Monday, April 18, 2011

February 13th--Week 3 at the MTC

Hey everybody!
This week was really great!!! Food is still awful but HEY!!! I have lost 5 pounds!!! ha ha funny story, I was weighing myself in the gym one morning and about had a heart attack....the scale tipped off at like 245 and I just about hyperveltillated, but I looked down to inspect myself to see where all this weight was sitting and saw the foot of Elder Hendricks (from my district) pressing down the scale. phew!!!!
Anyways, I love you all!!! Thanks SOOO much for all the valentine wishes and cards and candy, but really I ate like 50 pounds of straight sugar. Not awesome but still, thank YOU!!! Uhm, to all of you who have been sending me emails, THANKS SOOO MUCH!!!
I love you guys! BUT I only get 30 minutes to email and it's timed soooo....if you could send me your physical addresses I'll send you a old fashioned hand written letter (yea, they DO still exist). Devotional was awesome!!!! Fireside was AWESOME!!! I love it here. I know everyone says they hate the MTC but serio?? it's amazing!!! The spirit is with us ALL day EVERYday!!! I'm surrounded by people with the same standards and goals as me!! It's like a 9 week long EFY.
There is NO news on my VISA. Some of the people in my district were able to fill out their online applications and take that one step closer to haveing THIER visas....but not me. Nope, I'm not bitter....(yes I am, but I'm working on charity and being loving) but oh well.
Okay so the MTC has this habit of making you feel really great. My teachers are constantly telling me how good I am at the language and how awesome our teaching is but.....THEN I go find some native Brazillian in the cafeteria and he talks to me and I think to my self "that's not the laguage they taught me at the MTC" (kudos if you can name that movie) I feel more and more innadequate each day. Humility has taken over my life. It's a really really good thing but still.....I'd like it to be easier ;)
We went to the Temple today I have a new goal in life: I want to be one of the little old ladies in there!!! They are seriously the nicest people in the world. Everytime I go, I make a fool of myself and everytime, they make me feel better. They smile and are sooo sweet!!! SOOO therefore, I am gonna have to be EXTRA nice so that when I'm old a gray (not that they're all old and gray, I'm stereotyping) I can be one of the little old temple workers.
I'm trying to think really fast of a good story from this week but I don't have one.....Our teacher changed the schedule ALL over the place and so we weren't able to teach Cristiano again. BUMMER because we had an AWESOME lesson planned. oh well, tomorrow we will teach him and he will be baptized. :) I hear good things about the work in Brazil all the time and I am sooooo excited!!! My MTC departure date is set for march 29. However we may not be able to leave that day. Typically, people have been staying an extra week and then getting reasigned to other places stateside until their Visa's come.
Our zone leaders just got reasigned to Florida, santa vaca talk about your culture shock!!! ha ha ha ha anyways it could be anywhere from florida to boston to butte montana (yea it happened a couple weeks ago) so...keep praying for the work to continue in Brasil!!! even if its not me, I just know that Those people need the word!!!!
I love you all don't stop writting me!!! serio! Mail is like the BEST part of my day!!!
Spiritual tidbit: don't let your faith stand in the wisdom of men but in the power of God! Read your scriptures daily and get to the temple AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!! the work is sooo important! and serio, the scriptures are soo amazing!!!
Sister Ottley
Jill: santa vaca you are the bomb thank you for the package!!!
Gwen: I love you babe!!! Don't go sell pinnalce, or else!!!
Mom: I'm pretty sure Helga is too senial to miss me, and please feel free to tell gerado to do whatever he wants with my posters, some of them were Adam's anyways. Good luck with the play!!!
Meghan: I'll write you a real letter
Caden: thanks for the E-card
Dad: Skylar was always an idiot. my tax refund was supposed to go into us bank. I love you I'm out of time the thing is blinki9ng at me I'll send you a real letter too

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