Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I´m like really tired.....

So to start things off....I would LOVE some photos....yea like the kind that have your faces in them!!!! ha ha People ALWAYS ask me if I have pictures of my family and what not, however the answer is always no. SO mom, I know you don´t like them but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy of the pic we took at gmas and gpas a couple july´s ago. Or SOMETHING with you and dad.....ok ANYTHING really......
Uh, Jacob exists!!! YES I am talking about Jacob from Twilight. He lives a couple blocks from me and tries to eat my comp and I when we walk by. We tried to teach his owner but she was busy.....sweeping......the yard? I don´t understand Portugues still..... ha ha I keep looking every time we walk by to see if he turns into a good looking native american....hasn´t happened yet.
So we are teaching this super nice old guy. I just love old people.....they have no Idea what is going on but they love visiters so they ALWAYS let us in. Anyways he pulls out these wicked old pamphlets of the restoration and the plan of savation.....from the year 2000!!!!!! holy moly the church has definetly improved their materials since then.
Imagine this: calm night (*well as calm as night begs in Brazil) I´m sleeping. Dreaming somthing ridiculous I´m sure. and all of a sudden I am julted awake by the laugh of my companion......I look over and she is still sleeping.....yea she is nuts....ha ha this has happened a couple times now. I´m not really sure what she is dreaming but it sounds fun...ha ha....I just want to sleep...
Apparently everyone here LOVES Obama.....I don´t know why exactly and no-one can explain it to me either and they doin´t understand my reaction when they tell me how awesome he is....ha ha but each time I tell someone I am from Washington State they ask if I live by the White House or if I know Obama.....I started lying....ha ha so I am now neighbors to Obama and kick it with his wife on the weekends when she is in town.
Speaking of lies.......I also know Justin Beiber.....He and I are way tight....ha ha everyone here is OBSESSED with him and they always want to know if he and I are friends, again, I lie. Yep, bestest besties.
Ahhhh!!!!!!! It is soooo true that we sometimes cannot see the fruit of our labors. I was transferred out of Catu and 2 of the boys we had been teaching got baptised last week!!!! soooo awesome!!! I about died when Sister Bezerra told me, I´m sad I wasnt there but sooooo happy they are on their way into the kingdom of god!!!
So I will never again complain about a zit.....I got a couple on my chin and due to nervousness or frustration or whatever I picked at them.....guess what happened!!!! My face EXPLODED!!!! like for reals. I guess it got infected or something because wow I look like 2-face....no joke. I made a little girl cry at church.....she ran away from me screaming. I wanted to cry too. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I eat popcorn like everyday. But I can´t help it it is like the only thing I have here that I recognise....ha ha ha but I´m putting neosporin on it and hoping that it heals soon.....
uh....I really don´t like this whole language barrier thing. My companion apparently told me something super important about the shower and I thought I understood however, I did not.....I broke it.......ha ha COLD SHOWERS AGAIN!!!! woo hoo!!! ha ha oh well...maybe someday when I speak Portugues I will write instructions on the shower wall for the next American....I still don´t know what I did wrong.
So, I was craving brownies.....we don´t have brownie mix here in Brazil so I decided I would make some from scratch....we have flour, sugar, baking powder, vanilla, salt, butter, eggs.....what am I missing????? oh yea, Chocolate....well I have a little peatun Butter...hmmm...actually that soulds WAY good...I shall make peanut butter brownies!!! ha ha ha what a joke, I can´t cook in America WITH measuring cups why would I think I could cook in Brazil without!!!???!?! ha ha My peanut butter brownies aren´t bad...they aren´t good either though....ha ha I don´t know what I´m gonna do when I am married and have to cook for reals.
Darn It all if these 19 year old elders don´t know what they are doing afterall. We had district meeting yesterday and guess what....in a lesson THAT night we used the training we recieved. I started to cry when I realized once again that this work really really isn´t ours at all...it is ALL about our father in Heaven!!! he really does know what we all need and how we can recieve it!!!
So, I love you all a lot a lot a lot!!!! I hope all is well there in the states!!! I LOVE mail, so feel free to EMAIL me ANYTIME!!!!
ps I have not recieved any packages yet, the post is way slow.....I´ll keep you posted.
Love you all!!!
Sister Ottley

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  1. Just tell them that you don't know the Bieb because he is Canadian but that your BIL knows him.

    I tried to find cocoa in Korea too, but all the stores ever had was hot cocoa mix.