough......ha ha It was just soooo much and I was getting irritated.  and we were walking past this guy who was washing his car and so he was bent over and we saw about half of him bottom......this was not exactly what I would call a good moment.  But as we were passing He got up and checked us out and said something to the effect of well hello there.....We walked away and under my breath to my companion I said "I just saw half your butt sir, please don`t hit on me"  Sister Turner and I got a good laugh from that one.  ha ha It really is funny how we become celebrities just because we aren`t from this country.  So if you ever want to feel popular I suggest coming to Brasil.  ha ha It is super great!

ANYWAYS....I love you all I am sooo excited for Christmas.  It is a lot easier to remeber the meaning of Christmas here because there isn`t a whole crap ton of parties and music and distractions.  I love it.  I cvan really just focus my studies and mind on Christ and the fact that we was sent to this earth to save all of us. I hope you all can remember Christ this reay too!!!  I love you all!!

So did Dad ever figure out that he really WAS getting my emails every week?  Because I don`t get an email from HIM everywek....just saying.

Christmas Call: So we can use skype but I am in Brasil and the internet is not super reliable and it is Sunday so I have to find a member who has internet in their house......I found one who is willing to let us use thier computer but I don`know what time still.  ha ha so I am thinking at like 7:30ish my time which would be more or less 3:30ish your time in Washington ( I think) so what ya`ll can do is call our phone here in Catú 71-9978-5344.  It is the same phone that you called for mother´s day.  and from there we can get on skype and talk face to face.

If worse comes to worse we will just talk on the cell phone.  No problem.  I am really excited to talk to you guys...I am not sure why, I don`t really have anything to say.  but maybe I will think of something.  ha ha

I love you all soooo much!!! I miss you!!!  I am happy healthy and doing soo great.  No need to worry about me.  I am praying for all of you.  Let me know how you all are!!!  Have an awesome week and an awesome christmas!!!!



Sister Ottley

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