Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aí Galega!!!

Ha ha so I got proposed to again this week.  He told me he was headed to the United States to Paint some oil drill thingy and he was planning on getting married while he was there to an American.  He said  " I don`t know if it will be you maybe a different one"  I assured him that it wouldn`t be me and excused myself. 

As fun and interesting as it is to meet these colorful people I feel as though my Mission is kind of a big joke.  ha ha my companion is still trying to get used to being my companion.   She is a LOAD of soon as our contacts turn stalker she walks away laughing her head off and leaves me to clean up the mess.  Lovely.  Ha ha she has started counting all the cat calls we get everyday.  Apparently it happens a lot more here in Catú than in anyother area.  How lucky for meto be here so long.  ha ha

So, Catú is amazing as usual.  we are teaching sooo many amazing people and I can`t wait to start seeing the fruits of our labors.  I love being Sister Marciano`s companion, she is soooo sweet!!!!!  We are getting along great and have all sorts of goals and plans.

I had a huge list of things I wanted to write to you all this week but I totally forgot......I am sooo silly sometimes.  I wanted to let ambet know that I did get her valentines package today!!!  Thank you sooooo much!!!  The conversational hearts were a great hit at your training today.  I personally think they taste a little like chalk and so I was giving them to all the other missionaries and them I ended up having to translate all sorts of random english phrases.  it was super funny.  THANK YOU AMBER!!!  lOVE YA!!! 

I also found out that there may be a reason my packages are a lot slower than others.  I was talking to a few americans and they all said that the address I have is ALL wrong.  I knew that there were 2 addresses for the mission and the only one I ever got in my call packet was the Caixa Postal (P.O. box) address.  APPARENTLY the other is faster....I don`t really understand how since the 2 are in the SAME part of the SAME city.....oh well somethings we just aren`t meant to understand in this life.  So this is the OTHER more right address:

Sister Meredith Rae Ottley
Missão Brasil Salvador
Avenida Antônio Carlos Magalhães, 3247
    Sala 402, 4º andar Edificio Empresarial Delta
Cep: 40275-000

The other address (caixa postal) will still work I just hink that this one may be faster.  Please make the necessary adjustments.

ANYWAYS: let`s talk about the work.  The man from the Book of Mormon smoking story was unfortunately never baptised.  He said he wanted to be better prepared and then moved to another state.  BUT who knows maybe he will continue to read the book of mormon and be preparred someother day.  He hasn`t smoked, as far as I know, since the day we taught him.  The Book fo mormon can really don miracles if we let it.  We are teaching a guy names Wellington.  He is sooo funny.  He says the oddest things but we will probably baptise him this week if everything goes according to plan.  It has been about 3 years that he has been going to church.  and he is just starting to trust us as missionaries, it might have something to do with the fact that my companion is super cute.......but we`ll just leave it at that.  ha ha

We are still going strong with Simone trying to get her to forget her fears and just GET IN THE WATER!!!!  ha ha but everyone had thier time.  OH FUN STORY!!!!  I got a letter From Sister Manuo who was my trainer in the North Carolina 4 people who I taught while I was there got baptised after I left!!!!  sooo awesome!!!  I love it sooo much.  The church really is true.  It makes me sooo happy to know that people ALL over the world are joining the ranks to fight against Satan.  I really don`t know why he is even still trying....EVERYONE has already seen the end of this movie.....ZION totally conquers!!!!  Sorry if that was a spoiler for any of you out there.

So we are working hard.  I am Happy Healthy and Fat.  I love you alll soooo much.  Please don`t ever regret.  Learn from all experiences, good or bad, and move on.  Not only on but forward.  Life is good.

Stay awesome!!!


Sister Ottley!!!!

PS I just read over this post and it even bored myself.....sorry people.  I will do better next week.  LOVE YA!!!!  XOXOXOXO

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