Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"no, really Elder where am I going?"

SO this week was full of interesting.  Ha ha The whole week we went around taking pictures with members and I said goodbye to everyone because transfers were this week.  I packed my bags and got everything ALL ready to go so that I would have plenty of time to see all my loverly friends here in Catú.  So I was putting the finishing touches on my suitcase.....aka my big butt on top to try and ge tthe not so budgy zipper closed....When the phone rang, it was Elder Natchigal with "the fax"  ( I honestly don`t know why they call it a fax, no one still uses a fax machiene I thought those things only existed in museums) He asks, Sisteres, do you want to know who is leaving or who is coming first.  we answered with who is leaving....he says, well I am going to tell you who is coming. ...SISTER MARCIANO (which means Martian by the way) the only problem with this is that she has already been Sister Turner`s companion.  HUH!?!?!?! So we started to be slightly skeptical ... okay and her companion elder?  He responds with SISTER OTTLEY!!!!  What?!?!?!?  You HAVE to be joking.  At this point I lost all control.  Portuguese ended and I was running around like a nervous nervy thing.  I love it here.  I love the people sooo much, it was hard enough thinking that I would have to leave.  But now i get to become even CLOSER to these people and learn to love them EVEN MORE?!?!?!  I don`t know if I can handle it.  So Catú was my first and fourth area and I will in total stay here 7 months.  This is SUPER rare.  Like BEYOND rare.  I am soooo excited.  I believe now more than ever that there HAS to be someone here waiting for me who ONLY I can reach.  I can`t wait to meet this person because it is going to be the best ever.  I was certain that It was Lourdes and HAmilton that I had to come back to get them married and baptised.  But no, I am staying and there must be someone else. Anyways I just realized all the runny on sentences I wrote and that it is all one paragraph so I am going to change subjects.
Fasting is amazing.  I believe in Miracles but I know that they don`t just happen.  We have to do our part which normally is just believe.  A real prayer with real faith can do ANYTHING but when it has the back up guns of a fast behind it miracles really do happen.  I want you all to put this to the test.  This week is Fast sunday.  Start your fast saturday night and do your best to go 24 hours with out eatting.  start with a prayer and a worthy purpose, like a missionary experience ;)  Everytime you feel hunger say a prayer and remember your purpose.  I promise that the hunger will pass and you will be energised and want to keep going.  The law of the fast is soo beautiful, Heavenly Father knows each and everyone of us personally and so does Jesus Christ.  They know us even better than we know ourselves, they are the only ones who can help us through this life.  TRUST IN THEM!!!
I love the mission soooo much.  There is nothing better in life.  People keep telling me that I will just go home and get married but I tell them that I am going to be a missionary forever,  Here in Catú it seems.  ha ha I love it.  All is well, it´s like Heavenly Father knows more than I do......nah, can`t be ;)
I loved to hear that Lucy is back and safe.  The trees across the street must have been pretty scary. I wouldn`t count on me liking her too much when I get home mom.  I have not been developing a love for animals here on the mission.  Espescially not Dogs.  Oh my goodness.  Dogs are SOOOO dumb.  Last night we were walking home and decided to take a short cut because it was late.  Then we came to a corner and i desided to cut through a yard to make time even shorter.  Mistake.  Two dogs immediately jumped up and started to growl at me.  I looked at Sister Turner who`s face was probably a reflection of my own terrified expression and said "I made a bad choice"  I just closed my eyes said a silent prayer and walked away.  I don`t know why they didn`t rip my claves open, but I got away unscathed.  This seems to happen to me ALL the time.  We were decending a hill on the way to lunch one day and I ended up saying good afternoon to a family who was outside playing with their dog.  Well I thought they were playing.  Apparently it was a "bad" dog and they were trying to catch it and lock it up again as it had escaped.  Great, it started barking uncontrollably and attacked me.....well with slobber. It never actually bit me but it was showing its teeth and gorwling at me. I thought it was going to attack my ankles I was really upset and Sister Turners best/only reaction was laughter.  ha ha some little boy came and dargged it away, that was fun.  Then one day we were walking on a street totally fine.  When out of nowhere some rabid dog starts running towards me growling and barking and slobbering THANK GOODNESS it was attached to a chain and when it got to the end of the chain it was still about a foot away form me.  I looked at Sister Turner and said: if he wasn`t on a chain I think I would have rabies.  A few days ago we were walking somewhere I don`t even remember where but Sister Turner looks at me and is like "sick, I just watched that dog barf"  like the retard I am I look over and see the dog with some nasty yellow foam dribblig down its chin HEAVING.  sick dude let`s cross the street.  So Animals are not so much my friend on the mission.
ANYWAYS, Investigators!!!!We are teaching a couple girls who are dating members of the church, they are pretty cool, but neither of them are ready to be baptised.  Simone still goes to church every week and still loves it when we come over but her "day"  Still hasn`t arrived I wish something hge would happen in her life so that she could wake up.  I don`t know how much I have told you all about Raimunda, she is the mother of a returned missionary who was SUPER SUPER depressed and now is SUPER SUPER awesome.  She is always telling us how she wants to be baptised but she isn`t married and that dang law of chastity always gets in the way.  Darn it!!!  so we talked to her husband" and he told us he doesn`t want her to get baptised, are you KIDDING me!!?!?!  he says he doesn`t think she is good enough yet as far as health goes to make a decision like that.  QUE RAIVA!!!!
We found two young men who want to be baptised and they are way funy.  Their names are Mateus and Bruno.  I love them al ready and they think my accent is funny so we get along great, I get to talk about the gospel and they get to learn.  We found them on sunday so they won`t be baptised until the 17 of March.  (which is a VERY special day I might add) But I am really realy excited for them!!!.
So I feel like this email was REAL random, more random than normal I don`t know why.  ha ha but it happens.  I Love hearing all the stuff you guys are doing at home it seems as though the world REALLY does go on with out me.  Congratulations to all of you for surviving this last year without me.  I cannot wait until I get to se everyone again, but we are all going to have to wait until august 10.....whaaaaaa!?!?!?  at times seems like forever but then I realize that it is only 6 months away.  oh my goodness!!!!

I love love love you all stay awesome!!! Never Regret!!!  BEIJOS!!!


SIster Ottley

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