Monday, April 18, 2011

January 30th, 2011

I'm just kidding! I love you guys!!! I miss you but it is sooo amazing here!!! I have amazing companions (there is an odd number of sisters in our district so i'm in a threesome) Sister Davis from Alpine Utah and Sister Turner from Vancouver Washington. They are the most amazing girls in the world. I love love love them. They are both going to Salvador with me so it's gonna ROCK!!!!
The other sisters and the elders in my district are pretty sweet too. I've been getting up at like 5:50 every morning and going to gym for about an hour every day!!! INSANE!!!!!! It has been NONSTOP for 5 days straight. I'M LOVING IT!!!! My P-day will be Friday By the way. This means I will be checking email on fridays. just in case you all forgot my email is really really simple and if you forget it or would rather srite me a real letter my address is:
Sister Ottley
MTC box#255
BRA-SAL 0329
2005 N 900 E
Provo, Utah 84604
and if ALL esle fails dear elder offers a FREE service to deliver mail to missionaries in the MTC all you have to know is my mission and my box number (255) and my departure date (03-29) go to DO IT!!!!! next week if I don't get mail NEITHER WILL YOU!!!!! rude.
Anyways Portuguese is CRAZY!!! I love it though. I've been working really hard and its not coming as easy as I'd like but it's coming. My english is not as awesome because I've tried to cram so much Portuguese in my head that I continually forget my words in english. Ha ha its great! Anyways My teachers are soooo fantastic and I love love love them. Brother Nelson went to portugal so he makes fun of Brasil all the time but sister dickson went to Brasil and so its fabulous!!!
Sorry this is all soo scattered but we're litterally timed in our writing and it automatically signs us off at 30 minutes so I'm trying to type super fast and my thoughts get jumbled.
Anyways check out my blog for my other letter too!!! I love love love you!!!!!!

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