Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don´t worry i am still alive!!!

Thank you all for all the birthday wishes!!! I really really
appreciate it!!!!! I love you all sooo much and the encouragement is
just what i need!!!

I have not recieved any packages but I will let you know when I do.

So WE are teaching this amazing woman and all I want to teach her is
the plan of Salvation. I know that as soon as she hears it she is
gonna jump into the water!!! But everytime we go to teach it the
spirit takes us in another direction. I guess we just need time to
better prepare for the lesson since it is so important. Anyways, her
name is Ninha and she has a daughter with cerebral palsey and her
husband died recently. she is sooo amazing!!!!



Darwin, I forgot to thank you for helping my parental units with the
Mother´s Day Phone call.. So thank you!!!!!! ha ha it was really
awesome to talk to them so I really appreciate you setting that up for

So, I have a new mother. Momma Mandy, you have not been replaced.
Neither has momma Stokes or Momma Baker. I just love this lady. She
needs to be baptised but the crasy face made a deal with herself that
she wouldn´t join any church until her son stopped using drugs.
great, well we are working with the son and possibly he´ll be baptised
on the 3rd of june.....5th/; oh I don´t know...the first weekend in
june whatever date that is. ANYWAYS everytime I go to her house she
feeds me bolo.....bolo is portuguese for cake. Cake is SOOOOOO
good!!!! I love it soooo much and for some reason cake is just so
much tastier when it is made from scratch!!! ha ha anyways I just
love my little the way everyone is named Maria.

MY NEW CITY!!! I am in Camacari and it is sooooo amazing!!!! The
ward is REALLY excited about missionary work. WE got 10....yup count
them 10....referrals from members last sunday!!!! are you kidding
me!!! that is soooo awesome!!!! and every 3rd sunday sacrament
meeting is dedicated to missionary work. returned missionaries, us,
ward missionaries, or the bishop will talk about missionary work!!! I
AM SOOO EXCITED!!!! the church is really gonna be stregnthened here
in Bahia and when it is THEY WILL GET A TEMPLE!!!! AHHHH!!!!!

So Brazil is WEIRD!!!!! Kids run around completely NAKED!!! ha ha ha
ha I love it because that is all I want to do. WE were walking past
this park the other day (yea this city is a little nicer...there are
parks...) and there were kids "swimming" in the fountain. ha ha so
funny i just wanted to jump in and splash around with them until I saw
the cloudy brown water.....then I just walked past laughing to myself.

My companion made me pancakes......well that is what she called them.
ha ha ha haha I was really really really excited because I kinda miss
convincing dad to make me waffles or pancakes. So I got all excited
then, she started cooking for tacos....ha ha haha
apparently pancakes here are a strange pancake like item filled with
meet and vegetables ketchup and mayonaise.....interesting no? ha ha I
guess I will just have to wait until I get home for the real deal and
It will be worth it anyways be cause I´ll have chocolate chips

So there are some really amazing recent converts here in the ward who
I love they are twins and soooo funny. We went to teach their mom who
isn~t a member but reads the book of mormon faithfully....(we just
havent figured out what is missing yet) anyways one of the twins had
pink eye well I am assuming it was some form of pink eye. now I am
paranoyed that I will get it too.......ha ha oh well.

SO!!! I have a GREAT GREAT Idea for a youg womens Activity!!!!!
WRITE MISSIONARIES!!!! specifically the sister brand. :) I really
love getting letters I didn´t realize how much I did until I got one
the other day and about died. ha ha

Mom, ford motor company? are you kidding me? why would I know that?

Adam, just find Kristy Simpkins and marry her. ha ha she just got
back from this mission here and is really sweet. ha ha I am kidding
but my mom told me you were being chased. ha ha

yes I am still playing the piano, yes I still have to fight for elbow
space because of small children and yes it is still a broken organ.
my new apartment is crappy just like the last one and the mold in the
photos is everywhere....ha ha i can´t really get away from it.

I am really gald to hear everyone talking about going to the temple,
it really is an amazing place!!!

Who can guess who said this!!!!!
"Look to the temple of the lord as the great symbol of your membership.
It is the deepest desire of my heart to have everymember of the Church
Worthy to enter the Temple."

Anyways I am still working hard. Still Alive and still loving this
country!!! I honestly don´t know why I love it so much. It is filthy,
smelly and ful of disgusting bugs. ha ha but I told some random lady
at the fruit store that I was probably just going to stay here. she
laughed at me....I don´t know if it was because I can´t speak
Portuguese or te factthat I was trying to eat an orange (which are
green here by the way) and the juice was dripping down my face. ha ha
anyways I love you all SOOOO much!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO stay awesome!!!!


Sister Ottley

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