Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is the frog that tried to eat my companion and I

I can´t believe I forgot to explain the FROG!!!!!
Ha ha My comp and I were walking home one night and Sister Piola grabbed my arm and jumped back screaming. I of course screamed as well not knowing what was going on. I assumed somthing awful was happening. It was not. when I saw what she was screaming about I about peed my pants laughing. There was THIS HUGE FROG on the sidewalk....I almost stepped on him. ha ha ha ha There was some old guy sitting outside his house and he was laughing at us. I was laughing and I just had to take a photo.
Sorry this weeks email is so scattered. I love you all!!! XOXOXOXO
Mereidht < yup I don´t use it enough I have forgotten how to spell my name. ha ha ha ha ha

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