Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My one and only Valentine........BAPTISM!!!

Feliz dia de Namorados!!!!   Parece que voncês não comemoram este feriado na mesma forma do que a gente....OU talvez não no mesmo dia.......ka ka ka mas eu não tenho um amor então minha companeira vai ouvir canções de amor hoje.....ela deve ser animada.  Eu amo todos vocês!!!!  BEIJOS!!!

Okay people, Missions are like basically the coolest things ever.  I love being a missionary.  Everyone loves you.  Everyone recognises you.  I feel like a celebrity.  Yesterday after district meeting I was sitting on the bus next to a guy and his 3 year-old daughter.  The bis randomely stopped beucase of an accident and I may or may not have murmered a little bit at the thought of sitting in a hott stuffy bus for a long time.  The man, Bruno< just laughed a little bit and said it wouldn`t take long.  He asked if I was from the church of latter day saints and I explained that I was a missionary, blaa blaa....american......Catú....
..Oh really?  you have already had the missionaries in your house?  DISCUSSIONS!?!?!?!?!  So it has been a few years.....ha ha he explained that he wanted to go to church expescially now that he has a young child and he wants her to grow up doing the right htings.  Too bad he lives in a nother city.  I passed the referral to the Elders in Alagoinhas.  I hope they go to his house.  The last referrall I passed to them gave them a baptism......SO let`s just be honest, my referrals are pretty awesome.

ANYWAYS, a family showed up at church last week because a member went to go pick them up usually they cannot go because of the distance and there aren`t always buses and when there is there isn`t always enough money to pay for everyone to go.  But they came and we went trecking to their house.  Ran into Diogo, one of the twins from a while ago, appently him avoiding our phone calls was just a way of saying I really DO want you to come visit me.....ANYWAYS, marked another appointment with him and he will hopefully be baptised in a couple weeks.  BACK TO THE FAMILY....we went to thier house.  Grandma and Mom are members less- active because of the whole distance problem.  Then there are 4 young girls....all over the age of 8 and not one if them is baptised.  THey ALL have taken the lessons before but none of them had been to church before...they had ALL prayed before and they ALL know that the church is true.......

I´m sorry would you repeat yourself...I could only hear the splash of a bunch of water.....did you say that you KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE?!?!?!??!  All 4 of you?  okay well let`s talk about going to church and getting baptised.  ha ha they all loved church and want to be baptised.  I love them.  I love them so much.  We are most likely going to baptise 3 or MAYBE 4 this weekend!!!!!!!  Why is being a missionary like the coolest job ever!?!?!?!  I have no desire to end this.

Speaking of the end.  I know everyone is all woried about my future, and to be honest I am as well.  But I just don`t know what to do.  I want to go and get my bachelors but I am also interested in getting my cosmetology liscence.  I didn`t get the worlds best grades at BYU-I and I don`t know if I can even go back.  So I just want to say thankyou to all of you for your love and support and worrying about me.  I really do appreciate everyone looking into everything for me.  I seriously don`t know how to respond to the questions though....sorry....I don`t know what I would major in.  I don`t have any money to go to school right after the mission. I don`t know if I want to go to hair school first.  AHHHH  why does life have to be so hard?

ANYWAYS, back to the mission because that is one thing I do know and understand.  I am here in Catú and LOVEING it.  The first time I was here it was kind of a flop.  BUT now that I have come back I am WAY WAY happy.  I am working harder and happier than I have in my whole mission.  I am having sooo much success and I am loving it.  I don`t know why anyone would turn down the opportunity to serve a mission.  Seriously if you are thinking about it, just do it.  This is the coolest bestest most awesomest thing I have ever done. 

We have a HUGE teaching pool.  We don`t even have enough time to visit everyone.  in the past 3 weeks we have recieves 28 referrals from members and have been teaching about half of our lessons or more with members present.  If you can`t go on a mission do your memebr part and find a day in the month where you can go out with the missionaries or give them the address of someone you know that could benefit from the gospel(a.k.a. everyone) I don`t say this as a desperate missionary, I just know that the celestial kingdom wouldn`t be any fun if our loved ones weren`t there with us.

I don`t know how long it has been since I bore my testimony on this thing but I just want you all to know that I love the gospel.  I don`t just say  these things because I am a missionary.  I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church on the face of the planet; I am happy to say that I am LDS, or in Portuguese SUD.  I know who I am, I am a daughter of my loving Heavenly Father.  I know that he has a plan for me.  I know that he has a plan for each and everyone of us and he will do the smallest yet simplest things to make that plan go through. For example cause the hitch on a dump truck to break on the highway so Sister Ottley would complain about the heat to the complete stranger in the bus to break the ice and remind him of the spirit he felt years ago when 2 strangers told him about some american boy, Joe smitch.....I know all of these things are tru becuase they are all linked to the Book of Mormon.  If the bofM is true the church is true.  A false Profet couldn`t have had a true book of scripture.  The book of Mormon is like the coolest thing ever written.  I love it.  I am going to marry King Benjamin one day, or maybe Moroni, I really just haven`t decided.  But seriously, if you aren`t reading the book of mormon everyday at least just a little, start doing it.  It will change your life, I promise you.  I have seen it in sooooo many poeple here on the mission and in my own life.  I love all of these things adn I know they are true.  It is just so beautifull.  I know they are true because I prayed and asked my Heavenly Father if they were true and He answered me.  He continues to strengthen my testimony every day and he will do the same for ANY person who wants to know.

So, Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!!!  I hope you all eat some of those nasty chalk herat thingys for me and them some yummy chocolates.  I miss you all, and love you tons and tons!!!!  I hope you are all doing super awesome.  Don`t let illness get you down, it sounds like a lot of colds are going around.  I continue to pray for all of you and I know that Heavenly Father will bless each and everyone of you in your search for peace and righteousness.  LOVE HUGS ANS KISSES!!!!!


Sister Ottley

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