Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twenty Dollars worth of Cheese.

Nossa, como o tempo passa rápido.  Eu realmente não tenho palavras para dizer o que eu me sinto em respeito da missão.  Eu prestei testemunho esta semana e disse que eu nunca quero embora.  É verdade, já sou baiana já.  Ka ka ka
This week was amazing we recieved sooo many referrals that we are going crazy trying to contact them all.  We were looking at the ward list and I about peed.  There are about 600 members here in the tiny city of Catú butt he attendance is around 75-80 people every week.  I feel as though we need to reactivate the whole city but at the same time we need to baptise all the people as well.  It is stressfull but fulfilling all at the same time.  The church really really is true.  

This morning I got up and hung my laundry up outside to dry and then I laid in the hammock to nap.  I dreamed for the first time 100% in Portuguese, usually I mix english and Portuguese while I am sleeping.  Anyways I dreamed that I was in Salvador making a contact with a couple ladies at a market.  Then we looked out the window and saw a man with a book of mormon yelling a bunch of stuff and decided we`d better go find out what he was up to.  When we went outside he was standing on a stage yelling about how the Book of Mormon was a lie and began to tear out the pictures.  I yelled that he needed to stop because he didn`t understand the purpose of the book.  He told me that it was of the devil and all that normal stuff.  He came over to me and my companion and I took the book from him.  I told him he couldn`t say those things because he had never read the book.  He tried to convince me that he HAD read it and I told him there was no way he could have read it becuase if he realy had he would know that it is true.  I told him that I had read the whole thing form cover to cover and I knew that the book is true that every word is the word of God.  He didn`t like that and laughed and walked away.  Then I woke up.  I don`t know why I have these dreams I think I am losing my mind.  Ha ha but I like feeling as though I really CAN stand up to someone like that.  I honestly DO know that the book of Mormon is true and those who say it is a lie haven`t even read it so they have no right to say those things.  ANYWAYS it was an interesting expérience.

So we got a referral of a couple who are friends of the quorum president and his wife the relief society president.  Sammy and paula and their daughter Samyra, she is only 5 months old.  Anyways we went and taught them the first lesson....a.k.a. the restauration of the church and the book of mormon.  They had already recieved this lesson but it has been about a year so we decided it was probably a good idea to remind them.  So at the end of the lesson Sister Turner makes the Baptism challenge and Sammy says "oh, I was already baptised in your church...."  bah ha ha ha I about peed.  It turns out he got baptised for an ex-girlfriend in Salvador and got confirmed then the next week moved to CAtú.  ha ha ha ha ha this was in like 2008 and he hasn`t been to church since.  oh my goodness.  So, we are on the hunt to get his information moved to our ward and reactivate him..  Better yet to activate him because he was anever even active in the first place to go inactive.  And we are going to plan their wedding so that Paula can be baptised as well.  I probably won`t be here for the baptism but I would LOVE to be close to that I can come see it.  transfers are the 28th of Feb and I have been here for 3 aleady so I am pretty sure I will be leaving.  Please pray that I will stay close.

So we have a family of members who LOVES to give us food.  This is cool when we are short on cash but also annoying when it is food you don`t like of just a CRAP ton of one thing.  For instance they gave us a whole páckage of Cheese....the price tag was still on it.  $R20.72  That is a lot of cheese and I don`t really even like cheese that Sister Turner will be eatting it all by herself.  ha ha they also gave us some avacados which then turned into an avadaco fight in our apartment........I love being a bored missionary.

Nothing too exciting or funny happened this week.  so sorry this email is short but I hope you all are doing well.. Thank you to all who have sent emails and been there for me this last year.  I love and appreciate all the support I have from you all.  THank you soooo much!!!!  Please don`t ever forget me.  Ha ha ha OH!!!  and I will be coming home on the 9th of August not the 8th.  So plan accordingly....espescially you GRETCHEN!!! 

I have not recieved any packages STILL BUT as soon as I do I will let you all know.  I haven`t been to the office or had a conference since mid December so that is why it is taking so long.  BUT!!!  I have Zone Conference on the 15th so I bet I will be recieving them then.  Thank you again for all the love and support!!!  I love you all soooo much!!!

Stray awesome and never regret.  Life was meant to be fun.  My trainer in North Carolina said "If you´re not smiling you´re not doing it right."  I completely agree.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


Sister Ottley

P.S. Mom and Dad, my companion lost her debit card.  Her parents don`t really have a way to get money to her and her shoes are almost breaking (ha ha she is about a centimeter from the cobbelstone sidewalks) and her backpack is her book of mormon is hanign out the bottom.  Anyways, she needs cash, could you put some money into my account then in auugust she can just pay ya`ll back?  THANKS!!!!!

P.PS..what did mom find out about school?

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