Tuesday, April 19, 2011

how do you say?.....


okay to start off this keyboard is wicked weird soooo....sorry if my spelling is terrible and whatnot. So, Ill start at the flight here. I got to Sau Paulo no problem but once there I had to find my plane to |SAlvador on my own........yea they don´t teach you portuguese in the mtc....im not sure what language i learned anyways, some nice brazillian who knew approximately 4 english words tried to tell me where my gate was. i found it and then proceded to try and purchase a beverage that i recognized......harder than it sounds. BUT i found a weird flavor gatorade....i dont recomend the wierd pink flavor. and i went to go back to my gate but some lady was closing the door in the hall.....so i ran.....and she started blabbing at me in what i assume was portuguese.....awesome....she points at another gate and tells me (i think) i need to go there....anyways i found my way here and i am in SALVADOR!!!! it is sooo awesome!!!! Not the south and NOT america....go figure

| ate burger king my first day here......not so much....haha ha these people have a twisted opinion. anyways my companion is sister bezerra which literally translates to calf.....ha ha ha ha umm....she picked me up at the mission office and we took a super long super late busride from salvador to my area. (ill talk more about that soon) Sister Bezerra doesnt speak any english by the way....like none. ridiculous. ha ha and she was trying to tell me that when we got to our stop a member was going to pick us up with a car to take my things back to our house.....great i thought, because these bags are heavy and im sick of fighting them..... well guess what...car and cart are very clost to the same word in portuguese as well....bah ha ha ha ha ha ha yea this guy comes walking up to the bus station with a cart to carry my bags in.....i about peed. oh man this is gonna be interesting.

so, once i read a MLIA that this person had squashed a bug on the wall and left its corpse as a warning to the other bugs.....well there are about 6 bajillion bugs in our apartment. its really quite frightening....i hate it as you can guess but oddly i´m not freaking out. i can do this.....i really can :) but one night after brushing my teeth i saw a big ugly bug on the wall and i worked up enough courage to smash it with my flip flop. then i remembered the MLIA and laughed to myself.....i left it there. guess what i found in the morning....MILLIONS of bugs.....EATTING the smashed one!!!! bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha my plan totally backfired!!!! great....
My hair is an absolute joke here. It rains all day everyday. and its super humid all day everyday NOTHING is ever dry. ha ha Espescially my towel. I open my wardrobe and my clothes feel damp. awesome!!! ha ha its pretty funny. my skin loves it though super soft!!! ha ha, but i wake up sweaty and i never stop sweating. it is soooooo hott here!!! ill probably die.
so, my area!!! I am in CATU BAHIA, please do me a favor and dont google missions in catu. really, just dont do it. you can learn all you want about the area but just dont look anything up having to do with missions here.

as far as mail goes it always will go to the mission office the address SHOULD be on my blog (hint hint) and if its not then we´re all in trouble because i don´t know it :) as much as i LOVE mail I know its really expensive to send stuff here so e-mails will suffice :) BUT should you get the aching to send me a birthday package I would not object!!! I would LOVE some more altoids, and supplies to make rice crispies for my companion :) and an AWESOME gift would be a mini Preach my Gospel in Portuguese :) I don~t think you can buy these i think you have to make them.....i´m not sure but i bet you could google it :)

so more about brazil......cows and horses are always just kickin it in the street.....like no joke....straight up hanging out eatting trash off the side of the road.

speaking of streets.....if I DO die here I promis it will be something to do with a car or bus. these people are NUTS!!!! ha ha but I feel really safe here. like really. The people are sooo awesome.

its a really good thing i havent been spoiled my whole life with a car and air-conditioning and things like that or else this would be REALLY hard ;)

ha ha sorry this letter is sooo scatter brained we only get a specific amount of time and I want to get all my thought out and so my letters are like my brain....scrambled.

the people are SUPER humble, i seriously cannot complain about my life ever again, because these people have NOTHING and honestly in comparison, I have everything. But lets face it folks, the gosple IS everything. so, I~ve had it all for a LONG time.
OH!!! funny story!!! so when I flew from wash to the MTC my smaller Zebra bag was searched my security. I found a little note in my bag when I got to the MTC. Pretty funny considering it was just full of crap. ha ha and THEN when |I flew to NC it was searched AGAIN!!! this time I about peed because it had 2 quart sized tubs of peanut butter AND an 18 months suply of TAMPONS!!!! bah aha ha ha ha well guess what.....I got home here in Catu and MY BAG WAS SEARCHED AGAIN!!!! oh my word I wish I would have saved the notices from the first 2 times. sooo funny.

sooo the people here are SOOOO accepting, they LOVE to invite people in and Teaching is fun!!! I dont do much because i hardley ever know what is going on BUT i still love it! We were teaching the second lesson which is the plan of salvation to an investigator. and we got to the spirit world and were telling her about spirit prison and paradise and how we still have the chance to learn the gosple after this life. for some reason it has never occured to me how awesome of a blessing this really really is. Our heavenly father loves us sooooo much, he gives us SOOOOO many chances. wow. anyways jaqueline was talking about how this was a real blessing because her mom has already passed and sister bezerra got quiet for a second and then said, your mom has already accepted the gosple there....WHOA!!! talk about your BOLD statements!!! and then we got into a little bit about temple work. Oh man, It is soooo awesome to watch people grow and learn and come to the light!!!!

Anyways, I had the biggest epiphany in that lesson. Geneology is soooo importand like more important than most other things because if we really do want to have our families for eternity, we HAVE to do all the temple work we can. SOOOOO I challenge ALL of you to find a name in the next couple weeks and take it to the temple whether for baptism or something endowment. DO IT!!!!

so we~re also teaching this HILARIOUS couple Mario and Maria he is in a wheelchair and she is lovely. They can~t read but its all good they have accepted the gosple and they~re getting baptised on sunday!!!!!!!! its sooo amazing!!! but they have this dog....its this chubby little chiuaua thing and all i thought the first night was these people really dont have much why do they choose to feed this dog and waste money on it? well they dont have to feed it. ha ha ha the thing eats BUGS!!!! soooo funny to watch, he looks like a frog my companion told me. its sooo true, he really really does. he is constantly finding bugs and then eattingthem but his tongue is like hanging out of his mouth and hes trying to keep all the legs inside oh man, laugh a minute.

okay sooooo it is like 6 thousand degrees here SO mom if you love me, you will try to find my white linen skirt :) please and any cotton t-shirts (without holes) that I could wear proselyting. or if you REALLY love me you´d just go to target and get me some cute t-shirts that i could wear :) i´m just saying.

okay I love you all soooo much!!! I have to go now though!!! Don~t forget me!!! WRITE ME!!! I love hearing about your lives!!!!

Never regret!!!! Be awesome!!! Remember to have family night EVERY week.....mayby this week you should invite a non-member family to do it with you!!!! just a suggestion!!! dang if I had time i´d tell you all about the family night we had....it was soooo fun!!!!! next week if i remember I will <3

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!



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