Monday, April 18, 2011

Well I'm goin grey!!!!

Hey family and friends!!!
First off THANKS soooo much for the letters, Emails and love!!! I know you are all praying for me and I appreciate it more than you can ever know!!!! Just a few updates: They fixed our showers!!! YIPPIE!!!! I guess enough complaining can get you pretty far in the MTC :) I'm just joshin...sorta...ha ha one of the sisters went nutso and freaked out until someone finally listened...I just stood by and tried to not draw attention to the situation. Working out is good, there is a sisters only gym in the mornings where a lady comes and leads us in awesome stuff like step boxing (yes, step boxing like from the 90's) ha ha and the music we do it to is like hymns set to a drum beat...weird I know but we love it. The food still sucks, I still haven't gained 40 pounds thank goodness however the elders in my district have been complaining about tight suit pants ha ha. I love them.
My Companions (sister Davis and Turner) and I got a new roommate this wednes day!!! she is awesome (sister bailey from Seattle) she's goin to Brasil too!!! we love her!!! I saw Whitney Christensen she looks great!!! she's doing really well. The MTC is so awesome!!! To all of you coming at some point just remember this: The MTC is what YOU make it. You can be miserable because your stuck in a tiny cubicle with 19 year-old boys (who smell like feet) all day or you can embrace the fact that you are learning how to serve the lord!!!!
Anyways, this week was full of all sorts of spiritual experiences!!! We've met with our imaginary investigator twice since I last worte about him. Cristiano read AND prayed!!! I about fell off my seat when he told us!!! He said he didn't feel much different or anything too special but he did feel that what we were teaching was good and that he should learn more!!! HEY!! what more can you ask for after an EPIC fail of a lesson? Anyways we got a new 'progressive investigator' this week too her name is Lucimara and she is amazing!!! we had a really spiritual lesson with her and I can't wait to teach her all about eternal families because she is gonna LOVE IT!!!
So today after we had our session in the temple My comps and I were waiting for the elders (typical, they are soooo slow ;) ) and i leaned forward and the light caught my companion grabs a strand and wispers "hey you have a really blonde....wait i think its a white hair..." I quickly reponded with "PULL IT OUT!" in a whisper of course. she yanks it out and sure enough...there it the flesh...a white hair. I'm 21 years old!!!! this can't be happening to me!!!! darn it all!!!! ha ha My companions said it was becuase of all the stress I've been under....I said "I thought the explosion of schne on my face was the result of the stress!!!" ha ha the lord is trying real real hard to humble me and I will have none of it ;)
Anyways to answer some more questions: my departure date is the 29th of March. And that's only if my visa goes through. I did fill the electronic portion out finally last week and they say visas can take up to 8 weeks after thazt. I don't have any other update on my visa. If my visa is not here by the 29th of March I will get reassigned to another mission temporarily in the united states. I won't have any idea about that until it comes closer. Sorry, trust me NO ONE wants this infor more than I do!!!
I honestly don't care who buys my car ha ha I don't really have much need for it but if you really are truely interested call my dad (509) 785 6125.
I'm not sure what other questions there were....ha ha sorry I wish they would let us print...OH THAT WAS IT!!! No, we don't get to print emails. I CAN see attachments however but I can't send any. I went to the bookstore and tried to print some pictures but apparently they have prehistoric photo developers and it taked 10 DAYS!!!!! BUSINESS DAYS!!! to get pictures made. SOOO it will be a while. I don't really get it because at Walmart it takes like 5 minutes...but whatever. ha ha
Well I hope you all have a really really good week!!! I LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!! I miss you!!! I miss real food (i even miss cooking) I miss chewing gum after every meal I miss my shoes I miss long long showers whenever I want I miss hugging boys I miss my family and friends I miss driving But NOTHING is better than this!!! I am sooo blessed I am so lucky to be able to share what I know about the gosple with my brothers and sisters!!!
Go to the temple!!! Do what you KNOW is right!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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