Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So as you can see from my subject line, this week was Carnaval.  Carnaval is NOT a circus, it is NOT a fun weekend for the is a total apostate reason for grown men and women to get drunk and annoy Sister Missionaries.  :)  But because of this awesome holiday, no internet places were open yesterday and we weren`t able to email...SORRY!!!

This week was pretty awesome full of exciting adventures, lots of travel and a whole pile of strange men.  This week is transfers already and I am a little anxious to know where I am headed.  I will be really sad to leave Catú but I am fairly certain I won`t be staying here.  All toether I have almost 6 months in this area.  That is usually the limit.

I GOT SOME PACKAGES!!!!!  THANK YOU all soooo much.  I got one from Gretchen, thanks a LOAD that calendar is soooo adorable!!!  I love all my neices and nephews!!!!  I also got one from Meghan, aaron and the boys, THANKS guys the gifts were PERFECT!!!  and from mom and dad, I have a story about one of the gifts in that one....I wore on of the new shirts you sent me and  I it called quite a bit of attention.  ha ha we were walking down the street and the paparazzi tried attacking me....well not so much the paparazzi as it was a strange man who pulled out his cell phone and said "oh, oh just one picture, please please!!!"  I waved my finger at him and said, "oh, no" and we walked thanks mom....ha ha I also recieved a few letters but they haven`t gotten to me quite yet.  THey were in the office then they forgot to send them to me and them they forgot them at their appartment and it is just a big headache trying to get mail BUT you can all rest assured that I will get it eventually.

We had a really funny experience waiting for the bus one night though.  We were sitting on a bench waiting for the SLOWEST bus in Bahia and the bus stop is right next to a bar.  Well this gentleman kept calling over to us if we wanted some guarana or agua de coco.  We kept refusing and saying that we were okay and then he got a little antsy, sister turner leaned over and said "if he comes over here we have to get his address"  aty that VERY moment he turned and walked right on ever and made himself comfortable inbetween the two of us.  ha ha Another strange man  came over and contacted Sister Turner....yes, he contacted her.  ha ha, so I was left all alone with a semi-sober man to try and get his address....well apparently he had a few houses to choose from and it was going to be difficult to find him in just one; plus he couldn`t remember the addresses at the moment.  I got one address to one house of his and then told him how he needed to stop drinking because it would be easier to remember his addresses. 

I am really really happy here on the mission.  I think I will stay here forever,  I am pretty sure my body can`t handle it but I coulod sure try couln`t I?  ha ha I just don`t think that I will have half as much fun going to school and working as I have preaching the gospel.  This week we were teaching this girl who was like Yea, I´ll be baptised but I am not going to go out and knock door to door like you guys ha ha We about peed.  We explained that she wouldn`t have to preach the gospel, just be an example to her friends and family she seemed MUCH more relaxed with that idea.  Then we explained about how a mission is your choice and we are only here becuse we know that all the things we teach are true and that if we didn`t have such conviction we sure as heck wouldn`t be so willing to leave our families and jobs and school to come walk around in the blazing sun all day everyday for a year and a half.....just to spread a lie around.  Where`s the purpose in that?

H ah a everyday my testimony of this gospel grows sooo much.  I Know that there is only one path to get to heaven.  If we don`t choose that path we are basically fried.  I love this church, I know it is true and i am not afraid to tell that to everyone.

I love you all I miss you and I hope you are all doing well.. I hate to hear when You guys are sick but just know that I am praying for all of you and like I told Gretchen my prayers are pretty powerful.  I can do anything with a little faith and a prayer to my heavenly father.  the cool thing is...YOU CAN TOO!!!

Have an awesome week!  stay on top!!!  don`t regret!!!


SIster Ottley

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