Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wait a year is 365 days? Well I don`think it has been that long yet....must have been a mistake.

 Okay, I officially have the greatest mission president EVER!!!  We invited him to hang out with us for P-Day today and so then we ended up in Salvador and we went to all the tourist sites. It was the greatest ever.  I loved it!!!!  We asked him all sorts of deep doctrine questions and I feel fully edified.
So sometimes you just have investigators show up at church.  We were walking home one day and we got stopped by a drunk guy at the park.  Normal.  We did the contact got his address (yea, sure....if we´re in the area we`ll stop by)  and invited him to church.  As we were walking away he called out and when can I see you guys again?  ha ha ha ha we told him we`d be at church on sunday at 9 am.  If he wanted to see us he could go there.  Ha ha.  Yea right......well Sunday rolls around and I am giving the lesson in Gospel PRicipals when in walks a member with José Carlos....WHAAA??????!!!!!!!!  ha ha he showed up...we got eally excited and took him into the chapel and then he escaped.  ha ha he literally ran away when some other members invited him to sit with them.  ha ha BUT he came to church which is usually the hardest part for people.  Haven`t seen him since but sitll pretty cool.

Apparently Drunk People like mormons because they stop us ALL the time to talk to us.  We usually try to escape and ignore them but I´ll tell you what they are a persistent breed of people.  Ha ha I don`t know why I am still surprised everytime I walk by a bar and someone else calls us over.  You´d think I would be used to it by now but it is kinda nice to be loved :)

This week was amazing.  We DID end up baptising the husband of Lourdes.  He was super excited.  I love that family!!!  ha ha it was great.  It wasn`t easy BUT he finally got into the water.  Like the retard I am I forgot my camera.  BUT other people took pictures so I will have to get them from other people.  ANYWAYS, this baptism was different.  I don`t know why.  It was just...right...ha ha doesn`t make a lot of sense I know but it just was.  I think it was because I had been teaching him since April and it was just time.  Normally at the baptisms I don`t feel satisfied because I am still jsut wanting more.  I know that there are soooo many more poeple out there waiting for the truth and I have to find them.  BUT I took a deep breath this week and just thought of how Happy our Savior and Heavenly Father are at this moment knowing that one less little sheep is out wandering in the wilderness.  Ha ha I know that I sound like a crazy fanatic but that is seriously how it feels.  It is true that there are millions more billions even that need the Gospel;  the work will not end in my lifetime but it is nice to know that I am doing what little bit I can.  

K, so I am wracking my mind tryingto think of what else I did this week that was noteworthy but I am drawing a blank.  I am lame, sorry.  BUt I love you all sooooo much!!!  Hope all is well for you!!!


Sister Ottley

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