Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Walk a mile in your shoes.

So, this week was a whirlwind of amazing!!!  Being companions with sister Turner is like BLOWING my mind.  I am really afraid that President Hart is going to take her away from me.  I don`t know what I would do if he did that, we are teaching sooo well and we are helping sooo many people but I am afraid that we are going to recieve new sisters and she is going to have to train.  We will see.

Speaking of President Hart, I wrote in my email today asking a little about my date to come home.  Now that I have motivation ( a new neice or nephew, and maybe a wedding?...still confused on that one... ) I kind of want to know what the church has in mind for me.  But I won`t know til next week.  And I figure it isn`t a huge hurry or emergency since neither of these things are going to happen today :)

I was sooo happy to talk to and see everyone I am just sorry that I didn`t get to see meghan.  Sorry babe but I lov eyou too and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  I hope everyone remembered their savior on sunday!  I thought of a few tings that I wanted to ask from you guys if you send packages.  Perfume (whatever one doesn`t smell like a bottle of rubbing alcohol or a big ol garden of granny flowers is fine) is all I want because I have almost used up all of mine.  I use it a lot more here because my clothes always smell just a little musty....it is gross.

So in reference to the subject line....yesterday I left our house in my own sandals and came home with a complete strangers......so what happened?  So I have to start WAY WAY in the past before I even returned to Catú.  There was a trio of sisters here the transfer before and they helped a random srunk girl carry a mattress to her house and she was super greatful.  They invited her to chuch and blaa blah blah right they are missionaries it is what they do.  Well, when I got here she always stopped us in the street to tell us she wanted to go to church and all that jazz.  So one sunday we marked with her to go pick her up. Sara is her name.  Anyways she wan`t at the bar like she had promissed.....weird right?  ha ha so we still see her in the street all the time and she is always saying how she needs to go to church and it is pretty funny because I don`t know when this girls sleeps.  she is ALWAYS at the bar.  andyways, ha ha so yesterday I was walking along and all of a sudden I tripped over a lump of sidewalk.  My sandal broke and my toe was hurting.  I couldn`t walk with just one sandal and I couldn`t make the broken one work so I just took them both off....if you recal this is NOT the first time I have done this. 

So sister Turner is laughing so hard she about to have a hernea I am limping a little and just counting the seconds that I die from some random broken beer bottle that I will step on.  AND out of nowhere appears Sara, well it isn`t out of nowhere, it is out of the Bar that we were passing.  Ha ha she gave sister Turner a HUGE hug and kiss and then me too........her kisses are more like raspberries....I don`t really know why.  But then she saw taht I was carrying my shoes and said OH NO!!! you broke your sandal!!!  Let me help.  SHe askes her other drunk buddies if I can have thier shoes and as I am saying oh no don`t worry about it she is like OH!!!  my friend lives right down here I have a pair of shoes at her house......yea well Sara is about 5 foot tall...If you remember I am about 5 foot 7 and not exactly model thin....I have some pretty good sized feet I am just imagining the size of sandal that Sara wears but She takes off and tells me to follow her before I can protest.  ha ha So we get to this house which is filled with a strange green light and the smell of coffee and random people.  Some dog tried to eat me and I got a little scarred but he was actually pretty chill ha ha Sara starts searching around for a pair of flip flops and telling everyone that I can`t go to church without shoes.  ha ha she thought I was headed to church at 9:15 last night....she is a crazy person. 

After a little searching she finds a pair of sandals and explains to me that they aren`t hers but that I can use them for the day.  ha ha she grabbed my broken sandals and runs off.  She kinda left us stranded in this random house and went back to the bar.  ha ha needless to say sister turner started walking home.  me in my borrowed sandals and we just started laughing.  I asked her what just happened and neither of us could say.

We decided that nothing happens as a coincidence or accident so we decided we would go back and take a church dvd as a thankyou gift and try to teach them.  It will be great.  ha ha what a joke.

So this is my life in Brasil.  It is insane but I love it.  I am sooo ahppy to be here.

So like I said on the phone I am doing really really great we ahd a baptism on sunday and we will probably have lots more.  I am really really excited!!!  I love you all tell everyone that I am doing well and missing them!!!


Stay Awesome!!!

Sister Ottley

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