Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh rapaz!!!!

Okay I now give you permisison to google Catu, the only reason I didn´t want anyone to was because I didn´t want you to worry because it really is a safe place BUT an Elder Died there. BUT I HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED!!!!! I am now in Camacari 1 with Sister Piola.
She has been in the Mission for 1 transfer......yep thats right that means I have been out longer than her counting the MTC. BUT!!!!! she is brazilian and speaks the language. I Love her. Although I think I´m gonna have an issue with the whole she can´t tell time thing. ha ha it´s gonna be great!!!
No bug stories this week BUT I saw my first dead body!!! WHAT!?!?!?!?!?
So, there is a member in Catu who we visit alot because her husband and kids aren´t members. Her mother (96) died this week. wow. uhhh......How do you say Oh, I´m really sorry about that in Portugues? yea so she wanted me and my comp to come to the funeral. alright....why not I say. I´´ll tell you why not!!!! because Brazileans are NUTS thats why not!!! so they don´t have like a regular service....oh no....They take the poor deceased corps home....yes HOME!!! and have it on display in their house with flowers and candles and giant crusifixs (i´m not sure how to pluralize that) and they put chairs around the dead body so you can sit and stare at her. Weird right? no service. no programs. just starrin at a dead person. it´s great. ha ha ha ha ha ha so I was thouroughly creeped out and I hope to NEVER see another dead body again thank you very much. Did you know that when you´re dead you don´t breath? yea weird.
Okay so I have to go sorry this is short BUT I have to go to like 3 lessons and I don´t know where I am ha ha I love it!!!!

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