Monday, April 18, 2011

March 5th--Week 6

Hello world!!!
I really really cannot believe that I've been here for over a month already!!! It's been awesome, I've learned and grwon SOOO much!! I can't believe that I only get to stay here til the 29th!!!! Yea!!!! I"m 1/18th of the way done?!?!?!? what?!?!?!? that is NOT enough time!!!! I still have zero information on the Visa status but I'll keep you posted. I know that if I get reassigned it's because I told people in the pre-earth life that I would bring them the truth so I'm really not too worried about it. so nonee of you should be either :)
The weather here is ridiculous!!! sunny and awesome one day and snow the next!!! But its great! I don't have much variety in my life so anything is nice at this point.
So this week my teacher sister Dickson got engaged that was pretty fun! and she started her "progressing investigator" and we put her on date for baptism!!! it is SOOO awesome!!! I cannot wait to do real life teaching where I get to talk to people who really DON'T know anything about the church!!! It's going to be soooo amazing!!!
We taught in the TRC in POrtuguese for the first time this week....I'm an idiot. I told our investigator the "we want you" like 3 times....stupid.I was trying to say we want you TO....but i failed... My companion also told a story in which an elder ate 15 windows...'janelas' instead of 15 bowls 'tijelas' of cereal it was great. Portuguese...I tell ya what, wow.
Choir was AMAZING this week we sand my FAVORITE!!!! 'Come thou Fount' not a dry eye in the house!!! ha ha it was FABULOUS!!! and Bishop edgley spoke and I loved it!!!! it was sooo great!!!!! seroiusly, words cannot describe how amazing my life is!!! If you have ever thought you should serve a mission...DO IT!!!! It is soooo awesome!!!!!
Success in ANY aspect of life is simple.....It's all about hard work and faith!!!! You KNOW our Heavenly Father would never have you do somehting you couldn't so DO IT!!! in Doctrine and Covenants i78:19 it says recieve all things with thankfulness and in 98:1-3 is says All things wherewith you have been afflicted shall work together for your good and to my names glory, saith the lord. OH. MY. WORD!!!! It is sooo true!!! Keep the faith that everything will work out because it WILL!!!! I have seen this happen SOOO many times!!! There are SOOO many trials in life. I met a guy who got to see his dad for a total of 3 hours befor his mission because they were both deployed to Iraq and lines crossed etc. and THEN he had to have surgery here in the MTC WHAT!?!?!?! are you KIDDING me?!?!? his life is like the hardest thing I've ever heard of!!! But I'm just sitting pretty and I complain about a cold shower and crappy food everyday!!! wow, this is seriously a HUMBLING experience!!! anyways Stay faithful!!! and remember!!! Everything happens for a readson! there are not coincidences only small miracles!!!
Don't you DARE ever regret!!! learn from your experiences and live your life the way Jesus lived his ;)
Miss ya'll (but not enough to come home anytime soon)
Sister Ottley
THANK YOU for the package!!!! THANKS THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
I'm not too surprized that a bunch of people are getting engaged....happens all the time. I sent some letters for lindsey and jocelyn it's REALLY important they get them....PLEASE don't put it off PLEASE!!!!!
I didn't have a wall charger that worked for my blackberry but there are like 2 or three car chargers
Tell the sisters I love them and to keep up the good work
I'm glad the play is over and I really do think your headaches are all in your head mom...youre nuts but thats why i love ya!!!
Time out for women?!?!? I'm so jealous!!! that is gonna be the coolest thing EVER!!! SLUMBER PARTY!!!!! thats sooo awesoem!!!!
DAD: what happens when a single mom dies?!?!? does she ever get to be sealed to her children? please explain this doctrine to me!!! I don't get it I know they cant be sealed in this life because there is no patriarch in the family but what about next life?!?!?! I'll miss barthomomoo
I love ya it's blinking at me!!!
I dont' want you guys to ever think that I'm not working hard, I'm sooo glad I'm hear and I'm soo greatful for the sacrifices made for me to be here!!! I am trying to make every second count here so that when I'm in Brasil I can bring all my brothers and sisters home! I love you!!! I miss you!!!! Don't forget me!!!!
Go to the temple this week, seriously. It's SOOO awesome!!!!

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