Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sorry but this might be short


OKay Mom, calm down. You WILL be able to talk to me. You have two options. I will try to get on SKYPE at 10:00AM your time. This probably won´t work because Brazilleans are insane and they have issues with technology. AND, I know that you will be travelling OR in church. SOOOOO Option 2 witch is the less appealing and fun option but probably better for us is you can call me at 5:00PM Washington time. I don´t know what that means so maybe google and figure out how to call Brazil before you try. I cannot call you, so if it doesn´t work it doesn´t work. Uh, my companion also has to do her calls and stuff too so, we have to be prompt. Im only allowed 45 minutes.

So undates on this week. Portuguese Sucks. Ha ha I try super hard, but I guess it´s just not hard enough. My companion speaks with one accent and a lisp and everyone else speaks with a different accent. SO when my companion teaches me to say something one way the members and investigators are saying it another way. This is really annoying and frusterating but it´s just one of the trials I have to deal with. I´m learning more and more each day. They family that we were teaching that is having financial struggles fell. Sadly, we are probably going to have to drop them. They aren´t keeping commitments and its not fair to the people of Catu who ARE ready for the gosple.

WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! His name is Jonathas. He is 14, and awesome. His family was invited to church by some friends and we taught him 3 times and baptised him the following sunday. oh man he is so ooo great. His parent´s aren´t married so we have to wait for them to get married before we can baptise them too.

So, I´m probably going to be transferred next week. this is the last week of the transfer and we´re getting 5 new sisters in the mish and there are only 10 sisters here already (1 of which is going home). 4 of these sisters are training (my companion included) and they plus one other will be training again this next week. This is insane because there are only 4 options for my next companion they´ve all only been in this mission 1 transfer. 1 was reassigned like me for 4 months in texas. So I´m pretty sure her portuguese is just a little better than mine. Another is sister Turner from my MTC trifecta so her Portuguese is awesome too....and the other 2 are these INSANE Brazillean sisters. ha ha this is going to be interesting.

I was going to try and send pictures BUT I am an idiot as usual and forgot my camera cord. NEXT week, and I´ll try to take some more pictures anyways, the one´s I hve are hideous. My hair is not cute in Brazil, lets just say sweat plus humidity equals frizz. ha ha But I honestly don´t even care, it´s weird at home I would not have let this kind of thing go un carred for but on the mission it´s not about me. This people need the word more than I need cute hair (and lets not mention the breakouts).

I love you all sooo much, thank you soooo much for the prayeers and words of support. You have no idea how much each and everyone of you mean to me. I get your emails and I am soooo excited to hear about your lives. I pray for each of you every day and I know that you are praying for me becuase when I´m walking up these mountains that these nut cases like to call streets I can feel the hand of the lord pulling me up to the top.

Please send my love to President Hammond and Sister Hammond as well. Tell Tom I´m glad his Walker isn´t boring and I love him too.

So coose coose ( I have NO idea how to spell things so that is the phonetic spelling) is this weird substance which is made with corn. I honestly don´t know how else to describe it to you other than it is weird. Anyways you eat it with butter and fried eggs. One of our investigators made it for us last night so I could try it and I´m pretty sure I´m going to explode....still. she filled my plate with this HEAPING serving and I ate and ate and ate and it didn´t go away. goodness, it´s not like I´m skinny, I don´t LOOK like I need to eat but these people love you feed me. ha ha and Cevada is nasty, don´t drink it.

Anyways this is my life. We are busy, I am tired, I wear really really ugly sandals. and I don´t think I smell very pretty but hey neither does anyone else SOOO....life is good.

I love love love you all!!!!


Sister Ottley

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